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I was enjoying this site and had a certain amount of luck. My account had been fully verified so I was confused as to why I couldnt withdraw my winnings. I deposited £300 and from that won over £7000. That was over 3 weeks ago. I contacted them and they said they wanted more info on my source of wealth (even though they had accepted everything previously) I sent what they wanted but was ignored. I made further contact and they said they wanted more documents. I sent those and they still ignored me. I have made contact via email and live chat and have been fobbed off with stupid excuses like their &#x27,team&#x27, are really busy and they havent had time to check my documents yet. I opened an account with them about 6 months ago or more so there is no reason to suddenly want more info. Its because I have won and they dont want to give it to me. I have raised a complaint and they said they aim to reply within 8 weeks. In the meantime, they have my cash and my account is frozen. I dont know why they are doing this because they cannot legally keep it.

RTP is just too low

RTP is just too low, here you will lose all your money with no chance of winning anything. A prober scam casino please beware that this is not a real casino but a scam.

I wouldnt even score them one star.

I wouldnt even score them one star. To start I was really happy that was until the had an internal technical issue regarding a withdrawal. Usually paid out in five or so minutes, 96 hrs later. Nothing! I have heard 5 different excuses and no ETA as to when my winnings will be paid. Constant excuses and sat with other departments, namely DEVS, Development. Yet when games are utterly dire, they cite thats gambling. I would avoid. Beyond dire service and prepare to be fobbed off for days if you win. If a technical issue, then compensate players, they don&#x27,t, just hide behind other departments that you can never actually contact. Be very very aware!!

Was good, today scam

Before, as videoslots, it was a ok casino. Now days, u can just deposit and wont win a damn thing! Make sure to check up casinos you want to play on.
Pokerstars have better RTP the Mrvegas and videoslots, real scamaz heartless people, if someone win a bit over what they have deposited its big problem!

Get in all gamblers wish u better luck somewhere else!

Allows fraudulent activity on the site

Allows fraudulent activity on the site. The have no safer gambling checks and everything will be sent to the gambling commission. They need the license revoking. Dreadful site.

Avoid at all costs. You have been warned

Hahaha after reporting fraudulent activity they decide they did a &quot,random screening&quot, and found fraudulent activity. Funny that after a 2 hour conversation about this that they didn&#x27,t care about but stone me. a random screening just flagged it up lolll. This is the WORST site ever.

Mr Vegas aka Video slots you need to…

Mr Vegas aka Video slots you need to stop deactivating customers accounts for no valid reason usually when funds are still remaining in the accounts your both well know for it some cases are months despite your claim for amazing customer service.Treat your customers with respect and they may stay loyal.It doesn’t represent you very well….

Didnt do gamstop checks

Didnt do gamstop checks. No responsible gaming advice. Dont care about customers wellbeing at all.

Joined this Casino because of fast…

Joined this Casino because of fast pay-outs that are clearly advertised and promoted. First 3 deposits and withdrawals fine back in my account within 15 mins, Needed to change my card because of damage, bank issued new card, same account, long number different, security number different, made 4 deposits no probs, then i won 100 pounds and tried to withdraw funds, unable to do this because my old card was in withdrawal box, contacted chat live and asked them to remove old card, they were unable to but requested a photo of old card so their payment team could verify and deactivate ,installing my new card as primary payment, this would take 24-48 hrs ,5 days later and many live chats ,with operators promising to sort things out if i supplied them with documents to verify my account, duly obliged verification completed, and accepted, i then once again tried to withdraw funds, old account still not removed, now they say i can withdraw funds but it would take between 5-7 days to reach my account, more delay. The description. mission statement on withdrawal policy is clearly false representation, And i feel cheated by this site, forever trying to put barriers in the way of what should be a fun, Humiliated, disgusted and infuriated by the way these desk jockeys clearly try to defer payment the customer.

