Huikee Casino

Huikee Casino Review

We’ve thoroughly reviewed Huikee Casino and gave it a good reputation rating. It’s generally a good casino to play at, but there are some things worth noting. In our review, we’ve considered the casino’s player complaints, estimated revenues, license, games genuineness, customer support quality, fairness of terms and conditions, withdrawal and win limits, and other factors. Because Huikee Casino is related to other online casinos listed below, its rating is also influenced by them. So, if you were ever wondering whether this casino is safe and legit or a scam, read the full review below to learn more.

According to our research and estimates, Huikee Casino is a smaller online casino revenue-wise. The revenue of a casino is an important factor, as bigger casinos shouldn’t have any issues paying out big wins, while smaller casinos could potentially struggle if you manage to win really big.

We currently have 0 complaints directly about this casino in our database, as well as 35 complaints about other casinos related to it. Because of these complaints, we’ve given this casino 8,656 black points in total, out of which 8,656 come from related casinos. You can find more information about all of the complaints and black points below.

There are also some unfair Bonus Terms and Conditions, which might cause you issues if you decide to take advantage of the casino’s bonuses or promotions. Because of this, we advise you to look for a casino with fair rules or at least pay special attention to this casino’s Terms and Conditions if you decide to play at it.

Warning: Huikee Casino has a win limit of €250,000 per spin (game round). If you win more, you will not get the money exceeding the limit. We consider any win limit to be extremely unfair to players, which is why we penalize any casino that has implemented it, unless the win limit is enforced by third-party factors, such as local regulations.

Huikee Casino is a good online casino. We’ve given it this rating because we think it’s doing many things well, however, there is something holding it back from getting a very good or perfect reputation rating from us. Even despite that, you can expect this casino to be a good place to play at.

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Here at ThePOGG we completely understand that the maze of the online casino market can be difficult to navigate through. We are here to help. With over 30 years of collective experience in the gambling industry, our team can take the hard work out of finding a reputable and honest online casino for you to play with. With over 2000 casino reviews published on our site, you are sure to find exactly what you are looking for here at ThePOGG. We use clear categories to organise our online casino reviews so that you can avoid the worst operators and play with only the best and safest. Our reviews are rigorous and detailed and most importantly, entirely independent. Unlike other review sites that use advertising to generate revenue, our site will not allow operators to ‘buy’ placement. Operators gain recommended status by ensuring they maintain a positive reputation and resolving any complaints that are brought to us. The top advertising spaces (homepage and sidebars) are reserved for those operators who have chosen to engage our Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) service for their Malta Gaming Authority license. This means that we have a legally binding contract in place ensuring our rulings are respected by the operator. No other affiliate-based review site can say this. Operators cannot approach us to pay for improved placement or ranking on our site – we will recommend only the very best online casinos – ones that we believe have earned a reputation for trustworthiness and dependability. To find out more about how our review process sorts the best from the rest then read on.





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How we Organise our Casino Reviews at ThePOGG

We understand that players want to play – they do not necessarily want to spend hours researching the reputations of online casinos before they actually have a chance to deposit. With this is mind we devised a system of review classification that allows transparency so that players can make informed choices about where they want to signup quickly, knowing that it will be a safe and player focused environment. We use four comprehensive statuses to organise our online casino reviews: Recommended, Needs Work, Not Recommended and Blacklisted.


Needs Work

Not Recommended


How our Online Casino Reviews Rating System Works

Reviewing online casinos properly is not an easy process. Any review site can concoct a disingenuous review and dress it up to favour an operator that is paying them to recommend them or give them prime placement. It is much more arduous to really go through an operator’s website and investigate all of the pages on their site to be sure that everything is safe and player friendly. Players can be confident that our reviews are independently constructed by an experienced team. Below you will find the different areas that our reviews focus on with explanations of what we look for when we assign a score for each. Our reviews are unique in the fact that we also factor in bonus report scores. We are lucky enough to have a team member with the skillset necessary for deconstructing bonuses and calculating their worth for a range of different player preferences. More on that to come.


This is perhaps the most important section of our online casino reviews. Here players will find the score we have assigned an online casino for its overall reliability and integrity. For Blacklisted operators the score will be 0, for Not Recommended operators between 1 and 3, for Needs Work operators up to 7. Recommended operators score 8 and over.

Some online casino operators use our Auditing service at ThePOGG – this means they engage us to provide in depth feedback on the quality of service they provide to customers. We produce a highly detailed report on every section of the operator’s website and highlight issues that we find, alongside advice on how to improve things. If there are player unfriendly terms or other issues, we help the operator find a way to amend them so that they are compliant with all of the regulatory requirements for the license they hold. If the operator in question makes all of the changes we recommend so that there are no barriers to positive player treatment then we will boost their Trustworthiness score by 1 as a result of this.

The overall score is not the only important aspect of this category – many online casinos will have Terms and Conditions or Bonus Terms and Conditions that, whilst not unfair or dubious, may not be acceptable to all players. These will be highlighted in the Trustworthiness section of the review for your convenience. If an operator charges a dormancy fee after a certain period of inactivity that is higher than the average £/€5 then it will be pointed out here. If positive balances are transferred for holding with a regulator or confiscated after a certain period of inactivity, then this will be made clear in this section. If there is maximum win limit that players should be aware of before signing up it will also be laid out clearly in this part of the review. In short, any terms that cost players money or affect how much money they can win will be pointed out here.

For Blacklisted or Not Recommended properties we will also outline the reasons for the negative status so that you can see we have undertaken extensive checks before assigning a negative status to protect you and your hard-earned money.


