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Good crypto casino. Never had an issue that they couldn&#x27,t resolve. Games don&#x27,t always go your way but that is gambling. Payouts quick and no rug on funds here.

Best Crypto Casino

Love the VIP System and super happy they added a sportsbook!

Seems like bonuses on slots disappear…

Seems like bonuses on slots disappear the more you play.

Its a good site with various kind of…

Its a good site with various kind of offers. Live support is good. Fast withdrawals. Its a full package for gambling

Poor customer service

Poor customer service have made 2 disputes over 4 weeks ago none answered

good safe site

Scammers. Zero Customer Service. They have an automatic 10 dollar bet on…

They have an automatic 10 dollar bet on crash. First time on the site and my balance went to 0 because of this. Customer Service&#x27,s only response was &quot,We can not refund accidentally made bets.&quot, Great first impression! Also my last time on the site.

As an American wanting to gamble they…

As an American wanting to gamble they have a great security system

Very helpful whenever I needed help!

best casino out there, they just need to upgrade their live support and it will be perfect

best casino for real, you can loose ofc like any other casinos but you still can win and have fun and use code smixy if you are going to play there 🙂

Honest opinion

Site has good giveaways, promotions and a decent size of games to play. But I hope that sportsbook Will be added soon which would make this site my first choice

Always a great time on DuelBits

Always a great time on DuelBits! Very fun with the friends and end the night with money

Don’t play any of these crypto casinos

Super sketch place to bet

Super sketch place to bet. I’m no stranger to gambling or variation for that matter, but the amount of wins coming from average or low bets to bumping up your bets and betting out of the zone are way out of whack and I would like you to add something to the site to show statistics for bonuses hit, at which wager, stretch without bonuses etc bc this is all just a bit too ridiculous. Probably won’t be returning after getting my next level up reward

Reply from Duelbits.com

Hello What, thank you for youre review!

As you might already know, Duelbits is a fully licensed and regulated casino. Our house games are provably fair which can be proven by following the link below, and our third-party gaming suppliers are carefully scrutinized owing to their presence in hundreds of casinos throughout the world.

All games at Duelbits have the highest RTP settings. This is something that can be confirmed within the game. Casinos use the term &quot,Return to Player&quot, (RTP) to define the proportion of all bets that a VLT or slot machine will return to players over time. For example, if you place a hundred $1 wagers on a device with a 90 percent RTP, you should expect to win around $90. Of course, both the house advantage and the RTP are calculated over a long period. In the short term, almost anything can happen, so only wager the money you&#x27,re willing to lose.

Slots is a real-time game in which the outcome is determined at the moment by mathematical procedures communicated through the Random Number Generator (RNG), making it impossible to be manipulated. Every millisecond day, an online slot game employs a random number generator to generate random sequences. The RNG generates a new random series of numbers every time a player presses the spin button. Because online slot games have no memory, there is no way to keep track of a player&#x27,s wins and losses.

Thoughts on the &quot,duelbits&quot, casino? more details in post.

they are very popular with streamers and people that do gambling with things like counter-strike go skins etc..

they have very weird games like things called &quot,crazy time&quot, but it does seem to be run by some outside company from duelbits itself

is this website legit?

why is it being shilled so hard by online streamers?

is crazy time worth it (no fucking way, but curious on thoughts?)

FortuneJack and NitrogenSports both are way more solid and there is no need to use VPN

Are people in the US playing on dualbits via VPN?

Just found them for first time watching a US streamer. went to the website and says it&#x27,s not available in my country.

I am wondering the same thing, I was wondering if you needed a VPN to play on there

Download opera browser on PC. Comes with a standard VPN.

I connect to Canada and it works. Plus they got Kinguin gift cards that work

I have a question too. How can you gamble without using cryptocurrency

yes, u can add money via paypal and many other ways, depending on where u live

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Yes, the website is legit. Although I do not play on there often, as Duelbits has much less traffic than Roobet, Gamdom or Stake. Meaning, I would be more concerned about Duelbits being able to pay out large winnings vs. the ones previously mentioned. Same goes for Rollbit.