saving using your sister site videos…

saving using your sister site videos Hightstown for three years I spent $131,000 a year on it from my Simplii savings account which is run by CIBC which is one of the biggest banks in Canada however they say that they don’t allow online bank statements OK so you don’t do that so I gave them a statement for my prepaid credit card but he won’t do that either because that’s online so I sent them my tax snapshot with my address on it and my ID and everything because I was told by one of them if I sent enough stuff I’d probably be OK because I don’t have the ability to open another bank account I don’t have the ability to just go out and get a utility in my name because I pay utilities to the freaking landlord so all of a sudden I can’t be verified by my address that I had for three years and used on another site which is just fine so I jump through all of the hoops they tell me to jump in as much stuff as I can on my phone on my phone bill state statement even though it’s a prepaid phone I still sent them the snapshot of my address being registered to that phone number I sent them ID with the address on it and a picture of me holding an ID sent them a bank statement for my online bank I said in the credit card Stephen with the same address on it I said to my CRA profile with the address on it I sent them my receipt of ministry assistance from British Columbia government with my address on it saying that I live there you can’t get assistance without that still not good enough this is absolutely ridiculous and it is discriminatory
and to make it worse they told me to send all that stuff in originally so I did and then all of a sudden they change the narrative and we’re like I know we can’t do that often when I deal with a customer service both of them and video such as like the people do not look at the previous conversations that I’ve had on that subject it’s like they start over all over again with no information it’s really frustrating because I’m being told different things for different people often often they don’t know what the hell they’re dealing with or what the hell I’ve talk to somebody else about it’s extremely frustrating Spent $130,000 a year on their site that anymore after three years they change the rules whatever lame

Terrible online gaming experience

Terrible online gaming experience, website has a very 80’s feel. Complicated bonus activation required. Can’t withdraw small amounts, can’t deposit pence (to bring small amount up to level to withdraw), promised 5 minutes authorisation of withdrawals isn’t true and the customer support when trying to fix the above is woeful

Rubbish extremely low RTP will just…

Rubbish extremely low RTP will just steal your money.

Impossible to win on slots on this…

Impossible to win on slots on this site, as soon as you switch over to another platform you will see your RTP go up, but on mr vegas its all a downhill slope no matter what.

Withdraw to card deactivated and…

Withdraw to card deactivated and terminated
I have withdraw on 21 December and go through card that I have reported and informed to casino already when is no longer use.
Now withdraw missing to where?
I have been asking to send bank statement the day till date and now nothing information from them just siad waiting for the team. And this is not my fault but is from them end.
I have requested on live chat to chat the same agent 4 time but they try to avoiding me .
Mr Vegas please pay out same as you take it.

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It is a shame i have to leave a bad review as when i first played on this site a withdrawal was fast, and i had no problems – however, I made 2 withdraws on 10th Dec, £200 and £2000. Nothing came, I waited, nothing, payment pending,
I have spoken to live chat, many times – sent emails -Same answers.
&#x27,Its with the payment team&#x27, &#x27, It will be with you soon&#x27,
&#x27,it needs checking&#x27, &#x27, with you tomorrow&#x27, all lies
Now, nowhere in their terms and conditions does it state a payment can be held. I am verified, I have had a withdrawal before, but this time nothing. Having now read all these bad reviews, I don&#x27,t think i like many will ever see my wins again.
Excuse after excuse, same old, it will be with you soon
This company should be closed down, they are ok to take your deposits but when it suits them, they don&#x27,t pay out, don&#x27,t give any reason why not and just tell continuous lies
My advise, mrvegas is a scam site, that holds peoples wins, and then ignores you hoping you will let it go and give up trying to get your money, well i will not-
I have opened a complaint with the gaming commission today and also a website that helps you get your wins when a site such as this refuses to pay or give you any reasons.

This casino is a big scam

This casino is a big scam , I been the victim of this casino . I withdrawn money month ago and still I haven’t got it in my account , I have been chasing them for so long and they come up with same copy paste answer saying we contacted payment team , it’s been almost two month and I am still chasing them but it’s the same answer . Don’t play with this casino their customer service is worse and I feel like this casino is a big scam, stealing money from customer account . Be aware

Absolute scammers

Absolute scammers. Avoid them at all costs.

Hardcore spamming

I don&#x27,t know how they got my number but I get daily promotional messages even though I&#x27,ve never signed up for any online casino and haven&#x27,t even heard of them before

Mr Vegas Casino – Delaying Processing My Withdrawal &amp, &#x27,Account Review&#x27,

If it was a review it would be 0 or minus.

I initially played had my account verified before playing so there would be no issues going forward if i won and ended up winning £40,000 and was very happy so off i went to withdraw, spoke to the agent to check the quickest method of withdrawal and requested the withdrawal. This is was 2 and half weeks earlier. On the day of the requested withdrawal, i go to log in that afternoon to see if they have been processed, to my surprise they have deactivated my account log in, i went to chat to find out what is going on and they inform me that my account is in a routine review and that once this is done i will get an update and the withdrawals will be processed, I thought no problem, ill happily wait.

