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My ssn was compromised the end of the year and my bank was very diligent in voiding transactions that seemed suspicious. Well this resulted in a few chargebacks for funzpoints for $19.99. I recently got up to $3900 in wins and tried to cashout. I was told I needed to send info in to reverify. After doing so and being told I could cashout in 1-3 days they deactivated my account. I even told the representative that whatever chargeback was on my account I’d gladly pay out of my winnings because that wasn’t my fault. Not very happy with their customer service right now.

BEWARE of 1099.

They are sending all of their customers a 1099. STAY FAR AWAY.

Run away as fast as can

Run away as fast as can. Trash

By far the most scam driven casino I&#x27,ve…

By far the most scam driven casino I&#x27,ve ever played u win at first but then they rob u almost Everytime it&#x27,s almost like they have someone watching ur gameplay to make sure u don&#x27,t win it&#x27,s sickening I lost over 5000$ on this stupid game funzpoints is garbage u never come up stay away from this game u will lose everything trust me they get rich on u losing

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Their gameplay experience can suck my…

Their gameplay experience can suck my fukibg cock

Fraud and Manipulative Gaming Site

I, Marshall David Hanks have been the victim of Identity Theft and Fraud of Credit Accounts
and Bank Accounts. I realized I was the victim of a ID Theft and Fraud due to a Browser
Hijacking that occurred at some point in the night on December 29th. My Google Chrome
Browser was hijacked and my browsers saved passwords, bookmarks, Google Wallet Saved
cards and addresses, as well as my banking information was saved was breached during the
night of December 29th right after I got my Disability Payment, amounts were debited from
my account using my Debit Card Info, this card I had just got the day before and had it
added to my Google Wallet. My computer system was also vulnerable to two malicious
attacks by way of the executable files and keyloggers that were trojans apparently that were
auto starting even after computer reboot apparently allowing access to my system and files
on my personal computer leaving my system prone to attacks by way of browser hijacking.
Accounts as Infuze, Capital One, Social Security and IRS were hacked
I have contacted the FTC, Police Department, MO Atty General, Canada BBB, CPFB and Legal Counsel.
Funzpoints has poor customer support and there Members Security is none as I was the victim and now Funzpoints does NOT stand by there member when fraud and account compromising occurs!

Strange way of handling slots

I recently found out that the slot machine RTP&#x27,s at Funzpoints are based off of individual play and not the play of an entire group. This is not how traditional slot machines or other slot games on the internet work. Usually, RTP is collectively assessed through every dollar the machine gets (which would be for every single person who has played the machine) and payout a percentage back to the players, which is what the RTP is. Unfortunately, with Funzpoints. it takes all the luck out of slots. Since it is individualized, you will never win more than you put in. For example. lets say you play a Funzpoints slot and win $100 your first time playing. You will most likely lose the next time you play that game because the RTP needs to be reached on that game. And since it&#x27,s individualized, the RTP can&#x27,t be leveled out from other players putting in money and losing (like other slot machines would). It would come from your personal play alone. So, basically you would win a certain amount on a game and eventually you would have to lose more so that the RTP stays in it&#x27,s percentage over time. It may sound confusing, but if you understand how slot machines work, this should make sense. Machines payout a percentage of what players put in and that percentage is never above 100%. So, if the games are individualized, you will never come out ahead on these games because there are no other players that are leveling out the RTP after you win. Also, if your purchases are less than your cashouts, they don&#x27,t give you free premium points or mystery prizes like they claim they do. Your account must be on the losing side before that happens. It&#x27,s a suspicious casino that&#x27,s for sure.

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I&#x27,ve played a lot of money on funz…

So ive played a lot of money on funz points. There have been a few occasions where 19.99 was taken from my acct. I called and talked to customer service and they said oh its just the bank taking it out 3 days later. It never worked like that any other time. Just know that unlike a normal casino where you can move machines this one you cant. So I&#x27,m sure they have a profile on you and when you spend so much the let you win some back. Why wouldnt they really? Its set up where you win in the beginning to hook you then they shaft you. I have dont the statistics on keno and THERE IS NO CHANCE in hell you constantly hit all your number in each color but always are one number under the prize. The longer you play the worse it gets. Its all programs and algoriythms to make sure you lose. I dont even mind losing some money I just want to alteast win a few to keep it exciting. They do have quick easy to reach customer service and actually let you cash out but it doesnt make a diff if you arent going to win anything.

