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Viggoslots Casino Review

We’ve thoroughly reviewed Viggoslots Casino and gave it a bad reputation rating. It’s a bad online casino and we advise you to stay away from it. In our review, we’ve considered the casino’s player complaints, estimated revenues, license, games genuineness, customer support quality, fairness of terms and conditions, withdrawal and win limits, and other factors. So, if you were ever wondering whether this casino is safe and legit or a scam, read the full review below to learn more.

According to our research and estimates, Viggoslots Casino is a medium-sized online casino revenue-wise. The revenue of a casino is an important factor, as bigger casinos shouldn’t have any issues paying out big wins, while smaller casinos could potentially struggle if you manage to win really big.

We currently have 5 complaints about this casino in our database. Because of these complaints, we’ve given this casino 1,275 black points in total. You can find more information about all of the complaints and black points below.

There are also some unfair Bonus Terms and Conditions, which might cause you issues if you decide to take advantage of the casino’s bonuses or promotions. Because of this, we advise you to look for a casino with fair rules or at least pay special attention to this casino’s Terms and Conditions if you decide to play at it.

Viggoslots Casino appears on only one blacklist, which hasn’t influenced our rating of this casino. We’ve chosen to ignore it either because it’s related to the casino’s previous owner, or because of some other applicable reason.

As you can see from all of the information in our review, Viggoslots Casino is a bad online casino. We don’t recommend playing at it and strongly advise you to stay away from it.

ViggoSlots Reviews

I see so many Casino Reviews where we are not getting our withdraws. Curacao and Malta gaming is a great one for making their own rules every spin win you do. Don&#x27,t expect withdraws at all. Somebody should take a REAL CLOSE look into what online gaming sights are REALY doing to the people, these are quite serious issues. Shut em Down

Worst casino ever made

Worst casino ever made, really dont give a try on this casino you just gona spend a lot of money and no winnings, even the bonus they give you its a lie dont play for real its not a good site to gambling


HORRIBLE! Not only did they steal $2,000 by cancelling the withdrawal accusing me for playing restricted slots (i checked every single game to make sure i was not playing a restriced slot), but their customer service is absolute garbage.

I start to play with the welcome bonus

I start to play with the welcome bonus of 1000 euros + 170 free spins, was a great experience as i made a good win !

The player experience is nice, the verification account, the withdraw are instant and the customer support is always here to assist you in case of you meet some issue !

The german customer support is not available after 11 pm so dont be late hehe !

anyway thank you for this start !

Stay away from them

They have removed my money I have won on the site which is 5039.70 $ and canceled my 2 payouts they say I have broken a tems which I have not at all it says nothing about what they say I have broken and they say I have to write on mail so that they can help me but I have and I do not receive a response from them

If I receive my money again, I will not remove my complaint otherwise

They Don’t Care For or About Customers

I’ve been a faithful and loyal customer since the first day I signed up to there online casino back in June 2021. Each week I average my spending anywhere from $500-$2500 today is nearing the end of August 2021 so you can do the math as to how much I’ve actually spent there the last 3 months. Although this last week was a little different.
I’ve spent over 100k this week and I put a request to withdraw my money from the casino and then noticed my withdraw request was cancelled because they claim I did not submit the right information for a KYC verification and that’s a lie because the very first thing I do when I open a new casino account is submit all KYC documents to avoid this situation.
Needless to say I requested my money last week and they only just got back to me telling me I haven’t submitted anything to verify me through the KYC.
They will gladly take your money but when it comes time to pay you they definitely know how to prolong and be of little to no assistance and instead of giving you the right information at that very moment instead they end the message with “if you need more information please send us an email or you can respond through live chat” what’s more irritating then that useless response that offered 0 help was them saying if I need help to ask them.
What the hell was the point in even responding to my email if you weren’t going to give me the solution that moment? Why prolong this with a stupid response when you could’ve addressed my email and before you ended your response you could’ve said “by the way In an effort to help us expedite your concerns and help you get the outcome you’re inquiring about I’ve attached step by step details on what you need to do to help you through these inconvenient hurdles.” But no I don’t believe any of you are educated or trained on what actual customer service is or just being generally a helpful human being. Instead it’s some mindless brain dead babble from the employees of the year working for the casino that masterfully gives its own profound meaning of what is described as giving Fellatio to Male Genitalia – in its negative sense of the meaning of coarse because right now I feel like all the staff there can proceed to give me fellatio right now.

If anyone that worked there actually cared enough to reach out to there customers and help them expedite any concerns or requests it would make a huge difference in attaining a positive review but just from reading everyone else’s comments it’s clear that they just don’t care
Nobody reaches to help you for anything they just sit back and assume you will
Know how to do and where to send your KYC documents
They don’t do a thing to help you get your earnings faster
They don’t do a thing to make sure there customers are happy
I’m for sure never using this casino again if I can some how get my money from them
Thieving D-Bags

I hope that anyone that reads this will learn from my own experience and stay away from this place so they never do this to anyone else ever again

Scam casino

Scam casino, their term and conditions say that they pay in 2working days which isn&#x27,t true. Also they don&#x27,t have wager limit options like their term &amp, conditions say.

This casino is awesome

This casino is the best casino on the market. They have a lot of games from the best provider, I really enjoy playing them!
The payouts on winnings are very generous, and withdraw are very fast !
I really recommended Viggoslots to all the casino lovers. I know that you will enjoyed the experience and have a lot of winning. The team is really great and always helpful.