High quality regulation is one of the markers of a safe and reliable operator. The most reputable regulators on our website provide detailed and extensive rules and regulations that their licensees must abide by in order to ensure secure playing environments. They are not afraid to enforce these rules or to hold their licensees accountable when they are found to be in breach of them.


Our online casino reviews factor in the range of game available to players into our rating. Players like to have as much choice as possible when it comes to providers and categories of games provided. Progressive jackpot games are always popular with players – some of the are worth millions of pounds – many providers now offer progressives as standard. The largest payout recorded on a progressive jackpot to date was on Mega Moolah – the Microgaming giant – the lucky player won €18,915,872.81 on September 28th 2018 – this progressive slot win exceeds Microgaming’s previous Guinness World Record which they won with the same slots game! With payouts running into the millions, it is easy to see why players value the presence of progressives at an online casino so highly.

Payout Speed

As former players ourselves we understand that online players do not want to wait to have access to their money. Withdrawal speeds and processing times vary hugely in the online casino market. The good news is that operators are getting better at processing withdrawals to ewallets quickly – sometimes instantly. Payout speed will alter – in some cases considerably – according to the withdrawal method a player wishes to use – so we recommend familiarising yourself with these timeframes before you sign up – then there will be less room for disappointment. The general rule of thumb is that withdrawals by bank transfer take the longest – often as much 7 times longer than withdrawals made to an ewallet – It is worth keeping this in mind.

Customer Support

If you choose the online casinos that you play with according to our review categories, then hopefully your interactions with customer support staff will be fleeting. We do not tolerate casinos forcing customers to open an account before they will answer their questions, and it is a clear zero rating for us in this category if we test a casino and this turns out to be the case. Perspective customers should be able to ask questions about casino policies and Terms and Conditions documents before they agree to open an account, for their own peace of mind. Customer Support should be highly trained so that customers receive accurate information during their interactions.


At ThePOGG we review and rate bonuses in a way that no other casino review site does. The rating a casino receives is in no way subjective – it all comes down to the real money value the bonus has for players. The value of a bonus will vary depending on the amount you deposit, the bet size you enjoy playing with, the games you select and the rules of the bonus. We run complex simulations over 4 different categories so that all players can see what real money value a specific bonus will have for them. We carry out simulations for low, mid, high and super high rollers so that whether you have £10 to deposit or £1000 you will find the information that applies to you before you risk your cash. If a casino has vague or confusing bonus terms, or indeed if they hide terms in different areas of their site you can be sure that we will find them and highlight them for you in the relevant Bonus Report. If you can’t tell the difference between, cashable, sticky, post wager or cashback bonuses then please do yourself a favour and read the Bonus Report that corresponds to the bonus you are considering claiming before you make your final decision to do so.

Live Casinos

Without question, live casinos and live casino games have steadily grown in popularity over the last decade and this trend continues. Players seem to value the presence of a real live-streamed host, more and more highly. Live games tend to operate more slowly than their video game counterparts due to the time taken for the mechanics of the game, shuffling, bet placing and the natural delays that occur due to electronic communication of bets. Many allow in game chat to take place between players too, so it can be more of a social experience than simply playing a slots game on your own. Players are able to opt in or out of this feature, so it is very flexible – players like choice and adaptability. Live Games combine the traditional elements found in bricks and mortar casinos with the added convenience of virtual premises accessed from you very own front room. This hybrid form of entertainment seems to be very appealing to the online playing community.

Generally, Live Casinos make provision for players looking to play: roulette, blackjack, baccarat, table poker games and novelty games similar to the Big 6 wheel. New online casinos may offer a smaller range of live games than their larger and better-established counterparts because live games take longer to host and so make less profit in the same period of time than a slots game does. Larger operators are able to offer more of these games because their player base is so much larger that this profit deficit can be somewhat offset. Because of the high level of player interest in Live Casino games we ensure to provide a dedicated section of our site where players can find casino reviews of the best Live Casinos.

New Online Casinos

Online casino players like variety in all things. They like to have a great deal of choice about the type of casino they want to play at – they may be seeking out a casino that has invested time and money in gamification so that user experience reigns supreme – or they may be looking for the widest range of game types. No matter what a player is looking for in a new online casino we have it covered here at ThePOGG in our New Online Casinos section.

Our New Online Casinos section provides information about the best new online casinos in the market today. Playing at a new online casino can be associated with increased risk – some operators arrive from nowhere and there is nothing in the way of discussion around their brand available for players to consult – that is why we carry out such an in-depth reviewing procedure for every single casino. New casinos emerge all the time, but many are of dubious origin – for this reason – unless we have a proven history of trustworthiness and integrity by a sister property of this new venue to go by – we will delay promoting a new casino to Recommended status even if there are no concerning factors in their review and if we have no complaints listed against them. Our reputation is very important to us and we will not risk it by accelerating the progress of an unknown brand to Recommended status.

Online Casino Reviews F.A.Qs

How can I tell which online casinos are safe enough to play at?

Here at ThePOGG we do our very best to make it as simple as possible for players to find only the very best and most highly rated online casinos. We do this by instituting a comprehensive categorisation system. All of our online casino reviews fall into 4 categories: Recommended, Needs Work, Not Recommended and Blacklisted. We think the names of these categories speak for themselves.

Recommended casinos are very highly regarded by us. We do not hesitate to send players their way because they have proven to be safe and secure, they are committed to giving high quality service across all areas of their business.

Needs Work casinos are not necessarily unsafe to play with but we prefer not to take any chances when it comes to the quality of online casino our customers play with. Needs Work properties may be very new to the market – there may be nothing in the way of customer treatment to base a review on because the online casino has just started up. In cases such as these we will not recommend a casino right away – even if everything looks good and player friendly when we carry out our in-depth review process – instead we hold them in a pending phase to allow any issues to come to the fore. Some casinos will never make it beyond the Needs Work category because they are unable to maintain incident free periods of sufficient duration to convince us that they are reliable and honest and that players will receive only the very best treatment at their hands.