I just played for my first time and…

I just played for my first time and spent $5 and won $20 x 2. I even kept playing after
i cashed out for $20 and won another $20. Well it was more like $30 I won both times but I kept $10 back from each winning to play more.

Love this game I have cash out more…

Love this game I have cashed out more than I can count, my highest cash out was $1000 that I have won with $100 in.

Use to be a good site

Use to be a good site . Add money will some but now you can add and add and not win anything . Everytime I cash out 100-200 or 300$ . I have to add four times that much before winning anything again. Thai site is now horrible.

I Enjoy Funzpoints

I’m not a fake reviewer and I’ve played online casinos for over a year (Chumba, Bovada, Pulsz, and Funzpoints). Out of all of them, Funzpoints is legit and Chumba is ok. Stay away from the other two.

As for Funzpoints…I never have an issue reaching out to their customer service. They respond to you in a timely manner and are very pleasant to deal with. Just like with a land casino, you win and then you lose some. If you have to self exclude to keep from over spending, that can be done. If you need to set a spending limit, that can be done as well. I’ve always been paid on time and they do account reviews. Very professional and fun.

Again, I’m not a fake reviewer or work for them, this is my honest experience.

doesn&#x27,t even deserve any star..

doesn&#x27,t even deserve any star. every time I reach fanzone. it just freeze for about 1min and pops up a connection error that only give you one option that is to refresh back to login page. and of course login back in that fanzine is no longer available. and it happened 3 times in a row!! so its impossible even enjoy a fair game talking about winning from here. RIGGED!

I love funzpoints and there deposits…

I love funzpoints and there deposits hit everytime

Pretty bad when a person barely wins on…

Pretty bad when a person barely wins on the premium portion, but it&#x27,s even worse when you don&#x27,t even win playing the standard section. All I have to say is make sure you have alot of money to play this site.

Well just so you know this site is a…

Well just so you know this site is a lie and a scam also. I&#x27,ve reviewed funzpintz and luckyland and detailed instructions on how to get your money back and they have been removed.

Tons of dead spins ,super hard to get…

Tons of dead spins ,super hard to get bonus, lots of 1/10 wins on spins . once you do win and redeem you won&#x27,t win again . you can deposit and play at different denomination and different games different times and still not was fun at beginning but not anymore. I had it at 5 stars but since redemption of 500 2 months ago I&#x27,m at 100% loss ..everyday player . taking a break since it&#x27,s been a cash vacuum

I like it so.far.

I think there awesome

I think there awesome. I don&#x27,t get the negative reviews on here I&#x27,ve never been scammed or had money pulled from my account. I get credited less then 24 thru out the week except weekends if you cashout on Friday then Monday you get paid is the only downside. Other then that I staying with them there isn&#x27,t a faster or better site out there if so let me know

Fun points can help pass time and you can get money

I&#x27,m writing to tell people that fun points is real it&#x27,s even better than the casino and it really helps pass Time by when you&#x27,re bored sevens is my favorite so y&#x27,all have a good time and I hope you win

FunzPoints Casino Review

Funzpoints is a new social online casino that ratchets up the fun for online slots players. What you&#8217,ll find:

  • Both free and real money slots games
  • Super-high return-to-player payouts (96.5%+) on two dozen slots
  • A chance to spin the Funzwheel every 3 hours to add up to to 10,000 points to your account

Thanks to operating under US sweepstakes laws, the Funzpoints sweepstakes casino is also open for free play or real money play to anyone 18 years or older. Join Funzpoints today and get 1,000 Funzpoints and a $2.50 site credit immediately on sign-up.

No purchase is necessary to play. But if you decide to make a purchase, you&#8217,ll access up to a $20 matched deposit bonus on your first one.

Add in a daily $350 sweepstakes jackpot draw and plenty of weekly promotions and you&#8217,ll have no shortage of ways to keep the Funzpoints Casino reels spinning hour after hour.

Check our Funzpoints review below to see how the site works, what it offers and claim your exclusive welcome bonus now.