I then chased up a few days later and there i started getting concerns as no one tells me ANYTHING instead they keep lying to me about what is going on and they keep contradicting themselves, some can speak to this mystery department and some cant.. some say its being dealt with some say im in a que. I don&#x27,t know what to make of this situation, i have asked them that process the withdrawal and then carry on with the review they completely ignore it, they are selective in what they answer and what they don&#x27,t. on some occasion they change what it is, some days its a routine check and sometimes its a random check..

I won the money fair and square im confused why this happened when i withdrew, were they hoping i lose? i dont understand whats going on when this casino prides itself on quick withdrawal processing but that&#x27,s not true. They are delaying this to the max and im like how can it take this long for a review, surely it cant be this long how busy can a department be?

They constantly fob me off with excuses like they will be in touch and then never do and then i ask again and they say they will be in touch immediately and nothing happens!

I have had at least 50 live chats and emails sent but they just fob me off and all say an email will come to you and every day i ask again for an update they don&#x27,t give one and no email or phone call comes through its a joke.

Completely baffled at this and needing help with this anyone with any advice or a similar situation I&#x27,m all ears.

Mr Vegas Casino Review

Ever since it was founded in 2017, Mr Vegas Casino continues to provide fans of online gambling with high-quality entertainment. This casino quickly became the synonym for safety, fairness, and an enjoyable online gaming experience. Year after year, it kept attracting millions of new players from around the globe regardless of their age and gender. A wide variety of well-designed casino games together with generous bonuses and promotions turns out to be the best recipe for success.

Operated by ProgressPlay Limited, Mr Vegas Casino is licensed and regulated by the Malta Gaming Authority. The team of professionals responsible for the flawless functioning of this online casino paid special attention to the security and well-being of its players. Some of the most sophisticated security measures are implemented and the safety of your personal and financial data is guaranteed at all times.

Mr Vegas Casino is not your average gambling platform for a series of reasons. Its collaboration with some of the titans of software development like Microgaming, Elk Studios, NetEnt, NextGen Gaming, and Iron Dog Studios resulted in many games whose quality is difficult to match. The site is simple yet quite tastefully designed. As soon as you land on the homepage you&#8217,ll have a good idea of what&#8217,s being offered and how to get it. Even the most inexperienced bettors should be able to find what they&#8217,re looking for.

All most popular payment methods are supported and players have many options to choose from. The platform is available in English, German, and Finnish. Should you encounter any problems or unexpected situations, you can count on reliable customer support agents to answer your questions in record time. The sign-up process is painless and it doesn&#8217,t take much time. In short, Mr Vegas Casino is every online bettor&#8217,s dream come true!

Mr Vegas Casino Bonuses and Promotions

Every good online casino should do its best to attract and motivate bettors. One of the most important aspects of a gambling platform is, of course, the system of rewards for both new and regular players.

Let&#8217,s be honest, nothing can attract new players like generous bonuses and promotions. People behind Mr Vegas Casino are perfectly aware of this, which is why they invested a lot of time to outplay their competition.

Read on to find out what bonuses you can count on if you start your betting adventure in Mr Vegas today.

Sign-Up Bonus

All new players, without exceptions, will be greeted by an amazing welcome bonus worth up to $1000 (or currency equivalent) together with some free spins. But it gets even better — the more deposits you make, the better the promotions you&#8217,ll be able to claim.

Here is what it all looks like:

  • 1st Deposit — Once you make your first deposit, you will get 50 free spins you can use on Book of Dead. This is one of the most frequently played games on this platform and millions of bettors enjoy it daily.
  • 2nd Deposit — You can win a 25% bonus up to $200 (or currency equivalent) as soon as you make your second deposit.
  • 3rd Deposit — Making your third deposit will allow you to claim a 50% bonus up to $200 (or currency equivalent).
  • 4th Deposit — When you make your fourth deposit, you&#8217,ll get a 25% bonus up to $600 (or currency equivalent).
  • 5th Deposit — Your fifth deposit will bring you 50 free spins you can use on Starburst. This is a widely popular slot we&#8217,re sure you&#8217,re going to love.