Keep up the great work guys!

Illegal operating in Denmark

Illegal operating in Denmark, and using tampered slot machines.

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I&#x27,m so sick and tired of getting 10…

I&#x27,m so sick and tired of getting 10…
I&#x27,m so sick and tired of getting 10 spins here and there, in return for my daily deposits, I have deposit myself nearly broke every month the last 3 years. and I cannot even get a 40 euro no deposit bonus. in return for my massive deposit rate, I&#x27,m sick and tired of it !! , so if u are looking for something in return don&#x27,t go to that&#x27,s for sure . is it that hard to give a free cash bonus in return when I use actually all the money I got on that site . surprise me

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I&#x27,m so sick and tired of getting 10…

I&#x27,m so sick and tired of getting 10 spins here and there, in return for my daily deposits, I have deposit myself nearly broke every month the last 3 years. and I cannot even get a 40 euro no deposit bonus . in return for my massive deposit rate, I&#x27,m sick and tired of it !! , so if u are looking for something in return don&#x27,t go to that&#x27,s for sure . is it that hard to give a free cash bonus in return when I use actually all the money I got on that site . surprise me

Definitely the worst casino I&#x27,ve…

Definitely the worst casino I&#x27,ve played. If you have problem, They will tell you they will get in touch with their superiors and that you will have to wait. But that department will never ever get back. And the chat people, Katia, Theresa, Tatiana and the other few they really don&#x27,t know anything. They have to ask even the small questions to their superiors,it&#x27,s absurd! So you never get any help. Not only that but sometimes you have to wait 20 to 30 minutes for one useless reply. And little obvious questions about promotions and stuff they will just copy and paste the text like a robot. Over and over just to annoy you! Even cashbacks are useless. They say everything is system based and cashback is calculated in relation to how much you deposited lost and won. So I lost about 450 guess what I got back? $14! Useless! Even for free spins, they will tell you if you deposit xxx amount you will receive xxx amount of free spins. Well guess what? That&#x27,s a lie too! Because I was supposed to receive 60 ajd they gave me 25 instead! They&#x27,re excuse? It&#x27,s all system based! And when they know your right and your typing long paragraphs explaining the situation (almost 1 hour wait for response as usual) they will just close the chat! Katia has left the chat! Theresa has left the chat! Tatiana has left the chat! It&#x27,s one problem after another with this casino! Only good thing is withdrawals are fast, typically 3 business days. But I honestly don&#x27,t know why I bother, worst online casino experience ever!



Same happened to me as many others are writing.. I read the bonus terms and conditions before starting to play, and I always checked which games I was allowed to play while having a bonus active before playing them. After a while I got a nice win and cancelled the bonus and made a withdraw (because they accept that). Then I played some more with my real cash balance, and then I played games that were restricted with bonus money, because now my balance was raw cash.

Then the next day all my withdraws got cancelled because I had played restricted games. I told them that I did not play them while my bonus was active, but they never answered about that and just kept on saying I broke the rules. I told them to send me proof, but I never got it (of course).

Scummy website

Scummy website, lost over 1000$ in total here, wins are rare and when you do win they wont cash you out, rip money.


I just deposit 100€ 5 days later +700 i decided to withdrawal and the problems happened. They just deleted my whole bankroll under pretext that I played machines prohibited. HUH ?? and my 100€ raw . they put them in their pocket. Simple like that. Dont put money on this site please guys be smart and dont make mistake that other people have encountered.


Deleted my withdrawal.
They will never let you withdraw you legally won money.

Total scam

Total scam. They stole my deposit, never let me withdraw money back. Now they have even cleared the sum from my account balance.

Got a bad experience with them

Got a bad experience with them.

I deleted all active bonus from my account and was only playing with raw money.

When withdrawing the benefits, they told me that I played on some forbidden machines.

Ok, I understand that these machines are forbidden and that&#x27,s great because I never played on a single one during my bonus. But when I disabled my bonus they found any excuse to take all my profits no matter what.

Nothing in their T&amp,C is telling that these machines are still forbidden when we play in raw money. I call it a pure scam

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Viggoslots test and detailed review

Viggoslots is a pretty recent online casino that came out in 2019. It belongs to Mountberg B.V., a company that also operates Sticky Wilds, Jack21, Royal Rabbit and Evolve casino. Thanks to its neat design and attractive welcome offer, this casino&#8217,s player base is growing rather quickly. Like the vast majority of online casinos, Viggoslots is regulated by the licence of Curacao.

Read our Viggoslots review, learn more about this casino and start playing with all your questions answered. We analysed its welcome bonus, its regular promotions, its games library, its deposit and withdrawal methods.

Summary | our detailed review of Viggoslots

Our review in short

With more than 2,400 online slot machines, a neat design, Live casino, and an amazing welcome offer, Viggoslots is slowly but surely making its way into the family of the top tier online casinos. It its has room for improvement, but it will get there eventually.

If you haven&#8217,t already, don&#8217,t hesitate to discover this casino by taking our welcome bonus. You will not regret it.

Viggoslots pros and cons

Although Viggoslots is only three years old, it is putting lots of efforts to bring as much satisfaction as possible to its players. This summary of its strong and weak points will give you a better global view of this casino.