Duelbits, as with a lot of the online crypto casinos, started as a CSGO gambling site. They have since introduced slots and live games from well-known providers such as Pragmatic, Relax Gaming, No Limit City, Evolution, etc. The reason why streamers are pushing Duelbits so hard is because (i) Duelbits will give them free money for gambling without a cashout limit and (ii) their affiliate program starts at 15% (3x higher than Roobet).

Crazy Time has a similar RTP to most slot machines (

96%). I&#x27,ve been EXTREMELY lucky while playing Crazy Time and am up quite a bit. I assume most people would not be able to say the same.

Crazy Time, Live Blackjack, Mega Ball, Monopoly, Live Baccarat, etc. is run by Evolution, the most popular live dealer provider amongst online casinos worldwide.

I have had multiple $500+ withdrawals from duelbits so assume it&#x27,s legit

what you use to make that much

How so? I haven’t seen anything obvious yet. I’ve watched videos claiming it but didn’t see it

what are brakes?

Is there any minimum bet at a blackjack table on duelbits?

Were you able to figure that out?

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If someone was to get into crypto gambling, what’s the most honest/legit site to use? I’m still skeptical of Duelbits

Don’t use duelbits if you ever wanna win. 1st day playing there I got up to $900 on $50 depo. I didn’t even try to withdraw any money. Every slot I would play would bonus in the first 30 spins. I’m not even exaggerating. Ever since that first day it’s been a straight RIP. I’ve even tried playing their two house games of dice and roulette, same results. No matter what slot I play it just takes my money spin after spin without even getting a lil rebound hit. That’s not gambling, that’s stealing. I play on Roobet and Stake and have never had such a long streak of losses. I have wins and I have losses like gambling goes. Hell I’ll even go through 4 day loss streaks on other sites, but after so much losing they’ll at least pay out a lil bit. You can see at the bottom of the site all the bets and the only people getting anything are high rollers and sponsored streamers. Too many red flags for me to not think something fishy is going on Duelbits.

Duelbits Casino Review

We’ve thoroughly reviewed Duelbits Casino and gave it a perfect reputation rating, which is the best rating any casino can get from us. In our review, we’ve considered the casino’s player complaints, estimated revenues, license, games genuineness, customer support quality, fairness of terms and conditions, withdrawal and win limits, and other factors. So, if you were ever wondering whether this casino is safe and legit or a scam, read the full review below to learn more.

According to our research and estimates, Duelbits Casino is a medium-sized online casino revenue-wise. The revenue of a casino is an important factor, as bigger casinos shouldn’t have any issues paying out big wins, while smaller casinos could potentially struggle if you manage to win really big.

We have found no relevant complaints about this casino.

Based on all of the information mentioned in this review and our perfect reputation rating of this casino, we can conclusively say that Duelbits Casino is a great place to play. If you are looking for a perfect online casino, we recommend trying out this one.

Duelbits Review – Is Duelbits legit? 2022

Duelbits is a new licensed online casino that has gained a lot of popularity throughout this year due to its easy access to online gambling with the goal to provide the best possible player rewards.

While Duelbits mainly focuses on cryptocurrency gambling, common deposit methods such as Credit Card and PayPal are also available, which allows you to deposit with your favorite payment method.

The signup process as well as cryptocurrency payments are instant on Duelbits, and in the very most cases requires no KYC vericiation. This allows you to start playing instantly on Duelbits.

Being an active player on Duelbits comes with amazing benefits due to Duelbits&#x27, VIP program and regular crypto rewards, which you can start claiming after signing up and entering the code &#x27,reward&#x27,.

Given that, Duelbits looks like the perfect online casino at a first glance.

We have tested Duelbits extensively as a part of this Duelbits review and will make you aware of all relevant features, terms and information that you must know before gambling on Duelbits in this brief review.