This bonus is valid for 30 days, while you have seven days to use your free spins. The wagering requirement is 50x and it&#8217,s calculated on bonus bets only. If you assess the situation properly and make a good betting plan, you may score some really big wins. Mr Vegas Casino is all about amazing possibilities for new players so make sure you make the most of them.

Other Promotions

Most famous online casinos give great bonuses that can be claimed only on certain days of the week, and Mr Vegas Casino isn&#8217,t any different. It regularly offers so many valuable promotions that it might be difficult to keep track of them all. This is why staying up to date is of utmost importance.

Make sure to visit the casino&#8217,s Promotions page every once in a while to see what the latest deals are. Here are some good examples:

  • August Action — This unique promotion allows all casino game lovers to get various numbers of free spins depending on which spicy hot deals they choose (there are four of them). What makes this offer even more amazing is the fact that all bonuses can be claimed three times. The offer remains valid until the end of August and you have to deposit at least $10 (or currency equivalent) to become eligible for it.
  • Double Delicious — This offer is active from Monday to Thursday. Every registered player gets an email with all the crucial information, so check your inbox regularly. Each bonus can be claimed twice during the promotional period.
  • Bonus Bonanza — This is a bonus created primarily for those who plan to start playing in Mr Vegas Casino this August. New players are given a chance to claim up to $100 (or currency equivalent) and 75 free spins. Active between August 17 and August 22, this promotion comes with a 50x wagering requirement.
  • Wednesday Bonus Boost — This is another great bonus all regular bettors can claim. Depending on the week, the conditions may change so the only way to learn more about it is to read the email that makes you eligible for this amazing offer.
  • Cashback Weekends — What initially made this online casino widely famous is its fantastic cashback weekends. Those who like playing table games during the weekend can get up to 15% of their losses back. Depending on the amount wagered, you can claim up to $500 (or currency equivalent).
  • Thursday Recharge — Every Thursday, all registered players are rewarded with an exclusive bonus that changes from week to week. Keep an eye on your inbox so you can spot the email in time.
  • Rest and Relaxation — After a long week at work, there&#8217,s nothing better than having a relaxing 2-day break. This is a nice weekend promotion every registered player can claim.

No Deposit Bonus

Depending on the online casinos you&#8217,ve tried so far, you might have heard about no deposit bonuses. As the name suggests, they allow you to claim a bonus without depositing any money. Unfortunately, Mr Vegas Casino doesn&#8217,t offer such bonuses at the moment.

However, since there are so many other bonuses and promotions you can count on, we are sure you&#8217,ll find a proper substitute. All you need to do is go to their Promotions page and pick a bonus that&#8217,s up to your taste.

Mr Vegas Casino Free Spins

If free spins are your thing, Mr Vegas Casino won&#8217,t disappoint you. Aside from the spins you get as a part of your sign-up bonus, you can also rely on the so-called Saturday Spinner. This is a very special promotion that&#8217,s active every Saturday and gives you 10 free spins you can use on Agent Destiny.

Keep in mind that the conditions are different every week so you need to keep an eye on your inbox. Also, you&#8217,ll have to make a $10 (or currency equivalent) deposit to become eligible for this offer.

VIP Program

In this online casino, loyalty is a virtue that&#8217,s rewarded with numerous benefits. The most dedicated bettors can enjoy some amazing perks like remarkable discounts, special promotions, and additional bonuses. Even though it might take you a while to reach this status, once you do, it&#8217,s going to pay off. The more you play, the better the bonuses you get. Plus, over time, you&#8217,ll increase your loyalty level.

There are five VIP levels of loyalty in Mr Vegas Casino and they are as follows:

  • Bronze — This is the first VIP level. It gives you advantages like the ability to convert points to cash, special customer service access, a monthly newsletter, and an online VIP room status.
  • Silver — To reach this VIP level you need to gather at least 500 points. Apart from the benefits available at the previous level, you will also be allowed to convert up to 2000 points to cash per day.
  • Gold — To qualify for this level, you&#8217,re going to need more than 1000 points. Together with the benefits available at previous levels, you&#8217,ll gain access to the VIP customer support.
  • Platinum — When you collect more than 5000 points, you&#8217,ll qualify for the Platinum level that&#8217,s simply astonishing. Being able to convert up to 10,000 points to cash and having an online VIP room status is just the beginning. You can also count on your own VIP customer support agent and birthday presents. Not many online casinos can match these benefits.
  • Diamond — Those who show persistence and endurance can eventually reach the Diamond VIP level. They&#8217,re going to need at least 10,000 points to qualify but the perks of being a Diamond VIP player are beyond astounding. An online VIP room status, the ability to convert up to 30,000 points to cash per day, the monthly newsletter, a VIP customer support agent, birthday presents, a personal account manager, personalized gifts, and anniversary bonuses are all included in this amazing package. What else could a bettor ask for?

