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b spot Casino Review

b spot casino, headquartered in Los Angeles, is a real money casino that couples the everyday casino games with horse racing, allowing it to be offered in states that otherwise do not allow online casino play. It does so by using the results of each player’s horse racing wagers in your casino games—we’ll discuss this more later.

b spot is available in 22 states in the United States and operates under the Federal Interstate Horseracing Act and applicable state laws. The online casino received praise in 2015, receiving the “Top Startup Award” in 2015 from TiE50. Now that we have learned a bit more about b spot, let’s dive in and take a closer look.

b spot Pros/Cons

Pros Cons
✔️ Trying to be unique and stand out ❌ Some game demos limited to account holders only
✔️ Fun games
✔️ Friendly customer support

b spot Welcome Bonus

b spot are offering a $10 deposit match for all new players using the promo code BONUS10. In order to qualify for this promo a new user will have to deposit at least $20 before September 30th, 2021, when this promo ends. It could take up to 4 business days for the bonus to show up on the account and you will have to place wagers equal to double the bonus before withdrawing the bonus balance and any resulting winnings from the account

Registration at b spot

To start, you simply register for an account with b spot. This process requires just a few pieces of information such as your email, promo code (if they become available), phone number and creating a password. Also, during this step, you must confirm you are 21 years of age or older.

Upon completing this, a verification code will be sent directly to the phone number you placed on file. After you have put in the code, you will be given the option to create a real money account. This allows you to play more than just the demo versions of games

It starts out by requiring the usual information—name, address, date of birth, last four digits of Social Security number (nine for players living in New York). Your account will usually be approved in less than a minute, but you may be asked to submit additional documentation to verify your age and state of residence.

Depositing and Withdrawal Options at b spot

Deposit Methods

  • Visa/MasterCard
  • Online bank transfer (ACH transfer/electronic check)

Withdrawal Methods

To be able to withdraw from b spot, you must first contact them by email or phone. This is unlike other casinos, however b spot assured us that they are aware of the limitations the current withdrawal process brings and are looking into a way to improve this in the future.

b spot Software

b spot enlisted the help of various game developers from around the world to bring the casino games to life. The games run off their own in-house platform.

b spot Desktop/Mobile Experience

b spot is available on desktop and mobile web browsers. There is also an app available on iOS. Desktop and mobile are fairly similar, but let’s take a look at desktop first.

At the top of the desktop page, you will see the money you currently have in your cash account versus the wagers you have ready to play in the games. To the right of this you will find a drop-down menu where you can deposit, view account details and more.

Below this is a slideshow that shows the different games and various leaderboards on the site. These are nice graphics, but they are very clunky in terms of frame rate.

However, below this are the casino games, which serve as the venue to reveal your winnings from horse racing wagers.

On the mobile app this is an extremely similar set up. The mobile app functions beautifully. There are no lagging frame rates and everything is maneuvered with ease.

Game Variety at b spot

What makes b spot unlike any other online casino, is that the results are powered by horse racing. You start off by buying a wager pack worth $10, $20, $40 or $100. A variety of bets are automatically placed on horse races from around the world, however you do have the option to reshuffle if you’d like to change the selections.

Bets are placed into a pari-mutel pool, together with other players’ bets on the same race. Once the race has run, you will receive either $10, $20, $40 or $100 (depending on the wager pack you’ve bought) to wager on any of the casino games.

From there, the results of the horse race are revealed via the casino games. This is just a fun and unique way to reveal your winnings.

Here are the different types of games you can play:

  • Spinners: These are a collection of slot games.
  • Quickies: These work similar to scratch tickets.
  • Arcade: These arcade games come in the form of Bingo or Match-3.

Return to Player Percentages at b spot

While there are casino games at b spot, these casino games are a catalyst to display horse racing winnings.

b spot VIP Program & Rewards Program

b spot does not have a VIP or Rewards Program at this time however, we’ve been informed that they are working on getting one up and running in the fall.

b spot Customer Support

In our experience, the customer support was very friendly. You can reach them by phone from 9am – 6pm PT, by email or on social media.