Duelbits Signup Reward

There are multiple signup rewards that let you try out Duelbits for free, and continue rewarding you long-term.

In order to claim your rewards, simply sign up on Duelbits and enter the promo code &#x27,reward&#x27, to claim a free crypto duel reward without any deposit or wager requirement!

Additionally, you will unlock exclusive daily, weekly and monthly raw crypto refills in your Duelbits rewards section, that increase by time if you play on Duelbits actively!

These lifetime-rewards are one of the most outstanding benefits of being a Duelbits player.

In case you have an account on Duelbits already, simply navigate to &#x27,Claim&#x27, on the bottom left, and enter the promo-code &#x27,reward&#x27, to unlock your rewards.

Is Duelbits Legit?

Yes, Duelbits is a legit and licensed casino that is based on a provably fair system, which enables you to verify the fairness of every outcome transparently.

This means that Duelbits cannot be rigged and therefore is completely legitimate and trusted.

Furthermore, Duelbits is a casino that hasn&#x27,t been publicly associated with any malicious activity and has a great reputation in the online casino space.

Another important aspect that reflects Duelbits&#x27, legitimacy are instant withdrawals and deposits: Duelbits instantly processes all transactions and does not block players who withdraw a lot of money.

Hence, we can state with certainty that Duelbits is legit and safe to use.

Is Duelbits trusted?

Yes, Duelbits trust comes from their valid Provably Fair system that applies to all house-specific games and ensure all outcomes on Duelbits are randomly generated and are not rigged.

This makes it safe to say that Duelbits is a trusted and safe to use casino!

Furthermore, Duelbits has a valid Curacao-Gaming casino license, an excellent reputation and a trusted support team that is there to help you at any time if you experience any issues.

Duelbits&#x27, trust also applies to deposits and withdrawals, as Duelbits instantly processes all transactions and does not block players from withdrawing or depositing big amounts of money. Therefore, you can trust Duelbits with all of your deposited funds.

One does not have to worry about safety and trust when gambling on the Duelbits casino.

Duelbits Account Opening

Creating a Duelbits account is extremely straight forward since Duelbits offers social-media login as well as no manual KYC verification.

On Duelbits, you can signup via Google, Steam or Email. Every single registration method is equal in terms of feature availabily on Duelbits.

In order to start your registration process on Duelbits, simply navigate to &quot,Register&quot, at the top right and select your preferred signup method.

Once you signed up on Duelbits successfully, you can start using all features and play any games immediately without having to wait for any manual approval.

Does Duelbits have KYC Verification?

No, most likely you will be able to fully enjoy Duelbits without the need for verification. You can expect Duelbits not to ask you to verify your identity, unless you withdraw huge amounts of money or show any other type of suspicious behavior.

Having no generally obligatory KYC verification makes Duelbits very convenient to use since accessing casino games on Duelbits is near to instant.

This means that you can instantly get going after signing up on Duelbits, without having to wait for manual KYC verification.

Usually, KYC verification on Duelbits only happens for a very specific reason, such as creating multiple accounts, depositing just to withdraw a different cryptocurrency or being potentially underage.

Who can play on Duelbits?

As any other Curaçao based online casino, Duelbits enforces some country restrictions that prevent players from certain countries from creating a Duelbits account.

Regions such as the USA or UK are blocked from Duelbits, which is why many players use a VPN in order to access the Duelbits casino from restricted regions.

In case you are located in a region that is blocked from accessing Duelbits, check out our article about VPN usage and country restrictions on Duelbits.

Note that using a VPN on Duelbits is formally unwelcome. Yet, many players from the USA and other regions use a VPN in order to access Duelbits, seemingly without any problems.

Duelbits Review

Dive into Duelbits Review and uncover all its potential

More than 80k people visit Duelbits casino each month making possible the growth of the platform. Surely thanks to all the gamers Duelbits now can offer more promotions, new games, and more entertainment for everybody! A nice thing for all its customers and new ones.