While it&#8217,s welcome offer is incredible, Viggoslots is an online casino that lacks recurring promotions. Indeed, apart from this welcome bonus, the only two recurring promotion it offers are cash spins on Monday and a weekly cashback. Compared to other casinos, it&#8217,s really not much. Let&#8217,s hope they offer more recurring promotions in the future, it would help them acquire a loyal player base.

Viggoslots welcome bonus

Madness Bonus is glad to have Viggoslots as a partner and to provide you with a boosted welcome offer. By registering on this casino from our website, you will enjoy a 100% up to 400€ bonus + 70 free spins on Money Train. The minimum deposit to activate this bonus is 20€. What makes this bonus really great is that it comes wager free. The only betting condition you have to respect is a maximum allowed bet of 4€ per spin.

More information about Viggoslots welcome bonus.

Viggoslots second and third deposit bonuses

Whether you were successful with your first deposit, Viggoslots offers you a second and even a third deposit bonus to try your luck again! On your second deposit, claim a 100% up to 300€ bonus + 50 free spins on Starburst. The third deposit bonus is the same than the second one.

These bonuses will be available as soon as you complete the previous ones, in the cashier. General bonus terms and conditions apply.

Viggoslots Monday cash spins

Viggoslots&#8217, first recurring promotion is the Monday cash spins. Every Monday, you will receive Cash spins if you have deposited at least 20€ the previous week. That&#8217,s the only condition to receive these spins.

Just like the welcome bonus, these free spins come wager free.

Viggoslots weekly cashback

The second and last recurring promotion of this casino is a weekly cashback. Friday is the day when players receive their cashback on their Viggoslots account. As this money comes without wagering requirements it&#8217,s entirely up to you to withdraw it or to play with it.

The more you play, the better is your chance to get a great cashback payout! Don´t forget to claim your cashback.

Viggoslots game of the month

Every 20th of the month, players will receive free spins on the selected game of the month. Between the 20th from one month and the 19th of the next month, players collect free spins for the next promotion. The more you have deposited during the past month, the more free spins you will get.

Here is the free spins distribution:

  • &lt,100€ deposited: 10 free spins
  • 100 &#8211, 500€ deposited: 50 free spins
  • 500€ and more: 100 free spins

Itt goes without saying that regular terms and conditions apply to this promotion. You should also know that if the 20th is a Friday or Monday, the Game of the month spins will be handed out following next day.

Game providers promotions and tournaments

While it lacks recurring promotions, Viggoslots hosts game providers promotions and tournaments. These promotions can take various forms, such as Drops and Wins, best multiplier tournament&#8230,

If you understand and comply to these basic rules, you will see your withdrawals request validated in no time. It usually takes 48 hours.

Viggoslots loyalty program: is it good?

Viggoslots is missing a transparent and easy to understand loyalty / VIP program. Some casinos clearly display what perks you will get at every loyalty / VIP rank. It is not the case on Viggoslots. They don&#8217,t have a player rank progress bar either, which would be a nice addition to keep their players motivated.

All they have is a VIP page that explains what benefits you will get once you reach this rank. Here are Viggoslots VIP rank benefits:

  • Personal manager: You will be assigned a VIP manager to answer your questions. He is the one that will credit your account with wager free money and other bonuses. He will also inform you about Viggoslots upcoming offers (and exclusive VIP offers).
  • VIP events: Every year, Viggoslots hosts special VIP events where you will meet other VIP players and do special activities.
  • Quick withdrawals: VIP players withdrawal requests and their requests are treated first.
  • Exclusive bonuses: When reaching VIP status you will receive exclusive VIP bonuses from your personal manager.

Like on most casinos, regularity is the key to reach the VIP status on Viggoslots. The precise conditions of access to this exclusive club are to the discretion of the casino team.

Design and user-friendliness

Viggoslots is a good looking website on which it is really easy to navigate. It showcases a classy and modern webdesign that is eye-pleasing. A website with such a refined design is always reassuring for the players. Straight from the homepage, you can access all the important sections of the site: the casino section, the promotions, the cashback and VIP explanations, the cashier. Some slot machines filter are also present on this page.

When it comes to slot machine filters, Viggoslots could do a bit better. The only available filters are casino, new games, all games, live casino, recently played and Viggos favourites. A bonuy buy filter would be a great addition for example. We really like the Viggos favourites filter. If you tend to play the same slots session after session, it could help you discover new ones. You can check the popular games on the bottom left on your screen.

Another nice touch of Viggoslots is its single slot machine page. It is simple yet very efficient. The game takes most of the screen and the neutral background allows you to fully focus on the slot machine you are currently playing on. There&#8217,s a small information tab on the right side of your screen, that you can hide if you want to. A fullscreen button is also available, allowing the game to take even more space.

Game variety: 37 providers and Live casino

At the time we write this review, Viggoslots features the slot machines from 37 providers and also has Evolution Gaming&#8217,s Live casino games. On this casino, you can play games from NetEnt (Hotline 2, Street Fighter 2), Play&#8217,n GO (Inferno Star, Gold Volcano), Quickspin (Northern Sky, Sakura Fortune), Yggdrasil (Golden Fish Tank, Big Blox), Nolimit City (Book of Shadows, Milky Ways), Relax Gaming (Money Train 2, Temple Tumble), Push Gaming (Razor Shark, Viking Clash), Thunderkick (Pink Elephants 2, Dragon Horn) and many others.