Responsible Gambling Features at b spot

At the bottom of the home page, you will find a “b Safe Play Responsibly” link. Here, b spot covers plenty of information regarding problem gambling, setting limits on your gameplay (wager, deposit, spending, session), self-help meetings, hotlines and links to organizations that would be able to assist you on a professional level. b spot also has a list/questionnaire you can do at that will assist you in figuring out whether or not you have an issue.

Our Verdict for b spot

b spot is a work in progress, but the concept of b spot is unique and still enjoyable for those who want the feel of playing legal online slots and scratchers but live in states that don’t have legal online casinos. With some more refinement and a bit more streamlining for things such as the signup process, b spot could be a unique hot spot for players.

b spot Real Money Casino Games 17+

Vegas-style casino cash play in your pocket! Wager real money, win real money! Over 40 slot-style games, with scratchers, bingo, sweepstakes, tournaments &amp, more.

Win up to $1,000,000 at b spot, the online racing casino! Forget Vegas or Atlantic City, now you can have real casino fun in your pocket! Feel the thrill of real cash wagering and the excitement of playing for real $$ jackpots on your favorite games. b spot is your ticket to an industry paying out millions of dollars in winnings every single day.

• 40+ fun slot-style games to choose from
• Play fast-paced bingo games for cash
• U.S. licensed real money gambling
• Live in in 22 U.S. states
• Easy deposits, fast withdrawals
• Regular tournaments for big $$ prizes
• Win up to $1M!

b spot features 40+ slot-style games with new titles released monthly! Play hits like Demi Gods II, The Big Job, Parrots Rock, Story of Medusa, Golden Bars, Lucky Wild 7s, Gem Booster, Nights of Egypt, Majestic King, Irish Treasures, Spinopatra, Colossus Fruits, Alice in Wonderland, Pot of Gold, Buffalo Wild and many more. Hit your numbers in Primo Bingo and Pixie Riches Bingo, and don’t miss a new spin on a card game classic, Aces High Poker Spins!

b spot fuses the pulse-pounding excitement of horse racing with the on-demand fun of mobile games. All bets are placed on live horse races. All winnings are determined by the results of those races. Reveal the results – including any cash payouts – by playing your favorite games!

b spot is the one and only, U.S. licensed, online racing casino. Bet real cash and win real cash at bspot.com or download the b spot real money casino app now. b spot is currently available in many U.S. states. To see if your state is playing for real money now, visit http://bit.ly/bspot-playnow.

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Cash deposits &amp, winnings are held in a custodial account at an FDIC insured member bank.

Headquartered in Los Angeles, b spot is authorized to conduct online horse race wagering pursuant to state licenses and the federal Interstate Horseracing Act.

Must be 21+ to wager and play for money. b safe Play Responsibly, National Gambling Helpline: 1-800-522-4700, ncpgambling.org. Go to www.bspot.com for details.

b spot® ©2021 Game Play Network, Inc. Patent Protected. All Rights Reserved.

b spot Real Money Gambling App Reviews

i&#039, ve been playing for some time now. the other day i was playing GOLDEN BARS, got the bonus play wheel and the pointer landed on $ 500, right past the $ 5.oo, iseen it and it clearly landed on the five hundred, they gave me the five dollars instead

  • Published: 10 months ago reply
  • &#9733,&#9734,&#9734,&#9734,&#9734, Dan

This is the worst idea ever. Basically you bet on horses (which the system picks the horses, you don’t even chose), then you play a slot machine to reveal your prize. That’s right, you aren’t even really playing slots, it is their way of visually displaying if you won. The slot results are pre determined. If you want to bet on horses just go to a site and bet on horses. What a horrible loop hole dick around to trying to act like you are a casino. Don’t waste your money

  • Published: 2 years ago reply
  • &#9733,&#9733,&#9733,&#9733,&#9733, Moe

I like the game it’s fun the transfer of wagers way to slow and I’m wondering why in demo mode the payouts seem great but soon as I bet rarely I hit anything it’s sad because I like the app but it seem like it’s for the rich people yes you can win but it’s not much to withdraw some and leave some in. Dam I thought I finally find a way to flip a few bucks. But still it’s a good game for who can afford it.