In this Duelbits review, we will dive deeper than other reviews that you can find online on these gambling sites that accept cryptocurrencies and CSGO P2P. The following is the essential information that you need to know, even just for the sake of knowing because it will help you in making a better decision, either if to play or choose another of the bitcoin casinos that we reviewed.

Table of Contents

Essential Information

One of the most important things you should know is that Duelbits is very famous among CSGO gambling sites as gamers are very attracted by the possibility to trade skins for their CSGO weapons. As an industry standard, they offer a provably fair system for users to verify their transactions making the site more reputable and fair with players.

Duelbits.com is operated and managed by Liquid Gaming N.V. a company that holds a valid Curacao license making this new gambling house more trustworthy. Then if you are wondering if Duelbits is legit, you just got your answer. They have an established company and have a valid license makes them legit 100%. While at the moment, we haven&#8217,t heard any scam accusations online we think this is a secure place where to have some fun during the evenings and in your free time.

As they hold a Curacao license, some countries are restricted for access and gaming, those countries are (and are not limited to): Aruba, Bonaire, Curacao, France, The Netherlands, Saba, Statia, St. Maarten, Singapore, and the USA. Plus, they have other restrictions which we advise you to check on their Terms and Conditions page. We do not want to copy-paste everything here as it doesn&#8217,t make sense and it doesn&#8217,t add any value for you, so go and check it out here.

Important Note: if the security team thinks or suspects that you are doing something shady they will eventually ask for your KYC.

You can find and follow their social account here:

Basic Summary

We&#8217,ve just covered some of the basic information in this Duelbits review, now it&#8217,s time to get even more in-depth with it. Duelbits has neutral graphics, the green gives us peace of mind while being on the site. Also, as we are quite fans of the dark mode, having a dark background makes everything smoother for your navigation. As one of our competitors says, it reminds of SportsBet.io&#8217,s casino/sportsbook colors, check our complete Sportsbet casino review here.

Praise and Critiques

Duelbits is like a book unless you start reading you won&#8217,t fully understand how it operates and what offers to you, i.e. the value that adds to the table. Thus, we can summarize everything as follows below.

Games selection

CSGO fans will love to come and play here, some cool features allow the player to switch the interface and game operations. As soon as you land on the site, you will start noticing right away that they offer: Live casinos (including blackjack, live monopoly, and lighting roulette), bitcoin slots, Duel Dice and Bitcoin Roulette. The nice feature they have is on Roulette, as you can see below, you can ENABLE CS: GO MODE and activate the unique design for it &#8211, check our guide on bitcoin dice strategies that apply to roulette as well.


Unfortunately for altcoins lovers, this might not be the right place. At the moment of the publishing of this Duelbits review, there are only Ethreum and Bitcoin available as cryptocurrencies and CSGO p2p. We are sure that new coins will be available in the future, just think that in less than 1 year they come so far, imagine where they will be in 2021.

Plus, recently they added Mastercard and Visa cards payments. So, remember, before signing up, to look into their Terms and Conditions because in some countries cryptocurrencies are not available.

Customer Support

Customer is available for all the players at [email&#160,protected] You must go on your profile and get your ID to help the team in answering your questions faster.

Duelbits Promotions

This is the most important section of this review, the promotions.

Rewarding System

You can redeem a free duel with our code: &#8220,CGTIPS&#8221,. Click on the Rewards and insert the coupon we just shared! Also, sometimes they will include coupons on Twitter or in other social media channels, make sure you follow them!

Game Provider Promo

Now and then, they will have a special partnership with some game providers, such as Pragmatic Play, NetEnt, or Relax Gaming which will provide a special bonus on their slot machines. We won&#8217,t be specific here because they change every week/month and we have other 40+ crypto casinos which need the same attention.

Our Recommendation

Duelbits is one must choice of any crypto gambler. Live casinos, slot machines, CSGO integration, and sweet giveaways are some of the top-notch offers they have reserved for new and old players. They are about to release a VIP system and much more, so you better sign up and be part of their story. Join Duelbits and get your free duel on Dice with our coupon &#8220,CGTIPS&#8221,.

