5 Myths About Online Slot Games That Fool Many Beginners

The vast world of online slot games can be confusing for newcomers as well as for those who switched from land-based slots. So they often go online to search for guidance in choosing online slots. But beginners can easily be fooled by fake info invented by so-called ‘slots gurus’.

These are the most common myths that take advantage of naive slot beginners. 

Online Slots Freeze When You Win Too Much

Sometimes slots do malfunction, either because of a bug or a time-out due to people switching to other tabs. This myth may very well originate from an unlucky beginner whose slot freeze just as they’ve won big. But don’t worry, this happens very rarely.

Even if a slot game freezes on you, you won’t lose a single cent. Every slot has a rule written in their bio that “malfunction voids all plays and pays”. Some slots even resolve all unfinished spins every other day and the money you won will be added to your balance later.



Online slots freeze when you win too much.

Online slots malfunction very rarely and it has nothing to do with how much money you win. Many slots even add money from malfunction spins to players’ accounts later.

Online Slot Games Only Pay After You Have Invested A Certain Amount 

This statement only seems logical to the most inexperienced players. Casinos simply don’t make money in this way: slots don’t take in X before giving out Y. 

Online slot games have a standard RTP: return-to-player of 96%, meaning 4% of players’ money will go to the casinos on average. But this rate is calculated on millions of spins. So in a normal session of a few hundred to thousand spins, some will lose, some break-even and the few lucky ones will win.



Online slots only pay out after players have spent an X amount of money.

Slot games make money in the long run, not in a few sessions. You win if you’re lucky: there’s no more conspiracy to it.

Playing With Maximum Stakes Increases Your Chances Of Winning

There are some slots that require you to bet the highest stakes to win the Progressive Jackpot. Other than that, your bet size doesn’t have any influence on the result of the spins. 

Most online slots function on a Random Number Generator. This means the outcome of a spin will solely depend on the millisecond when you click the play button.

Unlike physical slots, online slots let you spend a huge amount of money on a spin, sometimes up to hundreds of pounds. If you follow this myth, you will spend thousands of pounds in a minute. Even when you have that big of a budget, it may be smarter to invest it in games where you can buy free spins and other features, instead of max bet.



Playing with maximum stakes increases your chances of winning.

Besides winning a Progressive Jackpot, the max bet doesn’t affect the outcome of a spin.

New Slots Pay Better Than Old Ones

It’s easy to dismiss old games since new online slots come out every week. New games are also often packed with exciting features, making it seem like they pay more. But this is just a myth because new and old slots run on the same foundation that is the Random Number Generator.

If you want more evidence, here’s some of the slots with the highest RTP ever:

  • Ugga Bugga (Playtech): RTP=99.07% – released in 2006
  • Mega Joker (NetEnt): RTP=99% – released in 2013
  • Blood Suckers (NetEnt): RTP=98% – released in 2013
  • Ooh Aah Dracula (Barcrest): RTP=99% – released in 2015



New slots pay better than old ones

New slots usually have more features and more ways to win. But the RTP of new and old slots don’t differ that much.

Bonus Offers Are Scams

Bonuses are a big part of why people choose a certain casino. So when a player doesn’t get a bonus after completing the requirements for it, they are reasonably frustrated.

The first reason why this happens is that they play at a questionable casino. Remember to check the reviews before joining a casino. Big, legit casinos will never get away with offering a fake bonus so there’s no need to worry about that.

The second, more common reason is that people misread the terms and conditions for the bonuses. Some of the big bonuses often only apply to certain categories or certain games that casinos prioritize.



Bonus offers are scams.

Bonuses are real and can be earned. Just remember to check the reviews for your casino as well as the terms and conditions for the bonuses.