  • Published: 2 years ago reply

Having fun

I actually enjoy sitting back and having fun I don’t gamble for a lot of money but not ups and downs are cool

  • Published: 4 days ago friscoTHK

Scam Site

I tried b spot for the first time about a month ago. I deposited $50, but I was unaware that you don’t actually play slot machines for money! The site masks where your money goes, by spending the amount of money you wager, on a horse race at an unknown location at an unknown race track somewhere in the world. Fortunately, I only spent $10 and lost. I immediately requested to withdrawal the remaining $40, but unfortunately, over a month later…. I have yet to receive my $40. There is a phone number to contact b spot, in their words, 24/7 365, but don’t let that fool you…. The number is fake and it never goes through. I have sent multiple emails and I get nothing but the run a round. B Spot has stolen my $40 that I never wagered and they are refusing to give it back. I’m very angry, with no source to get my money back. Beware, this site is a scam and they steal your money.

  • Published: 5 days ago steelkid73

Save your money and go to a real horse race!

Loading your wages is incredibly slow (about20-30 minutes avg.) and most of the time I will loose interest. I don’t think it’s all that accurate as far as payouts go, you loose a lot Moore than you win! To me it’s just not worth it. I really don’t like that I have to call them to remove my cards.

  • Published: 1 week ago BuggyW52

This is a scam don’t give them your money, not a real slot machine we’re you play, they put your money on horse races

  • Published: 1 week ago b slot is A SCAM

Wager tip

Loading the money on the wager it’s slow

  • Published: 3 weeks ago Mr.Boss Status

Love the app

It’s a great app for slot type gambling. I hate the loud, smoky, crowded casinos so this is preferable. I don’t like that I use up a $40 wager in like 5 minutes and I can’t just use my winnings in the same game. I have to leave the game, wager, than wait for it to be approved which takes anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour. But other than that I am enjoying it.

  • Published: 4 weeks ago Tina B-e-autiful

Payouts inaccurate

Although they game payouts are supposed to correlate to the respective horse eve bets placed, I’ve been tracking the results and they are not accurate. Still waiting a phone call from their customer service line to explain the payouts. When I first asked about them, it was about the horse bets, but now that I’ve analyzed the bets, last person told me that the payouts are based on my bets compared with other players in this platform. That’s not how horse betting works and I feel like it’s a scam. I could wager a lot of money on here if it was transparent and fair. It’s too bad because the game payout aspect is a great idea.

  • Published: 1 month ago EsDeuce

Not letting you win anything for real, only asking a player to add funds

  • Published: 1 month ago LoNgWoLFF$$

So far so good

So far I’m happy with the app, used a referral bonus so u got a $10 bonus in top of my $20 deposit. So far been playing for 2 days on and off and up to $77. U did read somewhere that people are speculating they let you win in the beginning ajd then change the odds. So far haven’t seen any proof of this, Will update my review after a couple more hours of play time. But so far this app is awesome.

  • Published: 1 month ago haloid95

Don’t do it

On my birthday I was given money I was feeling lucky and since my birthday was on the 7th I decided to pick an app to play for some money I was told to send a picture of my identification I did then after that I was told to send in mail with my name on i sent that as well then I was told they would get back to me 10 days past I’m thinking I’m going to play some slots I go to the app it still did not let me play I called and talked to a operator he tells me looks like you need to send in a bank statement I said I did I just covered up my account information but my address and bank name was visible , the operator then ask me to open my bank app and take a screenshot and email it the customer service was not good and it’s just to muck to work nothing like a real casino just a waste of my time I would never recommend the app to anyone not even a opp

  • Published: 1 month ago money45mike

Save your money for the real Casino

Ive dropped a cool $100 on this game but not a decent payout at all, Just a money Grabber Game… would not recommend.