Expert Rating

Coming down to their rating, as you could see on the top of the page it&#8217,s quite high. If you are wondering why&#8230, here are the main reasons:

  • License and established business that has partnerships with the main software providers, not all the online casinos have such a thing, this plus provably fair system makes them more reputable and trustworthy,
  • A huge list of games are available,
  • an honest amount of promotions,
  • integration with Steam and CSGO makes everything better,
  • The non 24/7 live chat is missing but they compensate with a great platform where problems are not popping up every second.

We hope you found all the answers you were looking for in this Duelbits review. Remember that if you had already had an experience with them, leave your opinion/review in the section below. Sharing your experience will surely help other users in the community and us so we can provide you with better bitcoin casino bonuses, more reviews, and news.

Duelbits Casino &amp, Sportsbook

Liquid Gaming N.V. owns and operates Duelbits. As far as we can tell, this is the only gaming site that the Curacao-based company runs. It launched in 2020 and is an online casino that accepts two cryptos, six gift cards and qualifies as a CSGO skins gambling website. Currently, it is available in only English with more languages being added very soon, has decent customer support, and features a library of over two thousand and five hundred games. In its short existence, it has gained a CSGO following and is now attracting casual crypto gamblers.

First Impressions

Design-wise, Duelbits incorporates a similar color palette to that of sportsbet.io. Unsaturated blues and greens mixed in with some white text. It’s not visual eye-candy but feels modern. Navigation should be easy, as the organizational pattern is the industry standard. Though, we would have liked for the account drop-down menu to be slightly bigger.

To become a member, you’ll have to sign-in using either your Steam or Google account. We chose the latter and completed the process in ten seconds. After you pick your option, you’ll need to go to your profile page and send yourself a verification email, so you can fully use the site.

If you want to use the public chat after registering, you’ll have to deposit at least 50 coins, which is $50. Or, according to the site’s exchange calculator, at the time of writing – 0.00087789 BTC. Remember that you will have to deposit a little over this amount to access the chat due to the associated transaction fees. Since theirs is no promo page here, we suggest exploring social media to get that lowdown. You can also follow our site for that news.

Games offered by Duelbits

We begin discussing the Duelbits game offer by talking about the massive slot selection. The site lists that it’s home to over two thousand and five hundred games, and even though we couldn’t count them all, we believe this to be accurate. We did count the number of providers responsible for the game catalog. Forty-two industry juggernauts are present here, including NetEnt, Red Tiger, Playson, Pragmatic Play, and Wazdan. You can browse the slot library, search for a particular game, or sort them by their popularity, the amount won, and alphabetical order. There’s also a top picks category, where Duelbits suggest three titles that you should try. If you’re on the slots section of the platform and select the roulette, card, or poker tabs, you can browse the RNG versions of these table games. Video poker titles are also on hand to enjoy.

Inside the Live Shows section, you can see all the live-dealer tables. The classics and their variations. Duelbits seems to push game-show games by promoting them heavily on its social media pages. Overall, we counted 78 live tables from Pragmatic Play Live and Evolution Gaming. For some reason, all the live blackjack games, of which there are six, have their page on the site.

The provably fair game offer here consists of a unique version of roulette and some crypto dice. The name of this platform derives from the option to engage in Dice Duels. Play against up to ten other players. Everyone rolls and their results get compared. The house edge on this game is 5%.

Easy Access

There is no Duelbits mobile app. We broached the subject with the site representative via email and asked if there is a possibility for a Duelbits Android app any time soon. He told us that there is no ETA for any app for any device.