How to Register in Mr Vegas Casino

This is a rather simple and easy process that won&#8217,t take too much of your time. Once you land on the homepage, you should press the Join Now button. A small pop-up window will appear immediately and ask you for your email, phone number, and password. After that, you&#8217,ll have to enter some personal information such as your name, surname, gender, date of birth, and so on. Make sure you enter all the information correctly to avoid any misunderstandings.

After your personal information has been properly entered, an email with an activation code will be sent to you. As soon as you activate your account, you can deposit some money and start your casino adventure.

Even though the simplicity of the process makes it possible for anyone to complete it, unexpected things can still happen. If anything goes wrong or you simply have a question about the sign-up process, Mr Vegas Casino&#8217,s customer support agents will be glad to assist you.

Mr Vegas Casino Software

One of the things we pay special attention to when assessing an online casino is the software providers it collaborates with. In our opinion, a good online casino must work with well-known names in the software development industry. This is because a great majority of players form their opinion about an online casino based solely on their experience with the games it offers. No one likes bugs, errors, and frozen screens. Games are expected to be well-designed and engaging.

This is exactly the case with Mr Vegas Casino. The list of famous software companies it cooperates with is quite long. We are going to mention only the most important names:

  • Microgaming
  • NetEnt
  • NextGen Gaming
  • Blueprint Gaming
  • Betdigital
  • Gamevy
  • Genesis Gaming
  • Elk Studios
  • Iron Dog Studios

Aside from the fact that every passionate gamer is familiar with these names, we could also say that their previous achievements speak for themselves. Check them out and see for yourself!

Mr Vegas Casino Games

Games represent one of the strongest points of this uniquely engaging online casino. We are sure all players, no matter what their preferences are, will find something that is up to their taste. Slot lovers can enjoy all the popular titles, as well as some interesting new variations, such as:

  • Starburst
  • Spartacus
  • Book of Dead
  • Tome of Madness
  • Centurion
  • Gonzo&#8217,s Quest
  • Diamond Inferno

Table and Live Casino Games

Not everyone likes playing slots. Some people prefer good old casino games and their variations. Mr Vegas has a great collection of baccarat, roulette, blackjack, and poker games on offer. Some of the most interesting titles are:

  • Joker Poker
  • Vegas Strip Blackjack
  • Atlantic City Blackjack
  • European Roulette Pro
  • Vegas Strip Gold Series
  • Baccarat

Every game has a very special atmosphere that makes you forget everything else and allows you to focus on what matters the most — the game itself. Regardless of your choice, we&#8217,re sure you&#8217,re going to have a lot of fun in this casino.

Customer Support

We all know that even when things are working smoothly, something can go wrong. In such situations, you need a calm and experienced professional who&#8217,s ready to tackle all sorts of unexpected problems. Mr Vegas Casino&#8217,s customer support service can be described as reliable, prompt, and kind. Every agent will do their best to help you resolve whatever problem you might have.

You can contact them via live chat or email between 8:00 AM &#8211, 12:00 AM (GMT).

Licensing and Security

Every online bettor wants to stay safe while indulging in their favourite pastime. When it comes to Mr Vegas Casino, you can rest assured that all the security measures were taken. The latest encryption methods are used together with sophisticated security algorithms so that the safety of your personal and financial data can be guaranteed at all times.

This online casino has a valid licence issued by the Malta Gaming Authority, a well-known authority whose track record is spotless.

Mobile &amp, Apps

These days, many people live busy lives defined by their packed schedules and long commutes. If you&#8217,re away from home, waiting in line, or on a train to work, this doesn&#8217,t mean you can&#8217,t enjoy your number one pastime. Mr Vegas Casino offers a great mobile-friendly website together with a free downloadable mobile app.

Now, you can place your bets regardless of where you are or what time it is. Playing on the move has never been easier. Check it out!

Payment Methods

Reliable payment processing is one of the main pillars of every successful online casino. Mr Vegas Casino prides itself on cooperating with Visa, Paysafe Card, Neteller, Skrill, PayPal and other famous names from this industry.