Not Recommended casinos are ones that we feel have consistent low-level issues that would prevent us from feeling comfortable sending players through to them. Often they refuse to engage in dialogue relating to player complaints we have received. If we cannot be of service to a player that feels aggrieved because an operator will not talk about their complaint with us we cannot in good faith send more players to them and risk the same thing happening to them.

Blacklisted casinos are the ones that willfully engage in practices that are damaging to players – or are flat-out fraudulent. They may well operate without a license which means that they are at liberty to do pretty much as they like since there are no formal rules set out for them. Keeping player balances unfairly is common with casinos falling into this category. They are not to be trusted and you should never risk depositing funds there – the chances are you will never see them again!

How will your reviews help me find the best online casinos?

Our online casino reviews at ThePOGG are premium quality. Our ratings system has been carefully constructed to give the most weight to factors that we consider vital in ensuring fair and ethical treatment of players. We will not bend on quality – only those casinos operating legally and securely – those at the top of their field in all areas that we assess will feature on our Best Online Casinos list. Only by holding to these high standards can we be sure that players will be happy with the service they receive.

Will you have reviews to help me find the best new online casinos?

Yes! We are constantly adding new online casino reviews to our site – we have over 2000 reviews listed and we add hundreds more every year. We promise that you will find them easy to use – they give you access to as much or as little information on new operators as you’d like and our comprehensive listing categories: Recommended, Needs Work, Not Recommended and Blacklisted are a very strong guide to help you make the best choices. Select an operator from our Recommended section and you should be in safe hands. You are sure to find the best new online casinos listed at ThePOGG and better still you can be sure that if they are listed as Recommended, then they are safe, fair and fully licensed and regulated for your peace of mind. Our New Casino Reviews section covers this topic in more detail.

How can I be sure that your online casino reviews are independent and trustworthy?

First and foremost, unlike other sites, ThePOGG has engaged with multiple regulatory authorities who have subsequently approved our service to manage disputes been players and operators. This means that following a review of the structure of our business, these regulatory agencies felt that ThePOGG was independent of bias and demonstrated sufficient expertise to manage complaints on their behalf. No other review site has received this type of accolade from any regulator, nevermind multiple regulators.

You can be sure that our online casino reviews are independent and trustworthy because we are not beholden to anyone to give premium placement or enhanced review scores – at our site these things cannot be bought. We will not alter an operator’s status or bend the truth about the quality of their service because they offer us money to do so. This is not the case for many review sites – it pays to do your homework. If we state that an operator has a good reputation for high standards of player treatment, then you can be assured that this is the case. Only superior quality online casinos appear in our Best Online Casinos section. When we categorise an online casino as the best we really mean it – we take our responsibility to players seriously – we are committed to providing authentic and original reviews that are all our own work.

What areas do your online casino reviews cover?

Our online casino reviews are in-depth – there is no denying that. We rate online casinos across 6 main categories: Trustworthiness, Licensing, Software, Payout Speed, Customer Support and Bonuses. Within each of these categories there are multiple areas that we scrutinize before an operator is assigned a score for each. Each category has a different weighting – it seems fairly sensible to place the value of a casino’s Trustworthiness above the value of its Welcome Bonus, there is little point in gaining a higher percentage match bonus if the casino cannot be relied upon to pay out your winnings anyway. As former players and experienced industry complaints handlers we understand what should and should not be prioritized in our reviews. We have created a system that satisfies the needs of all players. Some players simply want to be guided to the best online casinos – our overall scoring system allows them to do this, some players prefer to read about the nuances of different operators and the products they offer – there is more in-depth information available for those that do in the written sections of each review. In short, you can do as little or as much reading about a group as you wish as a result of the way our casino reviews are constructed – just be sure to only select those operators listed as Recommended.

Do your online casino reviews factor in the value of a Welcome Bonus at a casino?

Absolutely! We understand that different players have different needs and different comfort zones when it comes to spending limits and we cater to them all. If an operator offers a Welcome Bonus, then its value factored into our corresponding online casino review. We take a unique approach to bonuses in that we only score on the basis of the bonus’ real money value to players. One of our team is a mathematics graduate with the necessary skills to simulate bonuses and decode what the casino’s offers translate to in cold hard cash. Players want value for money and place this high on their list of wants and so we base our bonus score on this factor. Offering a six step Welcome Package may seem like something of higher of value to some review sites but we understand that if the value of that six-step package is lower than the single Welcome Bonus offered by another operator, then as former players we know which one we would be most interested in receiving – this is reflected in the scores assigned for this section. We recognise that different bonuses are better for different categories of player – the same bonus can be worth considerably more or less to a player depending on how much they can afford to deposit and how much they are comfortable betting in a single round of play. Other review sites see a bonus as a bonus presuming it is worth the same to all who play it – this is simply not the case. We simulate all bonuses for low, mid, high and super high rollers so that all players have an honest and accurate appraisal of what a bonus is actually worth. You will find all of the information you need with regards to an online casino’s Welcome Bonus in the corresponding Bonus Report we have listed for it.

I like playing the best live casino games – will your online casino reviews help me to find casinos that offer them?

Yes! We understand how popular Live Games are with players and they seem to grow more so every year. Most online casinos offer Live Games but some only a few of each type, whilst others offer hundreds. For more and more players the act of being involved in real-time game play is exhilarating and online casinos are aware of how Live Games can be a real draw, so they are getting better at providing a better selection. You can find more information Live Casino review section.