On Viggoslots, the following payment methods are available to deposit money instantly to your player account:

  • Credit card: Visa, Visa pro, MasterCard
  • Cryptocurrencies (via CoinsPaid): Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Ripple, Cardano, Tether, USD Coin, Tron

All of this is, of course, free of any transaction fees.


To withdraw your winnings from Viggoslots, you have the choice between two options:

  • Wire transfer
  • CoinsPaid (Bitcoin only)

For regular players, withdrawals are usually processed within 48 hours with a maximum amount of €15,000 per month.

Viggoslots customer support

As soon as you have a question or something isn&#8217,t clear during your session, don&#8217,t hesitate to contact the casino&#8217,s client support using the live chat. It is located on the bottom right corner of your screen. The chat operators are very helpful and do their best to make your time on the casino the easiest it can be.


For an online casino that came out in 2019, Viggoslots has some really strong points and is working hard to improve on its weaknesses. While it is lacking in the recurring bonus department, it has an incredible monthly withdrawal limit of €15,000.

Do you know Viggoslots? For you, we tested this online casino that came out in 2019 and wrote a complete review to help you decide if it is made for you.

Between its deposit bonus, its loyalty promotions, its bonus conditions, its VIP program, and its deposit and withdrawal means, you will know everything about Viggoslots.

Viggoslots Casino Review 2021

Viggoslots Casino’s website features a dark blue design. A noble gold-tone dominates the Viggoslots logo, which immediately looks very high-quality at first glance. In general, the page makes a great first impression.

The structure and layout of the site also work very smoothly. The various categories are very clear, and all other areas can also be reached directly from the homepage with almost a single click. Even though this page could be a bit more extensive, this doesn’t represent a significant drawback.

The button to access the live chat is located on the lower right side, so it is easy to find and access. This is great, because even newbies will not find it difficult to contact the support without a long search, and this speaks for the high level of transparency of the platform.

The loading times on the website are short, and this obviously benefits the flow of the game. The integrated search function allows you to quickly find your preferred match, which confirms the good overall impression.

All in all, there isn’t much to complain about when it comes to ViggoSlots website: it is neatly organized and looks great!

ViggoSlots Casino is a top-notch no wagering casino operated by Mountberg BV, based in Curaçao. Accordingly, ViggoSlots also has a license for online casino games from Curaçao, which you can find under license number 1668/JAZ. At first glance, ViggoSlots has an appealing portfolio of casino games and many other features that will be thoroughly appreciated by users.

If you already know enough about the platform and you’re ready to start playing and get your no wagering bonus, click on ViggoSlots Casino and enjoy!

ViggoSlots Casino is an Excellent Choice For…

If you are looking for a casino with an amazing no wagering bonus, plenty of games, a loyalty system and a great-looking design, you’ll definitely fall in love with ViggoSlots Casino.

However, if you are looking for a casino that offers a sports betting category, you might want to check out Unibet Casino. Or, if you’d prefer to play at a themed casino, why don’t you check out VoodooDreams Casino or Horus Casino?

Furthermore, ViggoSlots Casino restricts players from Belgium, China, Estonia, France, Hong Kong, China, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Italy, Japan, Laos, Libya, Malaysia, Netherlands, Nigeria, North Korea, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Samoa, Slovenia, Somalia, South Korea, Spain, Sudan, Syria, Thailand, Turkey, United Kingdom, and the United States.

This is obviously a considerable amount of countries where ViggoSlots can’t be played, which is why we recommend you try out LeoVegas Casino or Unibet Casino, if you come from one of the above-mentioned countries, as these casinos present fewer country limitations.

ViggoSlots Casino Bonus and Promotions

At ViggoSlots Casino, you’ll be able to enjoy one of the best welcome bonuses on the market, not only for its high value but also because it is a no wagering casino bonus: something that is becoming rarer and rarer at online casinos!

Depending on your location, you’ll also be able to enjoy some other bonuses and promotions, such as cashback, game of the month, and free spins.

You’ll get plenty of chances to play with some extra money or spins at ViggoSlots Casino!

Welcome Bonus

If you have decided on Viggoslots, you can pick up a particularly attractive casino welcome bonus right at the start, as a new customer. In fact, all new players at ViggoSlots online casino are rewarded with a lucrative deposit bonus worth up to 1.000 euros!

This welcome bonus is divided between the first three deposits on your new account.

  • For the first deposit, directly after your registration, you will receive an online casino bonus of 100% up to 400 euros and receive 70 free spins for Starburst. You can activate this bonus at Viggoslots with a deposit of at least 20 euros.
  • With the second deposit, you’ll get another 100% casino bonus of up to 300 euros and 50 free spins for Starburst.
  • With the third deposit, you will receive another deposit bonus worth 100% up to 300 euros and receive another 50 free spins for Starburst.

However, you should consider that deposits via the e-wallet providers Skrill and Neteller are not compatible with the welcome bonus.

In any case, this promotion’s remarkable thing is that both the free spins winnings and the respective bonus amount are not subject to any further wagering requirements. If you have played through the bonus amount once, you can directly make a withdrawal and do not have to accept any additional restrictions.

