Unusual Casinos Around The World

The gambling industry is full of the unexpected including its choice of locations. To provide customers a fresh experience, some casinos have taken it upon themselves to build their facilities in the strangest and most unusual places. These are the top traveling spots for players who are craving unique gambling sessions.    

Desert Cave Hotel

The ‘dugout’ underground casino is as strange as they come. The establishment is located in the Australian Outback surrounded by wildlife. Native kangaroos, wallabies, emus, and all kinds of lizards surround the desert area of Coober Pedy. The area is often described as almost moon-like due to its dotted landscape caused by mining activities. 

desert cave casino

The idea of underground homes in Coober Pedy was introduced by returning WWI soldiers. Residents quickly adapted the idea in order to better withstand the strong winds and scorching temperatures. All the worries of the surface world have no meaning under there, which makes the casino a very laid-back experience but only suitable for some. The cave casino itself is filled with entertainment such as poker machines, bars, an underground pool, and fantastic restaurants.

The North Cadbury Court – Basement Casino

Las Vegas has Camelot and the UK has a more authentic medieval version – the Basement Casino. Unlike the Disney-themed Camelot, The Cadbury Court is a real European medieval hall that dates back all the way to the 15th century. Today, reconstructed into a modern entertainment center with a secret hidden basement.

basement casino

The gambling takes place in former fancy wine cellars, where all the expensive wines used to age. The underground posh atmosphere takes gambling to majestic heights since the facilities include a lord-like treatment. This includes a 3 hole golf course, indoor pool, jacuzzi, soccer and tennis courts, and even an entire lake for fishing and boating.

The Ice Casino

Yep, you heard it right. A hotel and casino entirely made out of ice are open and running in Sweden. This makes it by definition – the coolest casino in the world! Not only is the whole facility built out of ice, but all the tools will literally melt in your hand. From food trays to playing chips, the hotel brings the ultimate ice age experience.

ice casino

Visitors are often concerned about the safety and comfortability of this unusual casino. But worry not the facility is extremely safe and ironically even has fire prevention systems in place.

Resorts World Genting

Casinos are known to be easily accessible and in your face with huge neon signs luring you in. However, in the case of Resorts World Genting, you’ll have to almost cut your way through the deep rainforests of the Pahang mountains to even find its location. 

resorts world

The Malaysian-based casino was built in 1965 and is still the only legal casino in Malaysia today. The unusual premises are moreover constructed 6,000 feet above sea level and are about an hour away from any other civilization. The isolated spot of the enterprise makes for a fascinating and glamorous view of the 150-year-old forest. The resort includes a variety of casino games, more than 9,000 hotel rooms, cable cars, indoor and outdoor theme parks, and frequent festivals.

The Airport Casino

Many people see flying as a stressful and an overall anxious ordeal. Airports are not exactly known to be relaxing or fun places to be at but in the case of the Holland Casino, you can have a thrilling experience instead of the endless void of your gate’s waiting room.

airport casino

The casino is relatively small and named after its location in Holland (Amsterdam). It’s a classic casual casino that features classic table games such as blackjack and roulette. Furthermore, the casino has a number of different slot machines that are playable during the day. Visitors are more than welcome to stay and enjoy the games long after they land.


Any activity can get stale no matter how exciting or thrilling it is. Spicing up your betting sessions with an unusual location, whether freakish cold or madly high, could make your hobby that much more interesting.

And who knows? You might stumble on a secret, lucky location that will bring fortune and prosperity upon you, just like the ancient Chinese used to believe.