We opened the mobile version via Chrome on our Android Phone (Android Pie). Both mobile and desktop websites are fast, faster than what we usually see. Organization-wise what you get on a mobile screen is decent. It’s different than what you get with the responsive version, which doesn’t reflow the text correctly or adjusts its size appropriately. On the Duelbits mobile version, everything is readable. However, some of the footer text is a bit too small. When you access the game pages, it displays all the titles in dual columns, making it easy to browse them. We mention this because the site used to utilize a single column set-up, with one game on the left side of the screen, leaving an uncomfortable amount of negative space on the right. It was not visually pleasing and was impractical. They have since fixed that issue. You have a home and a live chat button at the bottom of your phone screen, both of which frequently come in hand.

All in all, the games we tried loaded fast, and we did not encounter any gameplay or usability problems. We like the mobile version and recommend it.

Deposits &amp, Withdrawals

Duelbits is a crypto casino and CSGO skin gambling site. If you register using a Steam account, you can make deposits and withdrawals via CSGO credits. If you opt for the Google account option and prefer to play using cryptos, you are limited to crypto transactions using only Bitcoin and Ethereum.

You should know that the site converts every transaction into coins, which is the Duelbit playing currency. The exchange rate is one coin per $1. The site will do the math for you, do the necessary conversion. For instance, at the time of writing, one coin was worth 0.00001762 BTC. Bitcoin deposits require one network confirmation before they get credited to your account, while Ethereum ones require three. You can deposit as much as you want here. The minimum Duelbits withdrawal is fifty coins for Bitcoin and ten for Ethereum. The first comes with a fee of 0.00030060 BTC, while the latter has one that is 0.00281820 ETH.

You can also make gift card deposits via Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, Skrill, Paysafecard, and WebMoney. The value of the cards you can purchases ranges from $5 to $250. You will have to select your option and then click on the icon with your desired value. It will redirect you to a third-party website where you can complete the transactions. Note that they may be fees associated with your purchase.

The platform follows KYM and AML procedures. Every player must go through an electronic KYC check before a withdrawal, regardless of the amount. If you plan on taking out sizeable amounts, you may have to undergo further verification. Please note that those procedures are only necessary in rare cases such as suspected money laundering etc.

Know that all on-site credits trades are a one-time exchange. If you are unhappy with a purchase made through the platform, you can review the refund policy and read about cancellation rights and returns.

Duelbits does not accept cryptocurrency trades made from Turkey, Israel, Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Cuba, and Venezuela. Banned regions include the US, the UK, France, Denmark, the Netherlands, Singapore, Aruba, and others. It also does not accept coin trades from territories with political unrest, such as Syria, Iraq, Somalia, Afghanistan, Morocco, Libya, South Korea, and others.

Duelbits Bonuses &amp, Promotions

When it comes to promo deals, at first glance, you may think the platform only offers referral commissions. If you do get this impression, know that it isn’t your fault, as the site has no dedicated promo page. Technically, it has one, accessible via a footer link. However, that one only displays a Drops &amp, Wins promo. To get in on all the Duelbits promotions, you’ll have to follow the site on social media.

If you open the platform’s Instagram page, you’ll see that it features daily challenges, competitions, giveaways, bonus codes, and more. The challenges can pertain to any game, and usually, you’ll have to hit a specific win multiplier, let us say x300 your bet, to win a fixed cash prize. However, challenges are not limited to only playing games on the site. They can also include creative competitions. For example, the platform ran a Halloween Challenge at the end of October, which gave a prize of $100 to the artist who submitted the best Halloween-themed artwork. There may also be trivia contests here, from time to time, and the platform recently began hosting competitions on its Twitch channel. It debuted this novel approach with an “Among Us” event that featured a prize pool of $500.

You can also find giveaways on the mentioned social media pages. These will require you to follow the page, comment, and like or re-tweet a post to become eligible for a prize. Then, after a specified deadline passes, the site performs a draw and announces the lucky winners. Bonus codes are also available on Duelbits’ social pages. You will find them inserted in an image containing the site mascot. Once you see them, write them down and enter them in the promo tab accessible via your account drop-down menu. You’ll have to verify your email before you can redeem any codes.