  • Play for free and win cash prizes!
  • Spin the Funzwheel for prizes every 3 hours
  • Daily $350 sweepstakes jackpot draw
  • No-deposit and deposit welcome bonus
  • Funzpoints Bonus Code
  • Promos
  • Casino App
  • Games
  • Support
  • Banking
  • Legality

Funzpoints exclusive welcome bonus

Depending on the route you choose, you’ll receive a special bonus. For example, if you opt to use Funzpoints’ free-play service, you can get 250 free spins (worth $2.50) when you complete your player profile. If you choose to play for real money (premium mode), you can take advantage of our exclusive Funzpoints welcome bonus:

    and get $2.50 free.
  • Make your first deposit and get up to a $20 matched bonus.

For US online casino aficionados, two things are interesting here. Firstly, the no deposit and first deposit bonus combo is better than the average. Search through our online casino reviews and check out what the top US operators have to offer, and you’ll see that $22.50 stacks up exceptionally well.

Funzpoints is also a sweepstakes casino so it&#8217,s fitting to compare this bonus to what the likes of Chumba Casino and LuckyLand offer. Those sweepstakes casinos offer $10 and 10 free bets (worth $1 each), respectively. So, if you compare the FunzPoints welcome bonus like-for-like, it’s extremely impressive.

To make this deal even more alluring, all the games have more than just your traditional bonus rounds. After a certain number of wins you enter a funzone with additional prizes and every time you hit the play button you never know if you get thrown into a booster mini-game which offers a totally different spin on prizes.

These points are turned into cash amounts. In premium mode , 100 points are worth $1.

Funzpoints Casino promo code 2022

Online Casino Funzpoints Casino
Funzpoints Promo Code Click to Claim Promo
No Deposit Bonus $2.50
Deposit Bonus $20
Last Updated February 2022

Do I need a bonus code at Funzpoints?

Is there a Funzpoints promo code? No . However, there is an exclusive deal for PlayUSA readers:

  • $2.50 when you sign up
  • Up to $20 bonus when you make your first deposit

To claim this offer, all you need to do is create an account via our link and reap the rewards.

How does Funzpoints work?

Funzpoints is a sweepstakes casino so, as per the laws regarding sweepstakes in the US , all entrants can enter random draws without making a purchase.

In other words, you can enter what’s essentially a raffle without paying for a ticket.

At Funzpoints, jackpot draws take place once a day. The draw features a selection of prizes and, if your ticket is selected at random, you’ll win. To earn tickets, all you need to do is play. Each time you accumulate wins you earn tickets. Naturally, the more tickets you have in a draw, the more chances you have to win.

However, and this is the crucial point, you don’t need to pay.

By using standard mode , you can play a selection of casino games for free. The minimum bet on each game is 8 points and winning combinations will earn you a return on your investment. Once you’ve won 500 points, or accumulated 55 wins, you’ll get a ticket.

Now, if you want to get a bit more from your time online, you can switch to premium mode. When you do this, you’ll be able to turn points into cash prizes as well as raffle tickets.

Finally, just to give you a bit more earning power, Funzpoints features a prize wheel . You’ll get to spin the wheel once every three hours. Depending on where it stops, you’ll collect extra points or free tickets.

Create a new account at Funzpoints

To create an account at Funzpoints and claim our exclusive welcome bonus, follow these steps:

  1. Follow our Funzpoints registration link .
  2. Input your details: email address and a password.
  3. Verify your account via a link contained in an official Funzpoints email.
  4. Log in to your new account and select standard or premium play.
  5. Claim your $2.50 no-deposit bonus.
  6. Complete your profile and make a deposit.
  7. Collect your up to $20 deposit bonus.

Claim your Funzpoints promos & rewards

New players get:

  • 1,000 Funzpoints free welcome bonus

You also get to spin the Funzwheel every three hours and win anywhere from 1,000 Funzpoints to 10,000 Funzpoints.

Funzpoints Holiday Bonuses

Funzpoints offers special holiday bonuses for every major (or even minor) holiday throughout the year. The standard holiday bonus is a 3x bonus on your premium Funzpoint purchases.

So on any holiday you&#8217,ll get up to 3 times your purchase on a $9.99 or $19.99 purchase.

Sunday Funzday also offers a $5 bonus on your first premium points purchase of the day. Follow the Funzpoints Facebook page for updates on all the latest bonuses.