Loyalty System

On the homepage, you will find the “VIP” button in the upper central area. In contrast to most other casinos with a VIP program, which you can find in our casino reviews section, the players are selected by Viggoslots, so you cannot automatically participate. At the same time, of course, this also increases the value of the VIP program.

The casino also keeps a low profile on the possible bonuses, as only regular VIP events and special bonus promotions are mentioned. Unfortunately, we can only speculate what precisely these offers are.

There is also no subdivision into several VIP levels for collecting loyalty points. We would have liked a little more transparency from ViggoSlots on this, but the mystery could be even more exciting for some!

ViggoSlots Casino Games and Offerings

The available range of games of an online casino is, of course, always significant. For this reason, we at AboutSlots checked which casino games await you at Viggoslots.

On this platform, you can let yourself be inspired by a total of nine different game categories: slot machines, roulette, blackjack, baccarat, video poker, craps, bingo, keno, and scratch cards.

‍ ‍Via the start page, you can either display all games or set a filter for new casino games, popular games, and other preferences. However, you don’t have to laboriously click through all the games to find the title you prefer. ‍ ‍

‍ To play, it is not necessary to download any software. All games can be played immediately after setting up your account, and some games can also be played in Practice mode.
Let’s look at LeoVegas slot games, table games and live games offer.

Slot Games

The most significant part of the portfolio at Viggoslots are real money slot machines. Here you will find many well-known titles from top providers such as NetEnt, Microgaming, and Play’n GO. There are also games from numerous other slot machine manufacturers such as Endorphina, Tom Horn, or Thunderkick. The range of slots is outstanding, and so are the 45 different providers that operate on the platform.

You can also use the slot machines in a free demo mode at Viggoslots if you’d like to try a specific slot before wagering any money.

When you are logged in, you can’t use the free mode: in fact, you can only do so when you are not logged into your account. This could be a bit cumbersome, but it shouldn’t be a major problem once you get used to it. Some of the popular slots you can play at Viggoslots Casino include Razor Shark, Gonzo’s Quest, Legacy of Dead, Jammin’ Jars, Wolf Gold.

In addition to the classic slot machines, you will find a whole range of jackpot slots at ViggoSlots Casino. So, there is always enough choice, and you can always play the slot machine game you like, according to your own personal preferences.

Table Games

You’ll find plenty of table games at ViggoSlots Casino, however, there isn’t a table games category, therefore, you’ll have to use the search function to limit the results and find the suitable game.

At ViggoSlots Casino, you’ll be able to play many poker versions, such as All American Poker, Bonus Poker, and American Gold Poker. You’ll also find 21 Burn Blackjack, 3D Blackjack, Blackjack 3 Hand, and Blackjack Lucky Seven.

Roulette fans will also be able to play with American Roulette, 3D European Roulette, Astro Roulette, and plenty of other versions.

Explore the game offer to find even more table games!

Live Casino

In addition to the exciting slot machines, you, as a Viggoslots customer, also have the opportunity to participate in an action-packed live casino. At Viggoslots Live Casino, you can fall back on the exciting developments of four different providers, such as Evolution Gaming, Ezugi, and Asia Gaming.

Among the games available in the Viggoslots Live Casino, the well-known classics Roulette, Blackjack and Baccarat clearly stand out. Besides, you will also have the opportunity to take part in several poker tables.

ViggoSlots Casino Features and Benefits

We’ve discussed both the bonus and the game offer available at ViggoSlots Casino, which means that it is time to talk about some other great features of the platform.

Following, we’ll discuss the banking methods, the customer service, the languages supported, the safety and responsibility measures, and much more!

Banking Options

Of course, the available payment methods at ViggoSlots Casino are essential for you if you want to play the best games at Viggoslots for real money. On this, there is a considerable need for improvement at ViggoSlots, as only a few payment methods are available. These include Mastercard, ecoPayz, Neosurf, and CoinsPaid, Trustly, and Interac.

You can generally make deposits from an amount of 10 euros, and due to the payment methods offered, the deposits are made within a few seconds, and the online casino payout never takes too long. Only CoinsPaid and classic bank transfers are available for withdrawals, and you can get a payout for amounts between 30 euros and 5.000 euros.

Customer Service

If you want to contact ViggoSlots Casino’s support in writing, you can either send an email at [email protected] or use a contact form. The contact form can be found under the contact options.

Besides, there is also a live chat, available 24/7. However, there is no telephone hotline. You should consider that employees who speak the other languages supported by the platform, rather than English, are not always available by live chat. Therefore, you should at least have a reasonable knowledge of English to contact the casino through this method.

However, we can positively highlight the response times, as you should get an answer by email within two hours, and a customer support employee is usually available after a few seconds in the live chat.

Safety options

An online casino’s security and seriousness always play a significant role in anyone’s casino experience. For this reason, AboutSlots checked for you whether Viggoslots has a reputable license for casino games.

ViggoSlots Casino has been given a valid license from Curaçao. Even if some prefer an EU license from Malta or Gibraltar, the Curaçao license is definitely not a cause for concern but an excellent sign of security.

The protection of your personal data is ensured at Viggoslots by a special SSL encryption. This enables the provider to ensure that all data traffic is secure and that your details and information cannot be intercepted.

Mobile Solutions

At ViggoSlots Casino, you can do much more than only use the various games on your computer. In fact, you also can play at their mobile casino and thus access many exciting games while you are on the go. ViggoSlots does not offer a particular casino app for customers to download. However, this is not too tragic, as you can access the mobile offer on a smartphone or tablet directly via your browser window.