B Spot Promo Code for $10 Deposit Bonus

Did you ever think that horse racing and online casino gaming could merge into one seamless product?

We’re not talking about a site that offers sports betting and casino play. What we’ve got here is an innovative platform where two betting worlds become one.

B spot casino is a unique proposition, it is an online racing casino.

This site allows you to play casino games and win real money from 22 (and counting) states in the U.S.

In this b spot casino review, we’ll explain precisely how this is possible. For now, just know that all b spot payouts are determined by live horse racing.

Intrigued? We were, which is why we’ve put together a comprehensive review of b spot casino.

  • $10 first deposit bonus.
  • It offers a unique selection of casino games.
  • Its innovative betting dynamic links horse racing and casino games.
  • Play available via desktop or mobile devices
  • B spot promo code
  • Sign up
  • Mobile app
  • Games
  • Banking

How b spot casino works

B spot Casino is based in Los Angeles. It is authorized to offer online horse race betting in line with state laws and the federal Interstate Horseracing Act.

In simple terms, this means you can wager on horse races around the world where regulatory permissions allow. Using this, b spot casino has developed a system that allows you to place wagers on selected horse races.

For example, if you wager $20, their software will split your money among a number of different bets.

If you’re not happy with their selections, you can hit the “reshuffle” button and a new group will be chosen. Once you’re happy with your race card, you can lock in the bet. Any returns will be credited to your balance.

b spot also features a selection of real money gambling options such as online slots and bingo games.

Upon first inspection, these games seem relatively standard. However, when you realize how they work, they aren’t.

b spot has found a way to link horse race bets with casino gaming. Each time you play a game, the result is determined by your horse race bets.

That’s right, a live race.

Combining two worlds via a unique system

Through a clever system, the results you see in the games are determined by the actual outcomes of your horse race bets.

Why? Well, for starters, all of this is going on in the background. You can review the race details when you place your bet, but you don’t have to. You can just place a wager and wait to be surprised by the results when you play a game. Just like you would be at a traditional casino.

B spot Casino bonuses

New players earn a $10 First Deposit Bonus!

All you need to do is log into your b spot account and make your first deposit with the promo code BONUS10 and your wish is b spot&#8217,s command! You will earn an additional $10 with your First deposit of $20 or more!

You will need to wager double the amount of the bonus before you can withdraw it.

Plus, the fun doesn&#8217,t stop there. After your first deposit bonus, existing players can take advantage of their No Whiff bonuses and big money sweepstakes draws.

Here are the specifics on these gems:

Gold, Platinum and Emerald bonuses

Their Gold, Platinum, and Emerald Bonuses are matched with the amount of your wager. In the unlikely even your wager mix has no payouts ($0) they will bonus you some cash to get you back in the game.

  • Gold Bonus (Bet $20): $0 return gets a bonus of $10 or more
  • Platinum Bonus (Bet $40): $0 return gets a bonus of $20 or more
  • Emerald Bonus (Bet $100): $0 return gets a bonus of $50 or more

They also have a big money sweepstakes draw promotion

Each time you place a $20, $40, or $100 bet, you’ll receive one entry into the matching sweepstakes draw:

  • Bet $20: Win up to $100,000
  • Bet $40: Win up to $250,000
  • Bet $100: Win up to $1,000,000

The more tickets you have in a draw, the better, however, there’s no obligation to earn multiple entries.

In fact, what’s neat about b spot is that these sweepstakes come with a “no purchase necessary” clause. Eligible players (i.e., those with a good standing) can use an alternate means of entry to join in the sweepstakes. Check their terms & conditions for details.