Funzpoints Daily $350 Sweepstakes Jackpot

Every day Funzpoints gives 40 players a share of $350 in real money! Here&#8217,s how it&#8217,s split up:

  • Five $20 cash prizes
  • 15 $10 cash prizes
  • 20 $5 cash prizes

You can earn tickets for the Daily Jackpot draw by:

  • Playing games in Standard or Premium mode
  • As a prize on the Funzwheel
  • Special bonuses posted on the Funzpoints Facebook page

Funzpoints Rewards

At Funzpoints there are three main ways to unlock extra value:

  • Boosters
  • Funzone
  • Mystery Gift Prizes

Booster games pop up at random during your game play. They give you the opportunity to win even more Funzpoints. If you’re in standard mode, some boosters are available. If you’re in premium mode, all boosters are available.

When you complete each level you are whisked away into the Funzone where you have the opportunity to rack up even more funzpoints.

This Mystery Gift puts a unique spin on a loyalty program. As you play. you build up free funzpoints. The system then deposits those free funzpoints to your account at various times to help boost your game play experience.

Create your account today to start taking advantage of these promotions.

Funzpoints Casino app

Funzpoints doesn’t have a mobile app, however, that doesn’t mean you can’t game on the go. Thanks to some slick software engineering, you’ll be able to access the website via your iPhone or Android phone or tablet and enjoy full functionality.

In practice, this means you can play Funzpoints casino games for free or real money, enter sweepstakes, collect trophies, make deposits and cash out your winnings.

Funzpoints Casino online games

Funzpoints is free to join and, if you wish, free to play. Because this operator uses a sweepstakes model, there are various ways to get in on the action. As we said earlier in this Funzpoints review, you can choose standard or premium mode when you register. Once you’ve made your choice, you’re free to switch at any time.

However, it’s essential to know what you’re selecting before you go one way or the other. To help, here are the basics of Funzpoints’ gaming system:


  • Play sweepstake casino games for free.
  • Some game wins paid out in credits/tokens.
  • Access to a restricted selection of games.
  • Limited booster games
  • Pop-up ads.
  • Win real cash prizes courtesy of daily jackpot draws.


  • All game wins can be paid out in real cash.
  • Jackpot draws with cash prizes.
  • Ad-free entertainment.
  • Access to all Funzpoints sweepstake casino games.
  • All booster games unlocked.

Once you’ve decided on which mode you want to play, Funzpoints features a selection of custom casino games. Each one has an RTP (return to player) of at least 96.5% , and the maximum win on any single bet is $5,000.

Remember: bets make points, which equal two things at this site: cash and sweepstakes entries.

Funzpoints Slots

In terms of the games you can play, unique slots are the order of the day with 23 slot game titles . and 1-2 new games released monthly. Essentially developed in-house, the likes of Buffalo Plains , Safari Thunder and Criminal Cash offer an experience you won’t find anywhere else. Add to this an innovative game of K eno and Funzpoints certainly lives up to the saying &#8220,good things come in small packages.&#8221,

On sign-up in Standard mode you unlock six games right away:

  • Enchantress Luna
  • The Java Cafe
  • Voyage Of The Vikings
  • Kongo&#8217,s Adventure
  • Bonbon Bash
  • An inventive and original Paintball Keno game

Once you&#8217,ve made an initial purchase of $4.99 or up you immediately become a VIP player and unlock all of the Funzpoints games. New games are added every month or so so the list is always expanding.

Funzpoints security & customer support

As a sweepstakes operator, Funzpoints is entirely legal in the US. Therefore, as long as you’re 18 or older, you’ll be able to log in and play from any state.

What’s more, you can be confident that your details and money are safe at all times. In fact, as a testament to this operator’s commitment to your safety, responsible gaming features are a significant part of the setup.

For those that want more control over their money, you can set daily, weekly or monthly deposit limits. In addition to quick-set amounts ($20, $50, $75 and $100), you can specify your limit . In addition to deposit limits, you can self-exclude for one day, one week or one month if things get too much. These added extras are fantastic as they can help you to help yourself.

Funzpoints deposits & cash outs

We’ve said it throughout this Funzpoints Casino review, but we’ll say it again: You can play for free .

