10 Tips to Stay Happy and Healthy During Betting Sessions

Gambling is a relaxing and fun hobby. Lots of people like to enjoy a few hands of blackjack or imagine themselves on the game floor amongst casino celebrities. But like any hobby, the fun can get out of hand and affect your day-to-day life if you are not careful. 

Applying just a few simple adjustments can tremendously improve your health and gambling problems so you can enjoy games better in the long term.

Stay Focused

Unlike other forms of gambling like sports betting, casino games require a tremendous amount of focus. When playing any various types of casino games during your gambling sessions you need to maintain your composure. The biggest problem is when a person starts to think of their gambling sessions as a way to make money. Your money bets should always be considered as a way to have fun. 

In order to avoid gambling addiction improve your approach first and foremost and any bets you make will be less stressful and more fun to play. Think of slots like going on a night out with friends. Activities like concerts are extremely entertaining but pricey. So, never forget what it’s all about and stay focused.   

Talk To Friends

men talking

Socializing is a very important activity for a healthy mind. Talk to friends in between games, and share your special moments over the phone or even better, play together. Take turns on the same slot or play at the same time but on different devices. Having no one else around to share your special moments can be unsatisfying. 

Put a Water Bottle Next To Your Monitor

Every passionate player knows the struggle of dehydration. Sometimes you simply forget to take a sip of water. After all, time can fly really fast while you’re having fun especially in the world of radiant slot reels. 

Place a drink, preferably a large one, next to your monitor or anywhere within your sight while playing. Your subconscious will register it and you will intuitively reach for it and take sips more frequently. The convenience of having water available within your reach makes a huge difference in your overall water intake, staying hydrated is key to good health. 

Sit By a Window

Or any sort of place you find relaxing. Surround yourself with comfortable and familiar things that you enjoy normally. Your playing space has a huge effect on your mood and actions. 

men by the window

In today’s day and age online slots are literally available from anywhere. All you need is an internet connection and a mobile phone. From your favorite chair in your living room to a rooftop bar or bench by the lake, there are countless options to select from.

Keep Your Back Straight

Be mindful of your subtle habits like your posture while playing as well as during your other daily activities. Practicing the habit of correct posture can help you avoid joint and back problems in the future. Correcting your stance is a matter of just a few simple steps.


  • Sit up with your back straight
  • Keep ur head up straight and not tilted
  • Shoulders back with your chest forward and try to relax
  • Sit with your knees slightly lower than your hips
  • Keep your feet flat-footed
  • Try to avoid sitting in the same position for more than 30 minutes


  • Work without support for your arms
  • Tuck feet under the chair
  • Cross your legs above the knees, as this may cause poor circulation
  • Start taking frequent 5-minute breaks after 3 hours

The majority of players have a limited amount of time left in the day for their hobbies and don’t like wasting time on breaks during their free time. Taking your attention off to something else even just for a few minutes will clear your mind and make your spins feel fresh and less stale.

Taking a break after the first few initial hours isn’t necessary. Experienced players can stay well focused and composed for multiple hours but getting some fresh air after at least 3 hours is recommended. After 3 hours you might start experiencing fatigue, limit the amount you’re playing by a notch, and take even longer breaks each hour after that.

Short Exercise During Breaks

Sitting for long periods can get very unhealthy. Few jumping jacks during each break will do wonders for your body and you will feel much better and energetic. Doing only 10 reps seems like very little but the important thing is to get the blood flowing. Your body will get warm and full of adrenaline, which will compliment your thrilling games that much better.

guy stretching

If you’re new to exercising, start with simple arm and leg stretches from your chair while playing. Engaging and stimulating your body will enhance your experience and feel much more immersive.

Get Enough Sleep

To gamble responsibly you need a clear mind. Staying up late and playing half asleep is less enjoyable and could wreck any sort of potential skills or bankroll management you had prepared. Taking a short snooze or even half a day slumber will relax your whole body and mind.

A good night’s sleep is crucial for recovery and overall composure. Impulsive and terrible bet decisions could be the result of fatigue and poor sleep. Just like tall and short people, there are quick sleepers and long ones. You can’t change how much sleep you biologically need to stay awake.

Turn Your Lights On

Most casinos and bars have dim or dark-lit rooms and players take this habit home with them. Playing online whether on a computer or mobile is terrible for your eyesight. Eye strain is one of the most common problems within the gaming community and it’s not to be taken lightly, possible permanent damages can occur. Casino players especially need to track their surroundings in order to protect their eyesight.

light desk

Try to keep your shades and curtains open during the day and minor lights lit during the night. Place a small lamp close to your playing space or even light some scented candles to enhance the atmosphere.

Let The Sun In 

Most of the body’s vitamin D is produced when your skin is exposed to sunlight. This is especially relevant for passionate slot players since most gamblers keep their activities in the comfort of their indoor house. Deficiencies can cause you a number of health problems and make you very moody, transforming any fun gambling session into a ticking tilt bomb.

sun palms

Mix things up, play outside and enjoy your favorite releases from new scenery. You can also include short outdoor walks during your breaks; just 15 minutes out in the sunshine with fresh air will give you more energy and even more eagerness to get back that winning feeling.

Your Well Being Is of The Utmost Importance

Treat your life like a progressive jackpot and increase your health bar step by step. Start slow and practice at least one of these tips weekly and slowly move on to the next. Don’t feel bad when you fail to include these tips at the start. While not difficult to achieve, it might be hard to incorporate all of them at once.