Online Casino bspot
bspot Promo Code BONUS10
First Deposit Bonus $10
Last Updated February 2022

Additional bonus details

In addition to the $10 First Deposit Bonus and big money sweepstakes, b spot runs monthly tournaments. These tournaments are designed like familiar Las Vegas slot tournaments. There is a Qualifying Round and a Final Round. You have to play a certain amount to qualify for the finals. Then, in the finals, you can play up to a set amount in a selection of games. Your total winnings from the gameplay during the Final Round set your score in the tournament. Players who top the scoreboard win the bonus prize money.

They periodically offer additional bonuses for new and existing players.

General and specific promos

Some of their bonuses are based on your state of residence. They verify that information when you first sign up for an account.

However, if we consider b spot Casino’s promotions on their own merits, there’s a substantial amount of value every week.

The point is that b spot isn’t a regular online casino. In essence, it’s an online racing casino, a new hybrid where horse racing meets online casino.

Do I need a promo code at b spot?

Yes, you should use promo code BONUS10 to active your first deposit bonus.

Create a new account at b spot

Signing up at b spot is straightforward and the usual rules and regulations apply. Check out their site for specifics.

Basically, as long as you’re 21 years or older, and a resident of one of their active states, you can sign up and then start playing.

In practice, the registration process goes like this:

  • Use our b spot Casino sign-up link to register.
  • Input your email address and the desired password.
  • Confirm that you’re at least 21 years old.

Once you’ve completed the above steps, you can access b spot. To unlock its full potential, you need to get approved for a Cash Account. That means you need to verify your age and state of residence.

You must supply a phone number and a valid address. You’ll also need to enter the last four digits of your SSN (all seven in New York!) That is required by law. They can’t give you an account without that info. Their security is top-notch and their tech is audited by regulators regularly to make certain your personal info is secure.

Once that’s done and your information is confirmed, your account will be ready to go.

When you are actually ready to play, b spot’s software will ask to verify your location. The device you are using will usually determine the method used to do that. It will likely carry out a Location Services check on an Apple device like an iPhone, or an IP check if you’re using a desktop browser.

You’ll need to allow that check to be able to play on the site. Once you do, as long as you are in one of their active states, you’ll be able to bet on racing, play casino games and bingo.

B spot online: Mobile gaming

Alongside a desktop and mobile website, b spot is available for Apple devices via a native app.

Whether you play via your desktop computer or mobile device, you’ll get access to a full roster of promotions.

In terms of aesthetics and ergonomics, the overall vibe is simplicity.

Because the site blends horse racing and casino gaming, the developers didn&#8217,t try to be overly fancy. Indeed, the mechanics of the site are somewhat complex, therefore, the frontend is pretty basic.

You can lock in your bets with a few clicks and, from there, scroll through a single grid of games.

Each game plays out on its page, which means you’ll have to use your browser’s back button (or swipe left) to return to the main menu.

That fact aside, we didn’t experience any issues with regards to stability or speed during our b spot review.

Developers can link their creations to the innovative betting system. In turn, this means b spot has a gaming lobby like no other.

Additionally, you won’t even notice that live races are being used instead of random number generators. From your point of view, everything plays as expected. When you join b spot, you’ll be able to enjoy an exclusive collection of games at home or on the go.

B spot online casino games

Aside from its unique betting hybrid and bonuses, b spot stands out due to its selection of games.

Even though it can’t compete with the likes of Caesars or Tropicana online casinos in terms of quantity, the quality is great.

b spot works with developers from all corners of the gaming industry to integrate their game and launch them across the U.S. via the b spot platform. The result is a diverse selection of products that ranges from the traditional to the exotics.

During our b spot review, we counted 28 spinners, including Demi Gods II, White Hot 777 and Buffalo Wild.