If you don’t want to make a deposit, you don’t have to. Thanks to the sweepstakes, you can use credits and play for random prizes. And of course just signing up for an account gets you some extra credits, absolutely free.

However, if you want to turn points into something more than sweepstakes entries (i.e. cash), you’ll need to make a deposit.

On the way in, the minimum deposit is $4.99 . Purchases can be processed using traditional debit or credit crads including prepaid cards. On the way out, $20 is the minimum withdrawal and t he maximum is $2,000 per transaction. Y ou can expect to receive your winnings in around 24 hours.

Because you’re purchasing points (site credit), the amount you pay will be converted into the following amounts:

  • $4.99 = 1,000 standard funzpoints plus 500 premium funzpoints
  • $9.99 = 2,000 standard funzpoints plus 1,000 premium funzpoints
  • $19.99 = 4,000 standard funzpoints plus 2,000 premium funzpoints
  • $49.99 = 10,000 standard funzpoints plus 5,000 premium funzpoints
  • $99.99 = 20,000 standard funzpoints plus 10,000 premium funzpoints

Is Funzpoints Legal?

Because Funzpoints operates under US lottery and sweepstakes laws, it’s available in all states . This is something very few operators can say. Indeed, traditional online casinos, such as Virgin and Caesars , can only operate in states with official gaming regulations.

Funzpoints doesn’t use the same business model as these operators, and that means it’s available across the US. What’s more, it’s open to anyone who is 18 years or older .

Use our links to set up your account now.

FAQs about Funzpoints Casino

Is Funzpoints legal in the US?

Yes, this operator uses US sweepstake laws to ensure it offers completely legal service in all US states. Companies must follow sweepstakes laws where no purchase is necessary to play.

Will Funzpoints pay out if I win?

Yes, this is a legitimate and safe online gaming operator that uses secure, efficient and recognized payment processing partners. Therefore, you can be confident that you’ll receive your winnings on time and in full.

Does Funzpoints have live dealer games?

No. As a sweepstake casino, Funzpoints offers traditional slot style games.

Is PayPal available at Funzpoints Casino?

No, but you can still make quick, safe payments with your credit or debit card using Paysafe and start playing in seconds.

Funzpoints Casino Promo Code

The Funzpoints bonus code is automatically applied with the exclusive link for readers. You will immediately receive 250 Premium Funzpoints on signup (worth $2.50) and a 100% first-purchase bonus up to $20 (2,000 Premium Funzpoints).

Funzpoints Casino is a sweepstakes casino available in 48 out of 50 states (all except Washington state and Idaho). Players can enjoy dozens of slots and Keno in both Premium mode and Standard mode. With Premium Funzpoints, winning credits can be redeemed for cash prizes (100 Premium Funzpoints = $1 USD). In both modes, winning spins earn entries into a daily jackpot draw worth up to $1,000.

Claim the Funzpoints bonus code today to get started free. And read our full Funzpoints Casino review to learn all the ins and outs of this exciting new sweepstakes site that&#8217,s handily taken the crown as the best social casino in the US.

Get $22.50 Free At Funzpoints

Redirecting to Funzpoints.

  • Premium Funzpoints can be cashed in for cash prizes
  • Both types of currency win tickets to daily jackpots
  • Extremely low minimum prize draw ($20)
  • Highly responsive customer support

FunzPoints Casino Promo Code 2022

Funzpoints Casino Bonus Code: Use Exclusive Link
Free On Signup: 250 Premium Points ($2.50)
Purchase Bonus: 100% Up To $20
Minimum Purchase: $4.99
Date Last Verified: February 2022

What Do You Get For A Signup Bonus At Funzpoints Casino?

The Funzpoints promo code offers a no-purchase bonus of $2.50 (250 Premium Funzpoints) and an additional 100% purchase-match bonus up to $20 (for 4,000 Premium Funzpoints total on first purchase). There is no bonus code necessary to receive the purchase bonus, just use the link provided to enjoy.

Steps to purchase at Funzpoints:

  • Register for a Funzpoints Account in a few seconds
  • Go to your email to verify the account
  • Edit and Update Profile
  • Claim Free $2.50, no purchase necessary
  • Purchase at least 2,000 Premium Funzpoints to get the maximum bonus

The minimum purchase is just $4.99 (500 Premium Funzpoints) while the maximum is $99.99 (10,000 Premium Funzpoints).