What can I do if one of the operators listed in your online casino reviews has mistreated me?

It is pretty rare for a player who has signed-up through this site to bring a complaint to us against an online casino the has made it to Recommended status at ThePOGG – these operators are very dependable and take the safety of their customers seriously, so they are committed to providing excellent Customer Support – usually they can solve any issues players might have themselves – and normally these issues are very small. Players that go ahead and play at casinos appearing in the Not Recommended or Blacklisted categories are more likely to experience issues. The worse a casino’s Trustworthiness score is in their online casino review – the higher the chance of player issues and correspondingly the less likely we are to be able to have constructive discussions with the operator that lead to player satisfaction. We really wish that players would check our review statuses before going ahead and playing with an online casino. We still receive hundreds of complaints about Blacklisted and Not Recommended casinos every year despite the fact that we clearly highlight for players the likelihood of them finding unfair or underhanded treatment at operators with these listing statuses. Players can save themselves a world of heartache by just taking a few minutes to make sure that the reputation of the operator they are considering playing at is a good one. However, if a player has made an error of judgement, they are most welcome to submit a complaint to us. You can find information on How to Submit a Complaint in our detailed article on our complaint system.

According to your online casino reviews you act as an ADR for some online casinos – what does this mean and how is good for players?

An ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) service is one in which an impartial external party is invited to act in resolving complaints between two parties which they have been unable to resolve themselves. An ADR can make legally binding judgements based on the facts of the case they have been engaged to resolve and they can alleviate some of the stress that can arise when emotions run high in a complaint situation. Having an appointed ADR that they can access without financial impediment is definitely a good thing for players. It means that they take a step back from what is often a stressful process and have the ADR intervene on their behalf to move things towards a resolution. Managing complaints does take time and gathering evidence can be a time-consuming business so if you do make use of an ADR it pays to be patient and give them time to do their job. Currently the UKGC and the MGA institute ADR systems and ThePOGG serves as an ADR for over 100 Maltese licensed casinos. To find out if we serve as the ADR for an operator you should look at the Licensing section of a casino’s review, or you can find this information in the operator’s terms of use.

Are all of the operators in the online casino reviews you have listed, licensed?

Not necessarily! All of the operators that have Recommended status at ThePOGG and the ones appearing in our Best Online Casinos list most definitely will hold a gambling license with a regulatory authority that we consider credible. Many of the Blacklisted properties may be targeting some markets illegally and operating without any license at all! More information regarding Blacklisted casinos can be accessed here. If this is the case this information will be found in the Trustworthiness section of their review. We strongly believe that a substantial part of the benefit we deliver to our users resides in warning them where not to play. More information on the different standards of licensors can be found in our Regulator section. Remember – not all licenses are worth the same because not all licensors take their responsibilities to players as seriously as others. For high quality, ethical regulation our top-tier licensors should be your first port of call. Playing with UKGC or MGA licensed properties is indicative of security and dependability.

Huikee Casino review

Huikee Casino is an online casino managed by White Hat Gaming Limited, a company registered in accordance with Maltese law under the registration no. C73232. This company also holds a license to conduct online operations by MGA under the license number MGA/B2C/370/2017 issued 01/08/2018…

…so, with that said, what can you expect when coming here?

It is good to know that this online casino focuses primarily towards clients coming from Finland and that it comes with a finely tuned gaming library populated by carefully chosen titles. Other than that, most eager punters will be looking at a well – conceived Loyalty feature which we take a further look in the later review, so stay tuned.

Now, the webpage.

This online gaming parlor comes with a slick modern design. The overall minimalistic approach that the developers opted for comes with a good reason, as it puts what is of utmost importance in the foreground which is the colorful gaming library and the fact that the whole backdrop comes in a prevalent white coloration only makes the navigation that much easier and proves to be quite soothing to the eyes.

As far as layout is concerned.

On the left side of the imposing colorful banner is where you will find the casinos menu, which holds many of the appropriately marked tabs consisting of all the important content. Moving further down is where all the action takes place, as this is where the rich gaming library resides boasting its colorful titles and breaking the monotonous feel of the page. At the very bottom, is where you will find all the important information placed in various helpful sections which we always advise in taking a further look into.

Keep in mind that this webpage comes only in English and Finnish languages.

Customer support, how good is it?

Should any issue arise, punters will have an opportunity of getting in touch with the casino staff either via an email or with the Live chat feature!

The latter should be your go – to, as it has proven to be a more reliable and faster method with operators available 24/7. If you are facing any problems, simply look for the support tab in the casinos menu and select the chat now button.

Also, it is a good practice to check out their well – made FAQ page as it holds plenty of starting information and helpful answers.

If your goal is to become an affiliate, this online casino offers an affiliate program titled Ivy Affiliates. More information about this feature can be found in the “Affiliates” tab located at the footer of the site.

Now, let’s check out the Promotions.

Well this is the segment where the casino falls short, as we were unable to find any welcoming packages or active promotions aimed towards more regular players.

This may prove to be quite a nuisance for some punters and we hope that in the future a certain promotional plan will be instated.

However there is a dedicated Loyalty feature for the most eager ones, but more on that later!

Tip: If the email verification is not completed via the provided activation link, your account may be suspended and any winnings voided until your details have been verified.

Banking Deposit/Withdrawal

  • Casino may limit the amount you can deposit on daily basis
  • Your withdrawals will not be processed until verification procedures have been satisfactorily completed.
  • Large Jackpot winnings may take a long time to be paid out to the player
  • Somewhat limited payment options
  • Larger winnings will be paid in monthly increments.