We had an excellent experience with the mobile offer. The user interface is very similar to the desktop version so that you can orientate yourself quickly. The loading times are also very short with a fast and stable internet connection so that you can enjoy your gameplay on the go. At the mobile casino, you’ll be able to play all the casino games available on your computer. For example, you can use various slot machines, play table games or even play at the live casino.

Since mobile deposits and withdrawals are also possible at ViggoSlots, you can activate the attractive welcome bonus with a mobile payment and thus use the bonus balance utterly independent of your location.

Responsible Gaming and Suspension

Online gambling should always be an enjoyable experience and should never be considered a solution for getting rid of debt or for earning money, as an alternative to a job. However, for some, gambling becomes an issue, and these people could be needing assistance from the appropriate sources.

If you wish, you can exclude yourself from the ViggoSlots Casino, and you can make this temporarily or permanently. Furthermore, the protection of minors is always observed at Viggoslots, as registration is only possible from the age of 18.

Finally, you’ll also be able to ask for help at Gambling Therapy and Gamblers Anonymous.


The languages available at ViggoSlots are English, French, Finnish, German, and Norwegian.

ViggoSlots Casino Additional information

There are many excellent pros to playing at ViggoSlots Casino, and two of them are its audio and video quality. In fact, playing at this casino will make you feel like you are in a real casino, playing at colourful slot machines with loud music and a cheerful atmosphere.

This is due to the outstanding quality of the software providers the casino has partnered up with and the enjoyable atmosphere of the casino’s platform.

ViggoSlots Casino Summary

We were particularly impressed by the excellent selection of games at ViggoSlots. In this online casino, players can enjoy several table games in the live casino, play the various slots, and enjoy multiple jackpot slots as well. The exceptional showpiece of Viggoslots, however, is an excellent bonus for new customers. In fact, at ViggoSlots, you can get up to 1.000 euros and 170 Free Spins for Starburst.

Furthermore, you don’t have to meet any bonus conditions for this promotion, which gives Viggoslots a clear lead over many other online casinos. However, there is a great need for improvement concerning the available payment methods.

Besides this, you can enjoy many other advantages at Viggoslots, such as a high-performance mobile offer and outstanding customer service.

We hope we provided you with all the information you were looking for and that now you are ready to explore ViggoSlots Casino yourself. Visit our Casinos page to find more reviews like this one and happy gambling.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is ViggoSlots Casino safe? Is ViggoSlots Casino adequately licensed, or is it a scam?

The casino has a European license from the Curacao Game Authority, one of the most famous online gambling authorities.

  1. Which Countries are restricted by ViggoSlots Casino?

ViggoSlots Casino is restricted in many countries. Namely, Belgium, China, Estonia, France, Hong Kong, China, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Italy, Japan, Laos, Libya, Malaysia, Netherlands, Nigeria, North Korea, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Samoa, Slovenia, Somalia, South Korea, Spain, Sudan, Syria, Thailand, Turkey, United Kingdom, and the United States.

  1. What bonuses are offered by ViggoSlots Casino?

ViggoSlots offer an exciting no-wager bonus. However, it does not provide many other rewards to its users.

  1. How much is ViggoSlots Casino’s welcome bonus worth?

If you have registered with a new Viggoslots account, you can look forward to an attractive welcome bonus of up to 1,000 euros as well as an additional 170 free spins for the popular Starburst slot machine from NetEnt.

  1. Who are the leading game providers of ViggoSlots Casino?

At Viggoslots, you can expect exciting games from more than 45 different providers. The best-known providers include, for example, NetEnt, Microgaming, Evolution Gaming, and Play’n Go.

  1. Which table games does ViggoSlots Casino offer?

At ViggoSlots Casino, you’ll find plenty of poker versions, blackjack, and roulette games.

  1. Can you play video poker at ViggoSlots Casino?

Yes, many video poker games are available on ViggoSlots Casino.

  1. What games will you find on ViggoSlots Casino’s live section?

Among the games available in the Viggoslots Live Casino, the well-known classics Roulette, Blackjack and Baccarat clearly stand out. Besides, you will also have the opportunity to take part in several poker tables.

  1. What is the minimum deposit at ViggoSlots Casino?

The minimum deposit at ViggoSlots Casino is 10 euros for most banking methods.

  1. Does ViggoSlots Casino actually payout?

Yes, ViggoSlots Casino will pay your winnings. You won’t have anything to worry about!

  1. How does ViggoSlots support the well-being of its users?

ViggoSlots Casino offers several options to guarantee its users’ well-being, such as setting personal limits to your gambling, self-excluding, or looking for help from external organizations, both national and international.

  1. Which languages does ViggoSlots Casino’s platform offer?

The languages available at ViggoSlots are English, French, Finnish, German, and Norwegian.

Viggoslots Casino Review

Wow, I’ve been waiting for a long time to do this review. ViggoSlots Casino was on my radar for some time now, for many reasons. Some of them are good &#8211, some, well, aren&#8217,t.

ViggoSlots Casino reminds me of some of the men I used to date, who virtually have no middle ground when it comes to &#8211, everything. We are talking about no normalities whatsoever. It’s either great or straight-up disappointing. In the end, an obvious thing will happen sooner or later: we will split, for good.