FunzPoints Online Casino: Quick Facts

  • Funzpoints is a Sweepstakes Casino where players can play for free and win cash prizes.
  • Funzpoints bonus code gets new players 250 Premium Funzpoints free.
  • The exclusive promo code link also gets players a 100% purchase-match bonus up to $20 (for 40,000 Premium Funzpoints total).
  • Minimum Cashable Funzpoints for cash prize: 2,000 ($20).
  • Funzpoints offers slots and Keno.
  • Cash prize redemption at sweepstakes casinos are legal in every state except Washington and Idaho.
  • Funzpoints Casino has not developed a mobile app for their product, but they do allow play via mobile web browser.
  • The Daily Casino Jackpot is worth $1,000 and is divided out between several different winners.
  • Funzpoints deposit options include debit and credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, and American Express).
  • Lowest cash prize minimum of any sweepstakes casino
  • $1,000 Daily Jackpots
  • Win 2,000+ Premium Funzpoints for a cash prize by playing the games
  • Standard Mode is free to play, but players can earn raffle tickets to the daily jackpots
  • Legal in every state across the US except Washington and Idaho
  • Free Premium credits via social media contests, mail-in requests, and other Funzpoints promotions
  • No table games
  • No mobile app (mobile web browser only)

Full Review Of FunzPoints Casino

Funzpoints Casino offers a great alternative for online casino fans who don&#8217,t live in a state with legal online casinos. The sweepstakes casino offers dozens of slots as well as Keno, and players can win cash prizes as well as entries into a daily jackpot drawing by playing any of the games.

Funzpoints Casino is legal across the United States (other than Washington state and Idaho).

The Funzpoints bonus code gets new players up to 2,250 Premium Funzpoints for free right out of the gate. When you first sign up using the exclusive link, you get 250 Premium Funzpoints free. Then you get 2,000 Premium Funzpoints free with a $20 purchase (for 4,250 Premium Funzpoints total).

For players who are there for fun, standard mode is able to offer free play for many of their slot games. The minimum bet in the standard mode is 8 points, and 500 points are the cost of a raffle ticket for the Daily Jackpot. The Daily Jackpot does not require any sort of purchase, which is what makes Funzpoints a sweepstakes casino and legal throughout the country.

What Is Sweepstakes Gaming

Sweepstakes gaming is specifically designed for players who are not able to play with regular online casinos due to legislation. Sweepstakes casinos offer players the ability to play for free using site currency. It is entirely possible to turn that site currency into a cash prize, which is how it&#8217,s legally available in 48 of 50 states, plus Washington, D.C.

How Do You Win Cash Prizes At Funzpoints Casino?

You can win cash prizes one of two ways at Funzpoints Casino. Here&#8217,s how:

  • Win Premium Funzpoints: Play the games using Premium Funzpoints. Winning credits can be redeemed for a cash prize (minimum 2,000 for a $20 cash prize).
  • Win A Daily Jackpot Drawing: Play the games using Standard Funzpoints or Premium Funzpoints for entries into the daily prize drawing.

Funzpoints has a $1,000 Daily Jackpot, and the winner is announced at 9:00 PM EST. You get one ticket for every 500 Funzpoints won in both Premium and Standard mode. Every three hours of gameplay, you&#8217,ll also get a prize wheel spin. That can result in more Funzpoints or tickets to the Daily Jackpot.

What Is The Difference Between Funzpoints Casino And An Online Casino?

The difference between Funzpoints Casino and an online casino is the currency. At a real-money online casino, you fund your account with dollars, play with dollars, and withdraw winnings in dollars. At a sweepstakes casino, you play with the site&#8217,s currency, which you receive on signup and by purchasing more coins.

In this case, the currency is Funzpoints. Standard Funzpoints can&#8217,t be exchanged for a cash prize and instead earn players entries to the daily jackpot prize draw. But Premium Funzpoints can be exchanged for a cash prize at a rate of $1 USD per 100 Funzpoints.

What Is The Difference Between Play-Money Games And Sweepstakes Games?