Huikee online casino boasts quite an impressive gaming library populated by plenty of popular games which come powered by some of the world leading software developers, names such as NetEnt, Evolution Gaming, Pragmatic Play and more…

…so let’s take a closer look at what they have to offer:

Slots – Wolf Gold, Gems Bonanza, Chili Heat, Gates of Olympus, Cash Ultimate, Mustang Gold, Book of Adventure, Jammin’ Jars, Razor Shark, Fire in the Hole…

Table games – Blackjack Neo, Blackjack Lucky Lucky, Blackjack Suit’em Up, 3D European Roulette, Double Ball Roulette, 3D Baccarat, Three Card Holdem…

Live casino – Lightning Roulette, Crazy Time, Monopoly Live, Craps, Power Blackjack, Side Bet City, Lightning Dice, Mega Ball 100x, Live Baccarat, Dream Catcher, Deal or No Deal…

…as well as a separate section dedicated solely to the Scratch Cards.

Loyalty Program

This casino comes with its very own VIP club and aims to appropriately reward those most loyal punters!

The way this program is set up is that there are 4 levels in total. Starting from level 1 (Cherry) you will have an opportunity to climb the ladder all the way to the very top, or level 4 (Diamond) in this case.

The way you progress is simply by playing inside the hub and the higher the tier the greater the rewards. So, you can be looking at:

  • VIP offers
  • Free Tournaments
  • Birthday Rewards
  • Seasonal Perks,
  • Dedicated Support Manager…

. and more, so make sure to check out the “VIP” tab and for further information feel free to contact the support via an email.

Mobile Casino

It goes without saying that the team behind this casino has made all the necessary preparations for the ever expanding mobile gamer population. There isn’t a need for any dedicated apps as all the content will be available regardless of your current platform (iOS, Android). If you wish to enjoy your favorite titles simply make sure to have a stable network connection and log in with your native browser!


Huikee online casino is a modern looking platform offering its punters a finely tuned gaming library and an excellent Loyalty Program. Furthermore it holds licenses by the prominent regulators (MGA and UKGC) so you know that everything here is safe and sound.

However, the lack of any Promotional plan is quite concerning and should they wish to strive further to the top, an instruction of such features should be their primary objective.

Down to Brass Tacks

Huikee Casino is rated 732 of 1380 casinos reviewed with a score of 3.4 out of 5 after 10 votes and it has 4443 Slots offered from 1x2gaming, 2by2 Gaming, Ainsworth and 107 others with an average rating of 3.4 out of 5 after 134338 votes.

Huikee Casino

Huikee Casino is a Finn-First online gambling site with instant play and no registration needed. Launched in the middle of 2021, the site&rsquo,s operator is licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority with certificates from the Gambling Commission in the UK for good measure at most casinos.

Managed by White Hat Gaming Limited, the site&rsquo,s remit is focused on speed and security in games as well as banking.

Look for a collection of about 4,000 slots from top-tier providers, a generous loyalty program, VIP accommodations, and payouts up to &euro,100,000 per transaction.

Players in other regions may be eligible to log in and play, however, Trustly instant online banking, sometimes known as PNP or Pay&rsquo,NPlay is the only way to deposit and withdraw. The following financial institutions are supported.

  • OP
  • Nordea
  • S-Pankki
  • Danske Bank
  • S&auml,&auml,st&ouml,pankki
  • POP Pankki
  • OmaSp
  • Aktia
  • Handelsbanken
  • &Aring,landsbanken

If you don&rsquo,t have online banking, or cannot get online banking with one of the above financial institutions, we are not aware of a way for you to play here. As PNP casinos evolve and adjust for their markets, occasionally one will become what&rsquo,s known as Hybrid Pay&rsquo,NPlay with additional banking solutions.

The site is available in Finnish and English with the toggle located under the three-line menu in the upper left corner of the page. The menu icon will appear after scrolling down any amount on the page.

There&rsquo,s a FAQ page that should help you learn everything you need to know about instant gambling and behind-the-scenes verification as well as live chat and a team ready to respond to your email if that&rsquo,s how you prefer to communicate.

White Hat Gaming Limited (WHG) is located in the online gambling capital of Europe and maintains a license for about 40 different gaming sites – each with its own appeal to a certain niche of players, or a theme to appeal to player desires, such as gamification, instant withdrawals, or regional interests.

Sister sites include Skol, DreamVegas, Gate777, GDay, Casanova, and Hello among many others. While some of these sites have lengthy histories of mostly unresolved complaints, the number one driver of them throughout the years seems to have been document verification.

The good news here is that if you are able to deposit using your online banking credential through the secure Trustly banking portal – they already know who you are, your bank can confirm your identity and almost any other details the operator is required to document under their licenses.

This means that all you have to do is deposit to &lsquo,login&rsquo,, and while you are playing the little mice are on the wheels behind the scenes spinning up the documentation you will need when you are ready to cash out in an hour or so. If there is a verification issue it would be between your financial institution and Trustly in most cases and nothing you could help remedy, it would work itself out in the background.

That&rsquo,s not to say you will definitely never be asked to provide supporting documents, perhaps you&rsquo,ve moved or changed jobs recently, or in the worst case you may have been the victim of identity theft or credit card fraud. Those situations are quite rare and would result in a delayed withdrawal no matter how you deposit or how you withdraw.

In the not too far distant past, namely prior to gaining a UKGC license for their B2C and white label brands in 2018, there was a markedly higher frequency in complaints – document verification was not the only issue.

What were people saying about White Hat Gaming 5 years ago?

Players who were either purposefully or otherwise opening accounts at newly opened venues, taking the welcome bonus, and then moving along to the next one win or lose almost all complained of being &ldquo,bonus-banned&rdquo,. That&rsquo,s a situation that usually occurs within one operator&rsquo,s stable, where new signups are either denied bonuses or completely banned from bonus offers across the network.