The site has an excellent affiliate program, which can earn you a 10% commission on all referred bets. If you’re active in the chat, you may get free coins via the Rainbot.

VIP Program

Is there a Duelbits VIP program, any loyalty scheme on the site? Yes, they recently introduced one. It bears the name Ace’s Rewards. The staff claims that they have tailored it so that you can get the most bang-for-your-buck by playing here. It is your classic program where you advance through ten levels via your betting activity.

The levels are Joker, Club, Heart, Diamond, Spade, Flush, Jack, Queen, King, and Ace. To reach the first one, you have to wager $10,000. For the last one, you will need to lay down $15 million. You get a cash bonus each time you level up. When you reach Joker status, you get $5, and when you become an Ace, you get $7,500. Additionally, the higher level you are, the more instant/weekly/monthly Bits you will receive on your wagers. Bits is the word this platform uses instead of rakeback.

Duelbits Customer Support

As per our schedule, we explore the Duelbits support options by looking for a Duelbits live chat. When it first launched, the site did not have live support. It got introduced in January of 2021. You can access it via a link in the left-side menu. We instantly got access to a customer support representative who was knowledgeable and quick to respond to all our questions. The platform lists that if you opt to use this option, you should receive a reply within five minutes and that these answers will flow to your email inbox as well.

There’s a conversation icon in the bottom right, which opens the public chat panel. As far as we could tell, by monitoring it for a few hours, the chat is moderately active, and mods do lurk there and answer questions.

The site has no FAQ page, so your other help option is the Duelbits email support. You can send the site staff an email at &#8211, [email protected] . You’ll need to provide your ID code inside the body text, which you can find on your profile page.

We sent a message to the mentioned email containing three questions. We got an automated reply stating that the team received our request, which had our ticket number, and asked us to use this email for further replies. An official response to our question came in 62 minutes. The answers were to the point and contained zero fluff. While we would have preferred more elaborate explanations, we were happy with what we got.


Liquid Gaming N.V., the company that runs Duelbits, does so under a gaming license from Gaming Curacao. It is one of the four Curacao master license holders. According to some, it is the second-best one, and it most responds to player complaints from the batch. Curacao licenses are standard for crypto casinos, so having one is not a massive positive or negative, just better than nothing.

The platform utilizes advanced encryption with an ECC Key (256 Bits) with a Cloudflare certificate to protect all data entered on the site. It complies with the General Data Protection Regulation and aims to handle all your information with care. Know that the site may share your info with partners, shareholders, and during any business negotiations.

All legal disputes regarding your use of the site fall under the courts and jurisdiction of Curacao. Though, the site asks you to try to resolve any issues with management first.

If you are interested in fairness, the site has a page that explains the randomness of dice and roulette results. It explains what public and server seeds are, what is a Round ID, and so on.

Using our Duelbit Google-sign-in account, we did not see an option to set up 2FA inside our profile page. At least, we were unable to locate it. Yet, the logic page lists a 2FA code. So maybe this option is available for Steam users.

GOSU Conclusion

Another week passes, another Bitcoin casino enters the mix. How does Duelbits casino stack up against the competition? Well, it had the right strategy in mind. Storm out of the gate with a stunning game catalog and build from there. Currently, it features a terrific mix of over two thousand slots, over seventy live tables, and two provably fair games. So, no complaints there. However, what we can gripe about, includes that there is no FAQ page, the VIP program could be explained more in detail on the website, and it only supports two cryptos. It does provide decent referral commissions. We’re happy with what’s on offer on the promo front, as long as you are willing to search out the deals on social media. That said, the platform may be popular in the CSGO community, but it’s still new to crypto gamblers, and it requires minor improvements to reel them and some time to establish itself. It is on the right path, and we predict that terrific things lay ahead.