Sweepstakes casinos offer both play-money gaming and sweepstakes gaming. Play-money games are designed for free-play and offer the opportunity for a lottery-type jackpot prize draw. Sweepstakes games, played using Premium Funzpoints, give players the opportunity to win cash prizes.

Part of the sweepstakes gaming model is offering the games for free. That means Premium Funzpoints in your account, no purchase necessary. Get 250 Premium Funzpoints today when you use the exclusive bonus code link.

Key Features Of Funzpoints Casino

Games offered : Slots, Keno

Rewards program : Yes, players earn points as they play with both Premium Funzpoints and Standard Funzpoints to climb the loyalty tiers and earn rewards.

Mobile apps : Mobile web browser only.

Purchase methods : Credit and debit cards (Visa, MasterCard, AmEx)

Bet minimum : 1 Funzpoint

States available : All US states and Washington, D.C., except the States of Washington and Idaho.

How Do Purchases Work At Funzpoints Casino?

It is not mandatory to make a purchase on Funzpoints Casino, as you can play for free.

However, when players do want to make a purchase at Funzpoints Casino they can follow these steps below:

  • The first step is to fully create their profile.
  • Once that is complete there will be a green button in the upper-right part of the page that says “BUY.”
  • A table will pop up listing the cost of each denomination for Funzpoints.
  • After choosing the number of points, you will be prompted to make a purchase via PaySafe. PaySafe accepts most debit or credit cards to make purchases.

Players will want to take advantage of the Funzpoints first-purchase bonus, which doubles you first Funzpoints purchase up to a value of $20. For example, if you purchase $4.99 worth of Funzpoints, you&#8217,d have 1,000 Premium Funzpoints in your account (double the standard 500 Funzpoints). But if you go for the max, you&#8217,d have 2,000 Funzpoints extra in your account for a total of 4,000 Funzpoints (or 4,250 including the initial signup bonus).

Available Games At FunzPoints Casino

Slots In Standard Mode

Funzpoints casino offers a wide range of slots and Keno, all of which are offered in Premium mode and a select few in Standard mode. But the seven Standard mode games at Funzpoints include some of the most popular options:

  • Paintball Keno
  • Kongo&#8217,s Adventure
  • Enchantress Luna
  • Chase Wild Game Hunter
  • The Java Cafe
  • Bonbon Bash
  • Maximo The Magnificent

At the time of writing this Funzpoints Casino review, the site listed six upcoming new games, so players can look forward to consistent additions to the catalog.

Slots In Premium Mode

The Premium mode slots at Funzpoints total over 30 games and allow players to win cash prizes. You can receive Premium Funzpoints at signup or by purchasing points directly, from $4.99 (500 credits) to $99.99 (10,000 credits) per coins package.

You can find a wide range of options, including 5-reel video slots and 3-reel steppers across tons of different themes, from Asian and mythological to animals and pop culture.

Most Popular Slots

The most popular games on the platform can be found on the website and are labeled popular. In standard mode, one of the more popular games available is the Paintball Keno slot game. Paintball Keno is a virtual game where different numbers are throughout the board up to 80. The board is laid out and you can choose the numbers that you choose. The bet amount determines the numbers you can choose from. The “Paintball Gun” shoots randomly throughout the board and the numbers that you hit equate to the payout that you get. Paintball Keno is clearly a fan favorite and one of the most interactive games you can play.

One of the most popular premium mode games is called Start Your Engines . This is your typical slot game that features car parts in a 5-row slot. Matching the different types of tools when you click bet. The 5 icons are a female driver, wrench, RPM meter, driver&#8217,s helmet, and trophy. These are typical games that can be found on the site and premium mode offers cash prizes when you win.

All states (except Washington) All states (except Washington) All states (except Washington)
44 Slot Games 39 Slot Games 90 Slot Games
No table games currently available No table games currently available 6 Table Games
No live dealer games are available No live dealer games are available No live dealer games are available

Purchase And Redemption Options

At Funzpoints Casino you can only purchase Funzpoints via PaySafe. PaySafe offers credit and debit cards to purchase these coins via Visa, MasterCard, and American Express

In order to redeem your winnings, fans will go to the cashout options on their website. The minimum cashout on the site is $20, or 2,000 Cashable Premium Funzpoints. That&#8217,s the lowest minimum in sweepstakes casino gaming.

