Roshtein Celebrates 6-Year Anniversary on Twitch

On February 20th , 2022 Roshtein celebrated his 6-year anniversary on Twitch. The leading casino streamer prepared a streaming special for all his followers to mark this occasion. The entire stream was Rosh’s big “Thank You!” to loyal viewers who have been supporting him for years. 

Roshtein welcomed followers with a big smile to his celebratory stream. He was very candid about how much he appreciates everyone who has joined his community on Twitch.

I don’t see anything I do here as me. This is the community. This is what I do with you. I would never be here if it wasn’t for you! Sometimes, I live in the moment and I don’t have time to reflect back and think about where we were 2 years ago, 3 years ago, 4 years ago. But that’s going to change! Because only by knowing what we have been through and where we were just a couple of years ago, and where I was before I started to stream, you start to appreciate moments such as this. I know, I understand  and I’m very aware of what we have achieved over the years and it’s all because of you, it’s all thanks to you. I have never forgotten that. I know I’m here and I’m having the life I’m having because of you. So, I just want to say – Thank you so much! I’m at your service. I’m your streamer! I’m your host! All you gotta do is sit back, relax, and enjoy! Hopefully, for many many years ahead.

Looking back at the past 6 years of casino streaming, Roshtein talked about his beginnings and just how much things have changed in the Twitch universe. For a brief moment he took his followers back to 2016 and the period he started his career as a streamer on Twitch, telling them how different casino streaming was back then. 

The Slots category on Twitch didn’t exist, it was Casino, and sessions were usually as short as the average gambling episodes of a regular player. In the beginning, Rosh would stream 3 times a week for like 20 – 30 minutes and that was it. Compared to streams today that last over 8 hours every day, the size of the bonus hunts, and the number of people following him – it was like a parallel universe. 

Plans for The Future 

Roshtein also revealed he has plans to enrich his streams even more. Viewers had a chance to find out that a new studio is being prepared which will allow him to provide even better and more diverse content to his ever growing community. He expressed desire to go back to playing video games and have streams that would be dedicated solely to chatting to followers.