  • We don&rsquo,t currently find a sign-up or first deposit bonus here so there are no confusing bonus terms possible

Other players complained about a safeguard that only allows exposure of Є250,000 from a single spin, not including progressive jackpots. If you are the type of bettor that stands to win a quarter million euros on a single spin, perhaps this is not the place for you.

  • I don&rsquo,t ever expect to win Є250,000 in a single spin unless it&rsquo,s a progressive which would be paid in full

While I have personally cashed out more than 250x my deposit on more than one occasion throughout the decades, those winnings have never come from a single spin, but freak winning streaks. To hit a Є250,000 line win I&rsquo,d have to line up something like 5 wilds symbols worth 10,000x line bet while betting Є25 per line or Є500 per spin on a 20-line slot&hellip, that&rsquo,s simply not a problem I have worry about.

If I put Є100k in one hand that I know I can get in a single transaction and Є250k in the other that I&rsquo,ll never achieve without a progressive jackpot – I&rsquo,ll take the bird in the hand.

It seems the three most cited grumbles about WHG sites would be mitigated here, but we&rsquo,ll leave that for you to determine for yourself, of course.

  • No document verification
  • No welcome bonus
  • Є250,000 max win per spin except for progressive jackpots

What are people saying today.

The Gambling Commission in Great Britain was recently unimpressed with a couple of aspects of the brand&rsquo,s anti-money laundering and social responsibility practices, allowing players to lose large sums of money without conducting in-depth interrogations to determine the source of wealth, etc.

White Hat&rsquo,s,,, and brands were the sites the indiscretions occurred at in 2019 and WHG paid a settlement in lieu of penalty of Є1.5m. It was the company&rsquo,s only regulatory action since gaining six forms of licenses from the COmmission in 2018.

We haven&rsquo,t found any player feedback yet on Huikee. However, we expect nothing but good words and good vibes with happy players enjoying hassle-free, friction-free instant banking and behind-the-scenes registration.

Software and Games

All games including live dealer streams are available for instant play in any web browser with an internet connection. In order to play &lsquo,for fun&rsquo, games, and the operators suggest that you do, you will need to open a separate account. All maths, mechanics, and every other element including the theoretical return to player percentage (RTP) of every game is exactly the same whether you play for fun or real money.

All games on site are listed on a page that states their Theoretical RTP.

We did a quick browser search on the page (CTRL+F) and found over 80 titles with an RTP of 99.00% or better. Of course, most of those are low-volatility table games. However, it&rsquo,s very easy to scan the page for games to gravitate towards or to avoid completely, such as scratch cards with 47% or 65% or even 75% RTP.

It&rsquo,s also a great way to see the RTP, if not the volatility index, of all of your favorite Megaways games. On the light side you might want to know how many titles contain the word &ldquo,Buffalo&rdquo,, or you might not. The point is that it is a tool that savvy gamblers can use to their advantage if they choose to.

Navigation and menu

Almost anywhere you go on the site you&rsquo,ll have the opportunity to either deposit and play or log in if you already have a balance or account.

  • Home
  • Slot games
  • Live dealers
  • All Games
  • Login
  • VIP
  • Loyalty Program
  • Support

In addition to those menu items, there is also a horizontal menu of game types to include new games, popular games, your favorites, slots, live dealers, table games, scratch cards, &ldquo,Must Go Jackpots&rdquo,, Drops &amp, Wins, and finally game providers.

If you simply like to do things your own way and know how to get around through nearly 4,000 games you can just scroll down the page or type in a game title or part of a provider name to see a unique selection crafted by you.

Since Drops &amp, Wins – a category of Pragmatic Play games with built-in promotional engines that can award spins, bonus funds, or cash right into your account – already have their own category and Megaways games don&rsquo,t, we decided to try the search box and were blown away by how many games appeared. Going back to the RTP list we found the word appeared over 200 times and had no idea there were that many games available using the Big Time Gaming mechanic.

KeyToCasino is primarily a database-driven information site, they describe Megaways slots in a detailed way for those who may be new to them. In a nutshell, it&rsquo,s a new way to play and the mechanic is so in demand that nearly every prominent developer and many up and comers have licensed it to include in their games. Pragmatic Play may be the best-known purveyor but Red Tiger, Blueprint, Inspired, SkyWind, Merkur, Iron Dog, NetEnt, Barcrest, and many others have come on board – because it&rsquo,s what many players want.

Must Go Jackpots

These are Red Tiger Gaming slots with daily jackpots that must be awarded. Operators can actually set many of the parameters of these promotion games such as how often they must drop if they are &ldquo,Must Drops&rdquo, or simply run Daily Jackpots which all of the games we saw here when we visited were. Other options available to the operator include Super drop, Mega drop, and Hourly drop.

The jackpots can be won simply by landing three jackpot symbols while playing the base game. This activates the bonus wheel. If multiple jackpots are offered (you would see them in the jackpot game pane to the left of the reels).

There is no bet threshold required to participate. Since each spin on any given game increases the size of the jackpot – they grow until they drop – a win earlier in the period would likely be smaller than one near the end of the period.

Traffic and participation will determine the size of the jackpots but it&rsquo,s not uncommon for Daily Drops to reach around 50,000 EUR on a daily basis. The only way to know for sure how much is up for grabs is to visit and see. We&rsquo,re not aware of any jackpot tracker site that relay Daily Drops or other Red Tiger promotional jackpots.

Carl Ejlertsson, director of business development at Red Tiger said when the jackpots were launched: &ldquo, Thursday and Friday nights tend to be the peak periods for Must Drop and Daily Drop jackpots so if you are seeking a bigger potential win, that is the time to play .&rdquo,

RNG Table games

There is a great selection of random number generator animated digital video card games and other table games here. The developers were kind enough to place RNG games on the top of the list and if you keep scrolling you&rsquo,ll start to see some of the live dealer table games.

