Psychological Tricks Las Vegas Casinos Use To Keep You Playing

Whether you like it or not, the phrase “The house always wins” is true.  And the longer you play, your chances of winning get even smaller and smaller. So, it’s not surprising casinos want you to stay longer at the craps table or keep you dropping coin after coin into classic slots machines all night long. Casinos in Las Vegas have several tricks up their sleeves to keep you playing.

Architectural Layout

Every casino is designed to be ‘consistent’ and look exactly the same throughout day and night. Not just to fool customers into forgetting about the time but to make them comfortable, which is really what keeps the majority of people playing.

casino hall tables


Designers like to call it ‘customer journey’ but in layman’s terms, it’s just a maze. The casinos won’t prevent you from exiting like in some kind of horror movie and the staff will happily assist you if you were to ask.

However, the layout of the casino floor is intentionally made in this way so the players will get lost and disoriented. The logic is simple – the more time you spend at the casino floor, the chances of gambling a couple of dollars more becomes greater. Not to mention that the gaming space is usually located on the ground floor, which entices even people who don’t gamble.

No Clocks

clock money

The time flies when you’re having a blast, especially when you don’t have any actual concept of time! That’s right, ever noticed there are no clocks on the walls of casinos’ gambling halls? Even though most people own a phone or a watch, the lack of clocks in visible places within casinos has a psychological effect.


Part of how casinos keep their atmosphere consistent is by having no actual windows. The ambiance of the space where gamblers place bets heavily affects their playing sessions and casinos are very aware of this fact. It’s much easier to lose track of time when nothing around you seems to change. It’s like your senses almost shut off and you don’t know anymore if it’s midnight or breakfast time

Gifts On The House

There’s no better way to befriend someone than giving them free stuff. Whether it’s big or small, gifts make you feel appreciated and overall happier. Unfortunately, you’re not getting special treatment at the casino because the manager really likes you. It is nothing but another psychological trick.

The Drinks Keep Coming

Whether you’re sitting at a high-stakes blackjack table or a penny slot, all Vegas casinos offer free drinks to their customers. This is not a limited annual promo but a reality and tradition that has been practiced for ages. 


Casinos spend millions each year on complementary booze and see it as an investment. A player will be adversely affected both mentally and physically by drinking alcoholic beverages. Furthermore, even if you’re not drunk, your potential for making worse decisions increases. 

While this tactic appears a little dirty, the house does its best to comfort its customers and make them feel at home. As a result, players tend to remain happy and motivated to play for longer.

Very Cheap Or Free Food

Every passionate player knows that once you focus and get on a roll it’s hard to stop. Nevertheless, some impulses cannot be ignored, such as the toilet, sleeping, eating, and drinking

desserts buffet

Las Vegas resorts can afford to have ridiculously low-priced buffets and restaurants thanks to its huge profits. Earning free buffet coupons or discounts is very common and it’s all in order to keep you playing. If you were to leave their premises, the casino has no guarantee of your return. After all, Sin City is extremely engaging and you might get distracted or even enter another casino for convenience.

Visuals And Design Features

Our senses are one of the most powerful assets that influence our emotions, mood, or feelings. The second you enter the city of Las Vegas you’ll be mesmerized by shining signs, satisfying sounds, cheerful music, and the overall positive energy of the visitors from across the world. 

Catchy Sounds And Imagery

While the concept may seem abstract, creating a pleasing atmosphere with warm lights and pleasant sounds will put players in a trance-like state and keep them playing. Moreover, casinos often add features to games that are borderline deceptive such as ‘near wins’ or losses disguised as wins. Some gambling commissions even regulate and restrict such features.

casino slots

Ugly Carpets

Ugly is a subjective concept, however, the casino intentionally makes its carpets weird and trippy. The concept is actually quite clever, as looking at the floor while walking might even make you dizzy. Therefore you’ll subconsciously lift your head looking at those sweet neon-lit games around.

Feel Of Control

Many games like blackjack are designed to make the player feel in control. Hitting, standing, splitting are all options within the game that make the player feel in control. Nevertheless, many beginners get fooled into the illusion of control. All casino games are mathematically “rigged” no matter how good of a player you are.

Responsible Gambling

There are countless other tricks that casinos use but you can avoid all of them with ease. Don’t fall into the mindset of a problem gambler and prioritize fun over money-making. Manage your money responsibly and above all set a budget when going to a party in Vegas or any other casino. And remember, the big part of any successful gambling session is knowing when to stop.