How Can I Make Purchases At Funzpoints Casino?

Purchase Method Minimum Purchase How long for funds to appear in my account?
PaySafe $10 Generally instant

Funzpoints, per its website, is working to add more purchase options to their website. PaySafe does a solid job making purchases a reality but Visa is not currently recognized for purchase on Funzpoints. Be sure to check back in the future as these purchase options become more extensive.

My Credit Card Was Declined At Funzpoints Casino. What Do I Do?

Not every issuing bank for credit cards allows their credit cards to be used for purchasing at Sweepstakes Casino sites. So there&#8217,s some chance that your credit card may be declined. For instance, Visa transactions sometimes don&#8217,t go through. Thankfully, Funzpoints is working on adding purchase methods to combat this.

How Can I Redeem Cash Prizes From Funzpoints Casino?

Purchase Method Minimum Cashout How long for funds to appear in my account?
Direct to bank account $20 24-48 hours

One thing to watch out for is Funzpoints Casino will be adding more options in the near future as per their website. This is currently the only redemption option on their site.

How Can I Play Funzpoints Casino?

Android App. Not yet available. Use browser to access mobile website
iOS App. Not yet available. Use browser to access mobile website
Browser. FunzPoints can also be played from any major browser, including Chrome, IE, and Firefox.

How Does Entry By Mail Work At Funzpoints Casino?

Funzpoints Casino offers fans the option of mailing in for redemptions. This can be done at a limit of one redemption per 5 business days. This is something that many sweepstakes casinos allow for redemptions through mail. The following steps is how you can proceed with a mail-in redemption…

  • Label an envelope “Funzpoints Sweepstakes” at the top of the page
  • Make sure to include your name, address, Funzpoints display name, and email address that you use with Funzpoints
  • Once the redemption is sent, Funzpoints says to make sure you check your account regularly to ensure that your redemption has been processed.
  • Funzpoints does state if your handwriting is not legible , you will not receive the redemption bonuses.
  • Players can receive 1,000 standard points into their standard bank and 500 premium Funzpoints into their premium bank.
  • Each mail-in entry must keep an eye on their account to ensure their points are added correctly.

Any questions can be asked via the Funzpoints email address: [email&#160,protected]

What You&#8217,ll Probably Like About Funzpoints Casino

Sweepstakes casinos allow for random draws for real prizes without making a purchase

Funzpoints is a Sweepstakes Casino which is required to randomly draw real prizes for no cost. 500 points is worth one raffle ticket. The total jackpot is worth $1,000. The payouts are listed below and split between 1000 players:

  • 10- $20 cash prizes
  • 20- $15 cash prizes
  • 30- $10 cash prizes
  • 40- $5 cash prizes

Customer support is easily available

By emailing [email&#160,protected] you will be able to get into contact with their customer support. Any and all issues with their product can go through them.

Legal in almost every US state

States that do not allow for legal casino slot playing can find refuge at sweepstakes casinos. These are legal in every state in the United States besides Washington and Idaho.

What You Might Not Like About Funzpoints Casino

No mobile app

There is no mobile app available through Funzpoints but that does not mean you cannot play on the go. There is still the option to use their website through a web browser on your mobile device.

Only slots and keno are offered on the site

For fans of table games and live dealer games, this is not the place for you. There are only traditional slot games available on this website.

No major sign up bonus like at traditional casinos

Licensed real-money online casinos have the ability to offer extremely generous sign-on bonuses. Funzpoints is not able to offer such a bonus as their max purchase bonus is $20.

Is The Funzpoints Casino Right For You?

Funzpoints has a lot of things that fans will like about it. Their unique fun-play option allows players to earn tickets to the daily jackpot prize draw, which is quite fun and exciting. And that&#8217,s on top of the Premium mode for cash prizes.

Furthermore, in states that do not allow legal online casinos to operate, Funzpoints is a great alternative. When purchasing Funzpoints, you will be able to cash those out for real money and be paid within 24 business hours. Funzpoints is known as a sweepstakes casino because they have both a premium and standard mode, both available without a purchase, plus a $1,000 Daily Jackpot.

Expect Funzpoints to continuously add to its catalog as well. There&#8217,s usually about six new games on the horizon, each of which is listed on their site.

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