All the necessary requirements have been met, which means your money will be safe from the moment you make your first deposit until you decide to withdraw your winnings. Therefore, you can leave your worries aside and focus on having fun.


All things considered, Mr Vegas Casino stands out from the crowd in so many ways. It offers high-quality games produced by top-notch software developers. Its generous bonuses and promotions are not something you come across easily these days. Considering all the precautionary measures that were taken, we can say it belongs to the safest gambling platforms on the internet. The payment providers it collaborates with guarantee the security of every transaction. Finally, you can access the casino using a mobile device, which is quite convenient.

All in all, this is a casino you should definitely check out!

Is Mr Vegas Casino safe and reliable?

Yes. When it comes to security, this online casino meets some of the highest standards of the gambling industry.

Is Mr Vegas Casino legal in Canada?

Yes. This online casino is absolutely legal in all Canadian provinces and you&#8217,re free to play as much as you want.

Can I get any bonuses or promotions?

Yes, Mr Vegas Casino offers a large number of generous bonuses and promotions.

How old do I have to be to bet legally?

You have to be at least 18 years old to bet legally in Canada, regardless of the province.

The Ultimate Mr Vegas Review 2021 | CompareCasino

MrVegas Casino Review

We’ve thoroughly reviewed MrVegas Casino and gave it a questionable reputation rating. This casino has some good qualities, but also a lot of negatives because of which it’s better to play elsewhere. In our review, we’ve considered the casino’s player complaints, estimated revenues, license, games genuineness, customer support quality, fairness of terms and conditions, withdrawal and win limits, and other factors. Because MrVegas Casino is related to other online casinos listed below, its rating is also influenced by them. So, if you were ever wondering whether this casino is safe and legit or a scam, read the full review below to learn more.

According to our research and estimates, MrVegas Casino is a smaller online casino revenue-wise. It’s a part of a group of related casinos, however, this group is still quite small even when evaluated as a whole. The revenue of a casino is an important factor, as bigger casinos shouldn’t have any issues paying out big wins, while smaller casinos could potentially struggle if you manage to win really big.

We have found no relevant complaints about this casino.

Warning: MrVegas Casino has certain sections of Terms and Conditions that we consider to be unfair to the casino’s players. Because of this, we advise you to look for a casino with fair rules or at least pay special attention to this casino’s Terms and Conditions if you decide to play at it.

As we already mentioned, we’ve given MrVegas Casino a questionable reputation rating. That means that while it’s not completely bad, it does have some negative qualities because of which it’s advisable to look for a better online casino to play at.

Mr Vegas Casino Review

We&#8217,ve been waiting for the folks at Videoslots come up with another brand for quite a while now, and here we go: Mr.Vegas Casino. This is a recommended casino at Casinomeister &#8211, their payouts might be a little slow, but their company is solid.

  • In This Review
  • First impression
  • Promotions
  • Signup process
  • Banking & Payment Methods
  • Responsible Gaming
  • Customer Support
  • KYC
  • Desktop vs Mobile

First Impression

Mr Vegas Casino is a member of Videoslots family since 2020. With almost the same surface as Videoslots and over 4300 casino games from long list of software providers, Mr Vegas is already standing shoulder to shoulder to the older &#8220,brother&#8221,.

Licensed by MGA, license number MGA/CRP/258/2014/01 and Swedish Gambling Authority, with license number 20Si2514.

Translated into English, Finnish, Norwegian, Japanese and German, with more languages to come.

What makes this relatively new brand stand out of the crowd is really extensive list of casino software providers and number of games available. You can find Slots, VideoSlots, Jackpots, Blackjack, Roulette, VideoPoker, Live Casino and Other Games

Every Friday, players can enjoy Rainbow Fridays rewarding program with a chance to win up to €300 per day &#8211, called Rainbow Treasure! Rainbow Treasure reward is based on the total amount of the bets you made during the week on video slots, slots, jackpot games and live casino and the RTP’s of the specific games you have played, so the more you bet, the bigger treasure you get. Rainbow Treasure doesn&#8217,t have to be wagered &#8211, what you get is yours.

That&#8217,s not it, there&#8217,s another attractive rewarding feature called The Wheel of Vegas! To win a spin on this wheel, you can complete achievements in &#8220,My Achievements&#8221, &#8211, which brings you a trophy. Some of the trophies are hiding wheel spins. The Wheel of Vegas is actually your chance of winning one of 3 exclusive jackpots: Mega Jackpot, Major Jackpot and Mini Jackpot.