4 thoughts on &ldquo,Duelbits&rdquo,

Duelbits is doing great ever since it launched there are many contest giveaways and competitions, promotions is also good, there are many good testimonials and zero complaints so far, I highly recommend this gambling site for a great gambling experience

Review by cryptonoypi

So being a gambler for so many years, lets give a few pros and cons on duel bit. First thin is UI is really welldone, it has a professional design on it.
Games are well diverse from slot / roulettes / Black Jack / Live Games and something that caught my eyes is dice battle which two players can play against each other. who has the higher roll 1-99 wins the game. If theres no opponent then you can play against bot. (but i feel like 5% house edge against bot is pretty high. PVP 5% rake is understandable but against house it should be lower.

They have lots of fiat on ramp style but will love to see more crypto to be added. btc &amp, eth has a big fee on it.
One of the key factor to keep on playing in Duelbits is their Ace&#8217,s Reward (like a VIP level with bonuses)

All in all i enjoyed playing on Duelbits and i will be back for some action.

username = cryptonoypi
user i.d = 46ec9c16-3385-5f7c-8b71-fe3b0f84211f

Duelbits has many attractions with their wonderful promos like Slot Master Guessing Game, Deposit Race, Multiplier Master and YouTube Video Review being among them. Check the &#8220,Games and rounds&#8221, section on bitcointalk for the latest ones. You can literally win hundreds of USD within a week participating in them.

But what really makes Duelbits unique is the number of slots you can choose from. These days 1,000+ slots wouldn&#8217,t surprise anyone, but Duelbits has much much more of them, probably more than any other gambling site. It takes forever loading more and more icons representing different slots, so I can&#8217,t say the exact number, but I&#8217,ve counted slot providers, and there 50 of them on Duelbits. Can you imagine? Fifty! Whatever theme you prefer, you&#8217,ll find it there, I guarantee. I personally enjoy playing this crazy slot Rocket Men by Red Tiger. In my opinion it&#8217,s created by samrt people who know what do people need for entertainment.

But that&#8217,s me. Choose a slot to your taste and win big there! Good Luck!

Duelbits Username: Betwrong

User ID: eb5e75d2-3221-5b4f-b2cf-2f0ee300cf9d

DuelBits is a nicely designed online casino with your typical selection of slots and live games, including blackjack, roulette, poker and game shows. One differentiator of DuelBits is their Dice Duels game, where you set a wager and number of players to compete against, and the highest roll takes all. You can play against a bot if players don&#8217,t join your duel, which is nice for some quick rounds. However with a house edge of 5%, it&#8217,s pretty steep compared to your normal dice game at other casinos.
The overall design of the site is clean and easy to read. But all in all, there&#8217,s nothing that pulls me in and makes me want to keep playing there.
Username: Hornet
UserID: a750ed8f-91c3-5bc4-86bc-a892897ea28c

Is Duelbits Casino casino legit or scammy casino? Honest Duelbits Casino review, pricing and free bonus.

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What is Duelbits Casino?

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Duelbits Casino

Payment methods
Withdrawal limits
Not Limited for BTC
Liquid Gaming N.V.
Projected annual revenues
100,000,000 €
Licensing Authorities

Duelbits Casino Review

We’ve thoroughly reviewed Duelbits Casino and gave it a very good reputation rating, which means it’s a great casino to play at. In our review, we’ve considered the casino’s player complaints, estimated revenues, license, games genuineness, customer support quality, fairness of terms and conditions, withdrawal and win limits, and other factors. Read the full review below and learn more about this casino.
According to our research and estimates, Duelbits Casino is a smaller online casino revenue-wise. The revenue of a casino is an important factor, as bigger casinos shouldn’t have any issues paying out big wins, while smaller casinos could potentially struggle if you manage to win really big.
We have found no relevant complaints about this casino.
Based on all of the information mentioned in this review, we can conclusively say that Duelbits Casino is a very good online casino. You can expect to be treated well and have an enjoyable experience if you choose to play at it.

Duelbits Casino Bonuses and Promotions

No Deposit Bonus
Not available
Deposit Bonus
Not available
Withdrawal limits
Not Limited for BTC

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