If it&rsquo,s been a while or if you have never played RNG tables games, you might be in for a pleasant surprise. Sure, there are dozens of live game providers now and most slot developers don&rsquo,t fill out their portfolios with &ldquo,cartoon&rdquo, table games. That doesn&rsquo,t mean new and exciting variants aren&rsquo,t still being produced – they are!

Golden Rock Studios, a Microgaming Studio Partner offers Back Blackjack with payouts up to 264:1. Low rollers can play Inspired Gaming&rsquo,s 20p Roulette. Touchstone Gaming offers Texas Hedge &lsquo,Em, and Play&rsquo,n GO has their 3 hand Casino Hold&rsquo,Em on tap in this section,

That&rsquo,s just the tip of the iceberg. Nearly all of Shufflemaster&rsquo,s catalog of intellectual property like Mississippi Stud, Fortune Pai Gow Poker, and I Luv Suits is in attendance along with Switch Studios (Microgaming) creations like 8 Baccarat.

FELT is covered extensively with their magical Vegas variants of every game you can imagine – and if you want a lot of that diversity on a single offering try 6 in 1 Blackjack and take any, all, or no side bets. It&rsquo,s very hard to explain the power of felt games – they don&rsquo,t look 3D realistic, they don&rsquo,t have commonly used player interfaces – but – if you&rsquo,ve ever played cards in Las Vegas, give any one of these games more than five minutes to experience the difference and I can almost guarantee you will have found a new favorite that somehow, mysteriously, feels just like Vegas, Baby.

Live games

For all of the advantages of playing RNG games, there&rsquo,s an undeniable attraction to live casino entertainment that can take you away from your current environs and make you feel like you are on the floor of a brick-and-mortar venue.

Pragmatic Live heads up the live streaming section here followed by Evolution and finally Ezugi with a focus on Hindi players with specialty games. – Evolution and Pragmatic also offer games for India.

While it may appear as if there are only about a dozen tables here, a closer look reveals that some of the game icons are not icons at all, but portals to complete lobbies of specialty games like roulette with scores of tables, blackjack with every imaginable limit and variant, baccarat, and even a game shows lobby.

Bonuses and Promotions

The VIP Club here has four levels, each with increasing levels of rewards for loyal players. Running through the levels is 24/7 priority support and bespoke offers. Higher levels give ever-increasing value to your relationship with a VIP manager, as well as VIP emails, SMS messages, and phone calls.

With Level 2 and beyond you can enjoy bespoke tournaments. Ascending the ranks you&rsquo,ll find tailored offers, free tournaments, cashback offers, birthday rewards, anniversary rewards, and seasonal perks.

Loyalty presents a path for rewards here and it&rsquo,s all mapped out for you. All you have to do is play the games on each level to collect the associated rewards. The more you climb, the higher the rewards. There are currently 35 levels culminating with achieving the Huikee Crown.

Psst. Betting Pioneers will find as many as 16 additional levels.

Banking and Customer Service

Nothing could be easier than banking with Huikee. Simply request to deposit and use your online banking details through Trustly and you can start playing right away. After about &euro,2000 in deposits, you will likely be asked to verify your personal details – it&rsquo,s simply a requirement imposed by the site&rsquo,s licensors. At least you won&rsquo,t have to do it for your first withdrawals – which are just as quick and easy as deposits.

Customer care is available via live chat 24 hours a day in Finnish and English. Emails are replied to within 24 hours and there is a very good FAQ page for those who prefer to harvest and synthesize their own information.


  • Singular form of banking
  • No traditional bonuses
  • No phone support except for VIPs

The Final Word

Huikee Casino offers players with Nordic online banking an easy way to get playing their favorite games in no time. Very few PayNPlay operators offer traditional bonuses but very few offer such rich VIP and Loyalty schemes as you&rsquo,ll find here.

Deposits and withdrawals have a low threshold at a minimum of &euro,20 however, withdrawals in a single transaction to your online bank account can be as high as &euro,100,000 per month.

The game selection is phenomenal, but that&rsquo,s also the case at many other sites. One thing I like here is the ability to find any Megaways slot using the RTP list or the search engine as well as special sections for the valuable Drops &amp, Wins and Daily Drops jackpots.

All told there are more than 110 game providers here.

I especially appreciate the complete catalog of FELT RNG games as well as all of the Shufflemaster titles found here.

Whether you prefer Suami or English, all customer service reps will communicate with you as you like.

Huikee Casino Review &#8211, best fast Pay N Play Casino in Finland!

Looking for the best Pay N Play Casino in Finland!? You have just found it here – Huikee Casino! Enjoy instant deposits and super-fast and tax-free withdrawals! No account needed! Mobile play OK!

Huikee Casino Overview

Huikee Casino, which opened in April 2021, is backed by the well-known operator White Hat Gaming, which has seen several great casinos before. Both the operator and the same Huikee Casino have a secure Maltese license (MGA/B2C/370/2017).

Practical security is guaranteed by a Maltese license and SSL encryption. The latter is used to keep the communication between the site and the player secret from others. To play, you just need your own bankID that you always use to play in Pay N Play Casinos.

For responsible gaming, the casino offers a number of different restrictions that you can impose yourself. You should check them out in advance if you feel that your gaming is starting to lose balance.

Tools for responsible gaming

  • Deposit Limits – Yes.
  • Pause and blocking – Yes.
  • Loss limits – No.
  • Session Restrictions / Reminders – Yes.
  • Gaming self-assessment – Yes.