If you prefer just simple bonus offers, all players will receive the 11 wager-free Welcome Spins upon first deposit, with no maximum cash-out. All players will also receive the Welcome Offer of 100% up to €200 on their first deposit.

Players can make deposits using payment methods like Master, Card Maestro, Trustly, Sofort, Giropay, Ecopayz, Neteller, Skrill, Muchbetter, Neosurf, PaysafeCard, CashtoCode..

Mr Vegas Casino is aiming to process all withdrawals within 48 hours. There are no specific daily, weekly or monthly withdrawal limits, except these two notes:

&#8220,If, whilst playing progressive slots, You win a jackpot of or more than € 50,000.00 (or equivalent in £), You may be required to wait up to 30 working days for the payment to be processed from the time of winning. After this period, Player will be permitted to withdraw the total win irrespective of the figure thereof.

You can reach Mr Vegas support via email, live chat or leaving your contact details for a call back option.

Mr Vegas Casino Bonus

Licensed by the UK Gambling Commission, as well as the Malta Gaming Authority and Swedish Spelinspektionen, if you’re after an exciting and trustworthy casino, this is it. Read our review and grab 11 No Deposit bonus spins, and then more bonus cash and bonus spins across a welcome bonus package for UK players.

Mr Vegas Casino Welcome Bonus – Overview

Spin the fabulous Wheel of Vegas and stand a chance to win six and seven-figure Progressive Jackpot prizes, and participate in Rainbow Fridays for the opportunity to win up to £300 a day.

  • Pros
  • Cons
  • Huge Collection top titles powered by almost 40 top providers
  • An excellent lineup of promotional offers
  • Lucrative three-tiered welcome bonus for new players
  • A large variety of payment providers
  • Some payment methods come with fees

Mr Vegas Promotions And Bonuses

If you haven’t yet signed up for Mr Vegas Casino, then this is your opportunity to claim amazing casino bonuses including free cash and bonus spins. Register today and get your hands on 11 No Deposit bonus spins for the slot game Pink Elephants 2 by Thunderkick and then deposit from £10, up to a maximum of £200 at the cashier, and start playing with double your bankroll with a 100% bonus match on your deposit. There are T&C’s to pay special attention to and some of the main terms include:

Game Options At Mr Vegas

At Mr Vegas Casino, you will find choice and variety through a massive selection of casino games. The games catalogue runs in thousands, with new titles added regularly, so you will never run out of options. Log in to the casino, and you are met with a vibrant gambling site filled with action and a dominant black and gold design which adds to its unique character. Play slots of every type and reel size, Progressive Jackpot slots, Blackjack, Roulette, Video Poker, Scratchcard games, and Live Casino games.


If it’s slots you’re after, then you’re most certainly at the right place. With over 3000 titles on offer, you will find all your favourite titles. Find notable games like NetEnt’s Starburst, Book of Dead, and Voodoo Gold. A fun slot game you won’t want to miss out on is Pink Elephants 2 by Thunderkick. A colourful and delightful game that delivers wins of up to 10,000 times your stake, why not give it a try.

Progressive Slots

Winning a Progressive Jackpot prize can change your life in an instant, and at Mr Vegas Casino, you will find all the biggest and most thrilling jackpot games. Try your luck with Piggy Riches Megaways by Red Tiger Gaming or Zeus Lighting Power reels. The latest winners at the casino include a whopping £6,851,000 jackpot prize for Immortal Romance and £2,821,000 won on Wheel of Wishes.

Table Games

The casino also offers classic card and table game favourites like Poker, Roulette, Blackjack, and Baccarat and their many variations for a change of pace. Fans of Poker can savour some exciting moments with All Aces Poker, while Roulette lovers can try European Roulette and Astro Roulette. Blackjack variations include popular games like American Blackjack and Buster Blackjack.

Live Dealer/Casino Games

The Live Dealer casino is powered by the award-winning developer Evolution Gaming and brings the feeling of Vegas right to your iOs or Android device. An authentic casino experience streamed live in high definition quality. When you’re in the mood for a game of live Roulette, Blackjack, or live Monopoly, simply log in and play. Enjoy thrilling titles like Lightning Roulette and Deal or No Deal.

