Guide to Cashback Casino Bonus

In the vast ocean of available casino bonuses, cashback has a special place. However, with so many variations and types, bonuses can get confusing and overwhelming for the majority of newcomers. This casino guide will tell you all about how to get your lost money bets returned.

Why Are Casinos Giving Out Free Money?

The answer is fairly easy! It’s the competition of the online casino world. There are hundreds of other online casino sites out there and each and every one of them is very much aware of their competitors. Casinos will do anything for players to stay on their site instead of the rival’s either through free spins, welcome bonus, or straight-up free cash.

They are mindful of player’s needs and aware that players are always presented with a different choice. Online casino bonuses are a must for any player and not taking advantage of these offers is a literal waste of money. This is why it’s important to learn everything there is to know about casino bonuses in the business.

What Is A Casino Cashback Bonus?

In short, ‘cashback offers’ refer to money returned based on the player’s percentage of net losses. So you can actually make money while losing it. It serves as a form of refund and is best suited and targeted for loyal players that stick around. 

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Whatever casino game you’re playing you are always at a disadvantage and cashback offers are one of the mańy ways of lowering down the house edge percentage. Longer betting sessions mean for more money cycling through the system for longer periods, which is how casinos always win in the long run. However, cashback bonuses could give you that extra edge and playtime where you could finally hit that big win you were always waiting for.

How Does A Cashback Program Work?

The casino website will disclose your cashback offer in a percentage, with the average being around 15%. This may not make major wonders for your overall bankroll but at the end of the day it is free money and a long-term player will benefit tremendously from this kind of bonus. Some casinos might even have a cap or limit the maximum amount you can win back from cashback offers so make sure to read your casino’s terms and conditions.

How To Choose A Good Cashback Program?

A good cashback program could be vital and extremely beneficial if you’re a passionate and frequent player of gambling games, especially slot games. Slot betting sessions can stretch for hours and you can take refunded money into account when calculating your RTP.

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A good cashback program should be picked and chosen like any other bonus offer. The casino itself is what you should give your attention to first and foremost. Online casino regulation and licenses need to be present, otherwise don’t even bother considering any kind of offer no matter how juicy it is.

Find The Best Cashback Value For You

The best cashback deal you can get, obviously depends on the type of player you are, on your preferences, and your overall playstyle. But when talking about percentages you should aim for offers of at least 10% or more. 

Tips to keep in mind:

  • Join only fully regulated casinos no matter how alluring the bonus is.
  • Don’t claim a cashback if you do not know the casino’s terms and conditions.
  • Make sure the casino has the games you’re looking for, otherwise the bonus would be wasted.
  • Turn down bonuses with high wagering requirements.

Is The Money Received From Casinos Real?

Yes of course, but the money might not be withdrawable. This depends on the casinos you’re playing on and their Terms & Conditions. Generally, there are two ways a casino site could go about their cashback payouts.

  1. Real money
  2. Bonus money

Real Money

In the case of real money, the answer is pretty straightforward. All the money granted from cashback goes straight to your balance and is withdrawable at any moment. This is of course the preferred method players prefer however the requirements might have limits.

Bonus Money

Sometimes the casinos will return your bets via bonus money into your bonus funds. This refers to your balance that can be only used for betting but not withdrawing. However, the money you win with these bonus funds is withdrawable and eligible for any games and wagering requirements within the casino.