Slots Category on Twitch Sets New Records in February 2021

The online streaming platform Twitch has been an important outlet for people in the iGaming industry, including slots and other casino game players. The ‘Slots’ category has been on the constant rise with the number of streamers and viewers steadily growing. 

In the month of February, there were few very important milestones reached on Twitch in the ‘Slots’ category. With 25,365 viewers joining the slots streams on average all over the world, this section of the platform is reaching new heights. The number of channels streaming slots has also come to the record-breaking level at 155.      

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Home to many casino streamers, Twitch has been a perfect way for them to broadcast their passion and love for gaming while also building a strong and big community of followers. The person who stands out the most is popular casino streamer Roshtein. He holds the firm 1st place with 16,354 viewers on average for each broadcasted betting session (294 hours of streaming in total). He also got 22,000+ new followers, most of which were acquired by spinning the reels and opening bonuses. 

Take a Look at Some of Roshtein’s Exciting Slots Wins

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Compared to January 2021, slots streaming has also experienced a significant rise when it comes to broadcasting hours, the maximum number of viewers and streamers active on the platform. There is no doubt that Twitch as a gaming platform is becoming stronger and stronger, creating more opportunities for those who enjoy streaming and watching long reel-spinning sessions.   

Roshtein Biggest Slot Wins Updated: 01.09.2021





Fruit Party

Pragmatic Play


Mystery Museum

Push Gaming


5 Lions Megaways

Pragmatic Play


Gates of Olympus

Pragmatic Play


Chilli Heat Megaways

Pragmatic Play


Book of Shadows

Nolimit City


Book of Shadows

Nolimit City


Mainstream Streamers Transition To The Slot Category

Due to the steady rise of viewership, many streamers and viewers went to check out the new kid on the block to see what all the fuss is about. However, their curiosity quickly transformed into massive interest due to the gripping and stimulating action of slots. 

Complete veterans of Twitch have found themselves suddenly hooked on the exceptional moments, reel spinning content can offer. These veterans include xQcOW and Trainwreckstv who are two absolute icons of the platform with a combined following of 10.7 million

Although gambling isn’t their usual memo, they have pretty much become the ambassadors of Twitch and gambling websites. The two are considered traditional Twitch streamers, which is what makes the slots section that much more relevant to newcomers.

It’s obvious that the ever-growing presence has taken a snowball effect and we can anticipate the numbers to go much higher, as more gambling streamers join slot gaming and more viewers turn from casuals to frequent enjoyers.

Twitch Slots & Gambling Streams Regulation

When something becomes so massively popular like slot streaming, people from all corners of the world jump in on the fun. That, unfortunately, includes some bad apples who spoil the fun for others as we’ve seen with other bizarre Twitch metas. As a precaution, Twitch came out with the following statement:

“To prevent harm and scams created by questionable gambling services that sponsor content on Twitch, we will prohibit sharing links and/or referral codes to sites that offer slots, roulette, or dice games. We will continue to monitor gambling-related content and update our approach as needed.” While this might affect the gambling sponsorship of your favorite Twitch streamer, the alternative would be to ban gambling streams altogether.

Are Twitch Slots Here To Stay?

While many people assume online gambling might be just one of those quick fads, they couldn’t be further from the truth. The hot gambling meta isn’t just another mania but actually, an integral part of the games industry, that in some ways contributed to the Twitch gambling boom.

Many video games themselves have their own gambling mechanics all the while lacking an actual gambling license. Gambling sites simply offer unfiltered and unapologetic betting action that has no need to hide behind the skirts of a video game. So much so one could even call slots the grown-up version of video games.

So, whether you’re a gambler yourself or just a casual gambling stream enjoyer, Twitch will for sure continue to shed light on the underrated iGaming scene.