Like my dear old granny used to say, “99% of people, things, and events are EXACTLY what they appear to be”. So, let’s roll and see how ViggoSlots Casino rates in this review, Bro.

About ViggoSlots Casino

From the moment I saw that awful, hyper-fake mansion in the middle of nowhere, shining at the top of ViggoSlots homepage, I was skeptical. And yes, I WILL use the blasphemous “S” word for this review in order to be as honest and unbiased as possible.

Viggoslots Casino smelled like a scam from the start.

Now let me get this straight: I do not claim for sure that they are. They do have a Curacao gaming license and some people boast that Viggoslots experience was great fun with some cool prizes. That might be true. Then again, I don’t know.

What I do know is that Viggoslots has a ton of problems, although they do host some really great slots, games, and features. If you have the luck and the means to run them, that is.

Heck, even Viggoslots Casino logo seems a bit off for my taste. The whole website feels like it’s lacking imagination, playfulness, and sheer joy. When I go to gamble, I want to reach for the skies. Take me to church, people!

Viggoslots Casino has one of the worst payment records in my online gambling career, dear bros and broettes. Lucky for me I was well-prepared, so I quickly abandoned this sinking ship of a casino.

Reality Check Reminder

Online Transaction History

Help And Support

Self Assessment Test

Casino Info

email: [email protected]
phone: n/a
established: 2017
owner: Mountberg B.V.
licences: Curacao
languages: English, German, Finnish

Country Restrictions

There are some serious country restrictions at Viggoslots Casino. Here’s the list of restricted countries so judge for yourself is it too long. Please note that these are both restricted countries and those in which residents might have other gaming limitations:

  • Burma/Myanmar, China, Hong Kong, Macau, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Italy, Japan, North Korea, South Korea, Laos, Libya, Malaysia, Netherlands, Nigeria, Slovenia, Somalia, Spain, Sudan, Syria, Thailand, Turkey, United Kingdom, United States, US Minor Outlying Islands, American Samoa, Guam, Northern Mariana Islands, Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands, Latvia, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Georgia, India, Indonesia, Moldova, Pakistan, Romania, Russia, Slovakia, Turkey, Ukraine.

Casino Bonuses

1st Deposit 100%/400€+70FS

2nd Deposit 100%/300€+50FS

3rd Deposit 100%/300€+50FS

Welcome Bonus

Okay, there is a 3 part welcome bonus waiting for you at Viggoslots Casino and 170 free spins to sweeten the deal.

When you register at Viggoslots, you´ll get a 100% bonus on your first deposit of a minimum of €20 up to €400, and a 70 wager free spins bonus on Starburst slot machines.

It sure looks promising for a welcome package. I thought so too.

For the second deposit, you´ll get a 100% bonus of a minimum of €20 up to €300, and a 50 wager free spins bonus on Starburst slots. 50 free spins? “This is awesome”, I said to myself, naively.

The third deposit provides you with one more 100% bonus of a minimum of €20 up to €300, and a 50 wager free spins bonus on, you guessed it, Starburst.

All bonuses at Viggoslots Casino, and free spins, they proudly claim, are free from wager requirements. This sounds cool, right? Bonus rates are ok? Having no wagering requirements is awesome? €1,000 and 170 free spins is more than acceptable, right? Think again.

Well, it turns out that these might be the most ridiculously unusable welcome bonuses on the planet. If you have the nerves just read terms and conditions and you will be surprised how useless they can be.

Once you activate the bonus and surely want to play some games, you find out that it is forbidden to use it on pretty much all of them. But, I’ve managed to get a hold on one slot, although it is forbidden, and got myself some minor prizes.

And what do you know, when I decided to withdraw my coins, all the assets miraculously disappeared. Man, talk about enjoying a bonus.

This was beyond and above lame, and don’t let the wagering requirements mislead you.

Here are some examples from Viggoslots Casino rules, so you can make an informative decision:

Cash bonuses, Free money bonuses, and Cash drops, both with and without wager requirements have a maximum allowed withdrawal of x5 the bonus amount.

For winnings from the welcome bonus, there is no maximum amount of withdrawal or cashout.

Deposits made with E-wallets (e.g. Skrill/Neteller) or vouchers (e.g. Paysafecard/Cashlib) do not qualify for deposit bonuses if no other information has been given in the specific Campaign/Promotion.

Before any withdrawals can be processed, we must first examine your gameplay for any eventual discrepancies. To achieve fair play regarding the use of bonuses, bets played with the sole intention to receive the bonus on their own back as winnings, will be considered as a discrepancy in the gameplay. This refers to betting for equal or low-marginal payouts.

Other Bonuses

After I swallowed the whole deposit bonus issue, I turned my attention to other casino promotions and bonuses. They all seem pretty tempting, but after my unfortunate losses on “forbidden” slot machines, you will need a broette more suicidal than me to try them out for real.

  • 2-day tournament: €200 and 100 free spins.
  • Game of the month: get some free spins.
  • Viggoslots Battle of the gods: collect the prize from €5,000 pool.
  • Monday cash spins. This looks like a great bonus for me.
  • Viggoslots Friday cashback. Well, a nice bonus for every type of player, really.
  • The Year of 2021 €2,000,000 tournament.