By the way, did you know that the motto of Huikee Casino is “Pioneer of Betting”!?

Huikee Casino Bonuses

Huikee Casino has opted for an effortless and bonus-free line, meaning no bonus money or free spins are offered to new players. The good thing about this is that everything you win can also be lifted without recycling worries.

The VIP program rewards loyalty

Benefits Huikee currently serves through its VIP program. There are 4 levels in the program, and by hurting them, the benefits will improve as you heal. The distribution includes personal bonuses, birthday gifts and even your own Finnish-speaking account operator.

Would you like to see a welcome bonus at Huikee Casino? Share your opinion and experience about the benefits of the casino below the review.

Made by Finns for Finnish players

Huikee Casino is an excellent casino for Finnish players, it is also made by Finns. This is reflected, for example, in the quality of Finnish texts. There is no need to settle for all-haired translations here, but the text is easy to read and understand. The rules can also be easily read in Finnish.

Customer service is available around the clock in live chat and email. The service languages ​​are English and Finnish. In Finnish, the matter is handled daily from 9 am to 1 am, at other times in English on call. You can find answers to the most common problem cases and questions in the Finnish FAQ section.

We tested the chat on Sunday night, and immediately got a Finnish-speaking customer service representative at the other end. The response came without delay and the experience was positive in every way.

How to contact Huikee’s customer service?

  • Contact methods: live chat and email ( [email&#160,protected] )
  • Service opening hours: 24h (in English), 9–01 (in Finnish)
  • Speed ​​and functionality: Fast and efficient

Modern and player-friendly Huikee Сasino’s website

Huikee perfectly describes the look and usability of the casino. The coloring of the site has resulted in a white base and light green and pink effect colors. This may sound sweet, but the site is really tastefully done and looks state of the art.

The game selection can be browsed in several categories and by game producer. Both work great, with the added help of a search that finds results by the name of the game or producer. The great feature is that the game producer is already mentioned in the game icon.

There is only one clear shortcoming in the category division, which is the lack of a jackpot category. With all the biggest jackpots at the casino, you would like them to be easier to find. However, in the producer-specific game listing, the jackpots would seem to come first.

Did you like the look and usability of Huikee Casino?

Huikee Сasino 2,200+ games from 20+ developers

The selection of games is simply amazing. There are more than 2,200 games in total and nearly 20 producers listed. In addition to major manufacturers such as NetEnt, Microgaming, Play’n Go and Red Tiger, the lists feature several small and interesting studios. So there is definitely something new to play for most players.

There is no shortage of slots at the casino. There are many types of themes and implementations. Awesome jackpots are also included in by far the biggest jackpots including Mega Moolah, Mega Fortune and Wheel of Wishes.

There are just over 30 table games. Most of the focus is on roulette and blackjack, but there are several different types of poker as well. Poker is also in the form of a few video poker.

Friends of scratch cards will be remembered with about 20 draws. Keno is not available, but a couple of bingo is still on the list.

Did you know…? Huikee Casino’s rarest producer names include Hurricane Games and Black Pudding.

Was the Huikee Casino’s selection of games varied enough for you?

Huikee Live Сasino and Real Dealers

Huikee also offers a live casino. The games are from the game library of Evolution, the undisputed top producer in the industry. There are only 18 games in the live lobby, but it does not list every table in use, as in most casinos. When you go to one of the games, Evolution’s own lobby opens, from which tables are selected. Represented in the games are Roulette, Blackjack, Poker, Baccarat, Dragon Tiger, Sic Bo, 3 different versions of the wheel of fortune, Mega Ball, Deal or No Deal and Football Studio.

Quick deposits and withdrawals

Huikee Casino operates without registration. The player is verified at the time of the deposit using a bank ID, thus avoiding registration and subsequent sending of documents.

Depositing is done with the Trustly payment service from your own Finnish online bank. Withdrawals are quick and easy, and made directly to your own bank account. In most banks, the transfer is successful in as little as 5 minutes, and in others, the deadline is 24 hours.

  • Withdrawal method: Trustly (Bank ID)
  • Time: 5 minutes – 24 hours
  • Minimum deposit: 20€
  • Minimum withdrawal: 20€

Technically, there is no complaint about money transfers. However, there is a clause in the terms of use that especially players with high stakes need to know. The individual winnings are limited to €250,000. Fortunately, however, the section does not apply to progressive jackpots.

Overall Huikee Casino Experience

Huikee Casino does not leave you cold in its external essence or content. The selection of top-class games offers games from 20 different producers, which means that there are definitely games for every taste. The modern clear website is completely in Finnish, so it is suitable even for a beginner.

There is no need to guess with money transfers, as this registration-free casino works with Trustly online banking fees. Prompt withdrawals are also tax-free, as the casino is licensed in the EEA.

Frequently Asked Questions about Huikee Casino

What bonuses does Huikee Casino offer?

Huikee Casino does not offer bonuses to new players. Instead, effortless and uncomplicated gaming is promised.

Is Huikee Casino suitable for Finnish players?

Huikee Casino has been created specifically for Finnish players. The website is entirely in Finnish, customer service is available most of the day in the mother tongue, money transfers are successful from Finnish online banks and withdrawals are tax-free.

Is Huikee Casino a reliable online casino?

Yes, it is. Huikee Casino operates under White Hat Gaming and holds a Maltese license and all the major tools for responsible gaming.

What money transfer methods does Huikee Casino offer?

Only Trustly online banking payments are available, as Huikee is a registration-free casino.

What kind of games does Huikee Casino offer?

Huikee offers 2,200 casino games from nearly 20 producers. The selection consists of slots, jackpots, table games, Live Casino, scratchcards and video poker.

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