Alongside slots, you’ll also be able to play online bingo. Finally, for something a little different, arcade games, such as In the Black, has you tapping fast to match denominations to reveal a cash prize
For us, the casino games at b spot made for a refreshing break from the norm.

We love online hits from the game creators IGT and Bally. However, it’s nice to try something new every once in a while.

B spot gives you the ability to do this. Even though the library of games isn’t extensive, the site is adding new products all the time.

Many of the games are exclusive, others are top hits you might see in online casinos from around the world. So, if you’re a seasoned player looking for alternatives or you want another casino to use in tandem with your leading gaming site, b spot is perfect.

Join b spot now and enjoy a truly unique online gaming experience!

B spot payments, security and customer service

The site uses top notch industry security protocols.

The customer service team is on hand between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m. PT, seven days a week.

  • Email:[email&#160,protected]
  • Phone: 844-462-7768
  • Fax: 503-350-0232
  • Social Media: @bspotgames on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, bspot on YouTube.

When it comes to payments, cash deposits & winnings are held in a custodial account at a Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) insured member bank. Therefore, you shouldn’t have any concerns when it comes to the safety of your bankroll. To make a deposit or withdrawal at b spot, just login to the site or app and use one of the following to make a deposit:

  • FastTrack Cash (online banking transfer using ACH or electronic checks)
  • Mastercard
  • Visa
    o Prepaid/Gift Cards from Visa or Mastercard are also an option

To make a withdrawal, you email or call the support team with your request.

If emailing, use the email associated with your b spot account and specify how much you’d like to withdraw from your balance.

In the future, b spot aims to speed up the request process by enabling automated withdrawals as well as live chat withdrawal requests.

Player eligibility at b spot casino online

To use b spot, you must be 21 years of age or older and a resident of one of their active states. Currently the active states include Alabama, California, Colorado, Delaware, Florida, Kansas, Montana, Nebraska, New Hampshire, New Mexico, New York, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Tennessee, Vermont, West Virginia, Wisconsin and Wyoming.

Before you can start playing for real money, you’ll need to be approved for a Cash Account, which means you’ll need to verify your identity filling out the online application. If they can’t verify you automatically, you may need to email or call them with additional information. Once that’s done, you’re set to play for real.

FAQ about B Spot Casino

Is b spot casino online legal in the US?

Yes, b spot is a licensed “advance-deposit wagering hub” (aka an “ADW”) legally authorized to conduct Internet wagering on horse races across the United States. As an ADW, they operate under the Interstate Horseracing Act and applicable state laws. Currently, b spot holds a multi-jurisdictional license from the Oregon Racing Commission, which authorizes them to accept wagers from numerous states across the country. They also hold direct licenses from the following states: California, Colorado, Montana, New York, and Wyoming.

The entire lists where you can play at b spot currently include Alabama, California, Colorado, Delaware, Florida, Kansas, Montana, Nebraska, New Hampshire, New Mexico, New York, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Tennessee, Vermont, West Virginia, Wisconsin, and Wyoming.

Will b spot pay out if I win?

Absolutely. Not only is this a licensed betting operation that’s obliged to pay out winnings by law, but but all cash deposits & winnings are held in a custodial account at an FDIC insured member bank. So, whatever happens, you should be able to get your money whenever you want it.

Does b spot have live dealer games?

No, unfortunately, it doesn’t. However, this platform does have a unique selection of virtual casino games that you won’t find anywhere else. That, for us, is a real selling point.

Use our b spot sign-up link to try out this horse racing and casino gaming hybrid today.

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Your access has been blocked due to possible malicious activity originating from your IP address. If you believe your IP address has been blocked inappropriately please submit the form below with all required fields to request removal of your IP address from our Intrusion Prevention System’s block list.

NOTE: If you want your access restored then you must provide a valid email address where we can communicate with a human. If you provide a fake email address or an address where we can’t communicate with a human then your unblock request will be ignored.

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