If this were any other online casino I would probably love this offer big-time, ‘cos, you know, I am a slot machine by nature and I love Monday gambling. However, it’s too risky for me to undertake this adventure.

No bonus is good enough to help me overcome the poor time I had to endure here.

VIP Program

My, oh my, Another one of those “don’t call us, we’ll call you” maneuvers. Like its competitors, Viggoslots Casino naturally has a VIP program for the financially endowed. However, if you pay attention and read the terms and conditions as I did, you’ll see that no requirements, or rules for that matter, are listed.

Yes, you will get numerous perks, special bonuses, and prioritized withdrawals, but it’s not up to you to decide. If you want to taste serious benefits at Viggoslots Casino, such as trips and social events, you will have to leave your fate into their hands.

They, not you, will decide whether you are fit to be a VIP, which in my mind sucks to high heavens and above. When it comes to online casinos, I think they should inspire loyalty, not having to make arbitrary decisions in secret.

I know I am at risk to sound like Bernie Sanders, but this is not the way I like to roll. I have exactly zero problems with being left out of the VIP area in every venue, or casino I walk into. But I think it’s fair to at least know what the propositions are and to leave players to their own devices.

Free Spins

Hah, if only I had confidence and trust in this casino, it would rock. Mobile friendly, instant play, games by Evolution Gaming, AND a ton of free spins.

The problem is, those 170 free spins are not what you want in your stress-free life, in my humble opinion. No bonus seems worth it.

I played a couple of slots, and they are great. Scored somewhat fewer free spins than in other casinos. So, overall, not impressed at all.

ViggoSlots Casino

Players from United Kingdom cannot play at ViggoSlots casino.


Review last updated – May 2018

ViggoSlots Casino are a brand licensed in Curacao and owned and operated by Gammix STS B.V. They share this license with Sugar casino. They provide a decent range of games – in the region of 500 – across categories including: live games, jackpots and slot games – from: Betsoft, Microgaming , GameArt, Evolution Gaming, 1×2 Gaming, Oryx and RCT Gaming. ViggoSlots Casino use a basic website design united by their chosen color palette of: blue, gold and white. Their logo is their name in gold upon a white tab.


ViggoSlots were previously on the Danguad Ltd license, a license who’s properties we have Blacklisted for issues detailed below. As of May 2018 they have changed their license to Gammix STS B.V. Unfortuantely this is simply the other license, alongside the Danguad Ltd license, associated with the Netagame platform. Gammix are the license that Netagame run their own casino under while Danguad appear to be the license that all Netagame white labels run on. Effectively while the company name has changed, the people in charge of this license are likely the same.

The Danguad Ltd license are part of a network that have engaged in retroactively changing their terms and conditions to restrict a game after two players had significant wins that they did not want to pay. One of the players in question presented evidence to demonstrate that the term had not been in place at the time they played. In response to this evidence the operator looked to discredit, suggesting that it was not reliable. However, we then checked our own report and found that not only had the player been correct when they asserted that the term had not been in place at the time they played but that the terms document had been updated at the time the change was made to contain a ‘Last Updated’ date that was significantly before the date of change (the update was made on the 27th of November but the terms document was changed to state that the last update occurred on the 1st of September).

Employees of ViggoSlots have been found posting offensive and abusive messaged on our Facebook page.

Jackpot Knights – another operator on the Danguad Limited license – have refused to pay a player based on what they claim in a violation of their maximum bet rule. However upon examination there was on betting combination on the game in question that could have resulted in that bet size. When we challenged the operator about this they claimed that the player used the double feature and that’s how the bet size was listed at the value it was. The problem with this explanation is that the game in question does not have a double feature. When asked about this the operator became non-responsive.

An operator in this group has been found accepting deposits and wagers from a country that they cannot issue payment to – effectively free rolling players by allowing player from that country to lose without the possibility of ever winning.

We consider this group to be fundamentally dishonest in their practices and would strongly advise all players to choose an alternative casino to play with.

(-1) Progressive Jackpot Monthly Withdrawal Cap – Terms and Conditions state that winnings of €10,000 or greater will be divided into monthly withdrawals of €5,000 and there is no mention of progressive jackpots being excluded from this – other casinos operated by Danguad have confirmed that their withdrawal limits also apply to progressives and so logically it would appear that the same rule is being applied at ViggoSlots – since it is the software provider and not the casino that provides the winnings for Progressive Jackpots ThePOGG can see no legitimate reasons for implementing this policy – remember some Progressive Jackpots can pay out hundreds of thousands.

ViggoSlots have engaged in the predatory voiding of a four figure win based on a single bet that exceeded the maximum allowed bet with a bonus. As the bet resulted in a loss (zero credits returned) the operator suffered no detriment from the bet. In this instance the operator are simply using what appears to be an accidental infraction that caused no harm as a justification not to pay out funds won from legitimate and compliant bets.

When we reviewed the Viggoslots affiliate program we found the affiliate site directing affiliates to contact them at [email&#160,protected] The Slotsmoon. Affiliate program also represent Staybet. This operator appears to be having significant financial difficulties and numerous complaints have come through this service where the operator have simply failed to pay after months. As of the end of May 2018 player have still not been paid – some complaint dating from 2017 – and the operator is offering no feedback as to when they intend to honour the debts. There is no good reason for Viggoslots to be directing affiliates to contact them at a Slotsmoon email address unless there is some association between these groups.

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