Other Online Casino Games

To enhance your online gaming, you may want to add some variety with scratchcard games or Slingo, a game that combines the best of Bingo and slots. Slingo Starburst is delivered by the legendary NetEnt, who have done an excellent job of transforming Starburst into a Slingo concept. Slingo Starburst offers prizes of up to 1,500x your stake. To win, match numbers on the 5×5 grid and watch the stars collide as you enter the Win Spin bonus feature backed with a fast-paced and action-packed casino game.

Registration At Mr Vegas

To claim your 11 extra spins No Deposit bonus without having to make a real money deposit, head over to Mr Vegas by clicking on our links. To start the sign-up process, click on the green “Open Account” button. Start by entering your email address, tel, and agree to the T&C’s and Privacy Policy, then click “Register.” Complete the registration by filling in all the required fields, and when your account is ready, you will receive an email welcoming you to Mr Vegas Casino.

Deposits And Withdrawals

Deposit and withdraw with all the most popular payment providers like credit and debit cards VISA, Maestro and Mastercard, Bank Transfer, e-Wallets Neteller, Skrill, ecoPayz, and PayPal, Trustly, Klarna, and Interac. To withdraw your winnings back into your account, use the same payment provider as for your deposit. Mr Vegas is an Instant Withdrawal casino, and withdrawals are immediately processed. After that, count on between 1 to 3 days to get your wins back. E-Wallets are the quickest and will take from an hour up to 24 hours. Please be advised that Mr Vegas has a 2.5% fee for withdrawals.

Mr Vegas’s User Experience

When you log into Mr Vegas Casino, you will notice all the essential sections are well laid out and easy to access. Chat to the support team, change your currency and read up all about Responsible Gambling on the top right-hand side of the page. After registering, you will have to complete verification. Submit copies of documents to prove that you are legally allowed to gamble online. This is to comply with KYC (Know Your Customers) procedures and should be done as soon as possible.

Mobile Casino

Are you an iOS or Android smartphone user, and do you enjoy playing on the go? If so, you’re in luck because, at Mr Vegas mobile casino, you can spin the reels to your favourite slots ad table games and keep up-to-date with all the latest special offers and promotions. At the Mobile Casino, you can play whenever you want, as long as your desktop or mobile phone has a steady internet connection.

Mr Vegas Software

Slots are offered by a plethora of developers ranging from the biggest names in the industry to smaller up-and-coming developers. You’ll find top titles from NetEnt, Microgaming, Play’n GO, Yggdrasil, and many more. You will also find some lesser-known up-and-coming developers like Pirates Gold Studio that brings you an alien-themed slot game called Cosmic Candy Heist. With thousands of classic, modern, and top trending slots on offer, you’ll be spinning the reels long after the sun has set.

VIP Programs Offered By Mr Vegas

Mr Vegas Casino also offers a five-tiered VIP/Loyalty Programme, with each level offering different perks. For every £16 you wager, you will earn 1 VIP point, and the more points you collect, the higher the levels you can climb, the better the rewards will be. All players are automatically included in the VIP Programme when they deposit for the first time.

Support And Security

Mr Vegas Casino strives to serve you with swift and accurate answers. If you have any questions or comments, access the Live Chatbox, and you will instantly get in touch with one of their support agents. You can also contact the casino via email or take advantage of the call-back service, where if you leave your phone number, someone from the casino will call you back.

Responsible Gambling

To access the Responsible Gambling section, click on &quot,Play Responsibly&quot, at the top of the homepage. As a modern and trusted online casino brand, the Responsible Gaming section is filled with helpful information to help vulnerable players take control. The BP Group Ltd takes Responsible Gaming extremely seriously and has made provisions for control tools, including:

  • Account Deposit Limits
  • Session Reminders
  • Account Cool offs
  • Account Self-exclusion
  • Account Closures

Players can also set time limits on their gambling, deposit limits, session reminders, and Account Time Outs for 24 hours up to 6 weeks. Self-exclusion is also available from 6 months to 5 years.

Mr Vegas – In Summary

Now that you’ve read our review of Mr Vegas Casino, are you ready to join the party? Register in a few minutes, deposit from £10, and claim bonus cash and bonus spins for extended online gambling and the chance to land some desirable wins. At Vegas Casino, the fun never ends, so take advantage of all the casino bonus freebies that are on offer, enjoy competitions and VIP rewards, and enjoy a safe and secure licensed online casino that will leave UK players with top quality online gaming.

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